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We Help Established Businesses Adopt Proven Digital Marketing Strategies.

Increase in Lead Generation
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So… You Need More Leads Do You?

Approximately 100% of our clients want the same thing, but how can we help you with that?

Well, the answer is: we use a combination of UXO, SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Facebook Remarketing, Twitter Remarketing, Linkedin Targeted Role Ads, Youtube Ads, Social Engagement and other targeted traffic generation methods that feed high converting lead magnet web pages.

While lead generation is a little bit different for each industry vertical and whether we’re talking business to consumer or business to business, the concept is relatively the same.

It’s all in the context of delivery.

Context means the methodology through which you compel a prospect to take action.  Doing that on a web page is not only an art form, it’s a proven science. We’ve been doing it for years and we’ve amassed a tremendous amount of experience.  That means that whether we build your lead capture pages or help you learn to build them yourself, you can count on the fact that high lead conversion rates are everything to us,  just as they should be to you.

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Capture, Segment, Nurture, Convert

Once the lead is captured we then segment the audience. The one-size-fits-all methodology of the past no longer works. By asking a few specific questions and compelling the reader to select radio button responses, we then automatically send specific content that matches the reader’s choices. 

All of our customized nurture campaigns are carefully crafted using hypnotic copywriting and client triggered e-mails. For example: if the client takes action on a specific e-mail by clicking a link then they no longer receive reminders for that specific action. Our nurture campaigns never overload the reader with information because it goes at the pace they choose.

Each action on behalf of the reader creates a profile and a history of interaction. Once certain actions are achieved the goal is to convert the prospect into a sale. This can be done by setting appointment consults or by simply sending the reader to  an online store.

Watch A  “Real-Time” Video Demonstration, To See How We Can Build You a Lead-Generator System That Gets 30%+ Conversion RatesQualified Leads For As Little as $7 Bucks Per Lead

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The Canada Job Grant Reimburses Employers For Up to 83.3% of the Cost of Training to a Maximum of $10,000 Per Employee

Advance Your Skills | Get a Promotion | Find a New Job | Raise Your Salary | Get a Bigger ROI

i am an employer
i am an employee

We Are #1 In Canada For Sales, Service, Implementation, Training, Support & Consulting. We have a highly trained team of expert Infusionsoft Certified Consultants across the country.

Whether you want to; increase organic traffic, tackle Google Adwords, build high converting landing pages, increase targeted leads, close more sales, automate fulfillment, customize a system for your sales team or simply trounce the competition, we have a team of super motivated and highly trained professionals who have plenty of experience with marketing, sales, fulfillment, hr and finance.

We’ve built incredibly complex marketing campaigns, e-commerce websites, hypnotic landing pages and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Adwords.  Simply put, we’ve got the expertise you’re seeking for any sized project.  And one of our core values is: we honour our commitments. If your desired outcome can be measured, we’ll reach it or exceed it.

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Introducing Business Pros Marketing

We Are Now A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency


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We’ve Trained Thousands Of Business Owners & Employees

We Are Canada’s Leading Digital Marketing and Business Training Company

High Value Business Training = High Return on Investment

Our Business Training is for high achievers and for those who want to make rapid gains in a short period of time. Frameworks of success can be found in many places, but it sometimes takes massive action to make them work. Vision, leadership and strategy are required to get your business to the next level.

Training Business Pros gives you the highest quality training programs and certifications available with programs designed for employers and employees.

Can you find this kind of specialized training elsewhere?

Not likely under one roof. There are very few people in the world who have mastered the automated sales funnel. Your research may tell you that our business training programs and certifications, based in Toronto, Canada, are highly specialized in the area of Digital Marketing & Sales Automation.

Why trust us with your training needs?

Training Business Pros has trained over fifty thousand people including CEOs, corporate teams, network marketers, entrepreneurs, mom-preneurs, start-ups, government departments and small businesses throughout North America.

We enlighten businesses in the areas of digital marketing, lead generation, lifecycle marketing, pay-per-click advertising, marketing & sales automation and even presentation skills. We’re proud of our thousands of testimonials and success stories.

And because we are certified as a business training company by the Government of Canada, your tuition and the tuition of your employees could be paid for (up to $10,000) through the Canada Job Grant program.

Paul tobey
  • What’s My Return On Investment?

By using the same 21st Century Marketing Practices that we teach in our courses, we’ve experienced growth of greater than 200% each year despite the recent economic recession AND many of our students have as well!

I do not say this to impress you, but to impress upon you that we are the only business training company helping companies combine and integrate their internet sales, live sales, traditional marketing initiatives and conference marketing sales into an effective and large Street Smart Marketing automated sales funnel.

What’s your goal? If you have a goal, tell us about it. We’ll find a way to help you make it happen. If you don’t have a clear goal, and you want one, we’ll help you with that too!

To Your Success,


Paul Tobey
CEO, Training Business Pros
A division of Pilgrim Productions Incorporated
Tel: (416) 444-7767

Finally, High Level Business Training Available Live or Streaming

Never before has it been so easy to access information but so difficult to actually take that information and apply it. We are not only trainers but implementers in order to give you the tools to absorb the information, apply it and see results in your business.

Online Training Members Area

Online training is extremely popular these days, but many online training companies don’t keep up with great content and great context.  We not only help you learn relevant digital marketing strategies that we use for our clients in our digital marketing agency but we produce that video content with the highest quality video stream and engaging presenters.  When you want to scale up as a company, without the huge expense of sending your employees to various unproven training courses, our online training is perfect because it delivers fresh, relevant and interactive content that gets real world results. FIND OUT MORE

Marketing and Mastery

This 2-day intensive is the digital marketing bootcamp that will help business owners or employees get a handle on what’s currently working in today’s online marketplace. During this 2-day business training intensive we cover organic SEO, UXO, social media, how to create a Brain Dead Offer to build your client list, hypnotic copywriting, writing email copy that sells, creating landing pages and provide you with the many tips and tricks that we have learned through experience to help save you time and money. If you’re looking to get your feet soaked with Training Business Pros, this is the course for you. LEARN MORE

Lifecycle Marketing

This 1-day intensive is a continuation of Marketing and Mastery and prepares students to jump into the 3-day Dynamic Digital Marketing. With Lifecycle Marketing you are trained to think like a marketer. STOP thinking about customers as 1-time buyers and start looking at the ENTIRE customer lifecycle. The new digital marketing focused economy has made it harder to attract new customers, but it’s never been easier to keep those clients around, if you know how to use the customer lifecycle to your advantage.

Build a Profitable Sales Funnel

In this elite-level 2 or 3 day intensive, you bring your team to sit down with our experienced designers, hypnotic copywriters, content creation pros, marketing strategists and CRM integration experts. We will work with you to uncover your inside advantage and how to leverage it using the most effective marketing, sales and fulfillment strategies, and work with you to build a highly-effective online sales funnel integrated in Infusionsoft. Includes ongoing support for 1 month.

Online Profit Secrets

Infusionsoft users, implementers and owners, this 2-day intensive is for you. Infusionsoft is so much more than an auto responder, but the problem is: there is an unbelievable amount you can do with it, but do you know where to start? It’s one thing to know the software and then another to have the business training to back it up. This course gives you the systems and processes to create a marketing machine so you can get organized, grow sales and save time.

Dynamic Digital Marketing

This extremely valuable 3-day intensive will take your online marketing the N’th degree. Experience 3 unbelievably powerful days of instruction and hands-on practice. Paul Tobey leaves no stone un-turned with this advanced digital marketing training course.  Master content creation across numerous digital mediums. You will be witness to, learn, experience and come away with the highest level of internet marketing skills in North America so that you can squeeze infinite profits from your products and services.

Agents Of Change

This 3-day intensive program will help you, the heart-centered entrepreneur, foster positive change in others while you guide your tribe towards meaningful and purposeful change. As an Agent of Change, you will learn the powerful secrets only shared amongst the Top Professional Speaker’s in the world. Business training will teach you the how but you’ll still need to get your head and heart in the right space to achieve the results you want.

Train The Trainer

This 3-day public speaking training intensive will help you learn the most important business muscle you can build: the Art of Public Speaking. This will help you explode your sales, dramatically grow your Tribe and help drive the HEART of your leadership to new heights. This is the ideal training for someone who owns a business or works in a business that wants to take on more of a leadership, presentation or sales role. It’s for speakers who want to excel at their craft.

Adwords Mastery

During this 2-day intensive you will learn how to build your Top of Funnel Lead Generation Machine. A complete step-by-step plan of attack on how to win the Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads game. Convert for less and bring highly targeted traffic to your primed landing zone. This advanced business training will arm you with the tools and knowledge to run your own PPC campaigns and see a great ROI.

Digital Marketing and Sales Certification

Bundle 5 of our top training courses in this 102 hour certification. This program gives you access to Marketing and Mastery, Life Cycle Marketing, Dynamic Digital Marketing, Online Profit Secrets and Adwords Mastery. It is designed as a 5-month bootcamp to give you or your staff the in-house knowledge and expertise to use digital marketing to the fullest advantage. During these 5 months you are not only given the knowledge but also the support to implement it and get the results to show it works. Enrolment is by application only.

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Livestream Business Training That Is Right For You

You can stream from anywhere and watch the recording afterwards! Be online with other attendees as well as a knowledgeable staff member to answer any of your questions.

Live-Streaming Courses

Attend An Upcoming Business Training

We offer courses monthly, view below to see upcoming courses. If you have any questions or would like to register you can call us at 416 444 7767.

Client Reviews: We Love our Clients, And They Love Us.

We are dedicated to bringing you the most up to date Internet marketing intelligence so you can spend less time on trial and error and more times reaping the rewards of your efforts.

“This is the most fun I’ve had at a workshop or seminar”

“Paul Tobey (lead trainer) is unquestionably the most knowledgeable internet marketing expert I have ever met. I can’t believe his three hour internet marketing seminar is free because, I received knowledge that would normally cost hundreds of dollars.” – Tony Swierkot, VP Marketing, Centre

I’ve attended several Internet Marketing Seminars, and was skeptical about attending this one – they all seemed to teach the same thing. BUT! Your session was different. I’ve learned new tips and tricks to Internet Marketing that I really believe will help our business! Thanks!
Theresa Gregorio, Marketing Coordinator, Michdyne Corp.
I started the 1st internet business in Barrie in 1995. I’ve been involved in the business since then and thought I knew a fair amount about internet marketing. I’m almost embarrassed by what I don’t know and what I found out in just 3 hours!
Chris Edgar, Barrie Internet Marketer
I really appreciate being here. Paul is an enthusiastic, passionate teacher! He keeps you alert and learning! I love being mentally and emotionally stimulated!
Denis Balak, Sales
Great Energy! The entire teaching approach by Paul came from a foundation built on credibility, trust, honesty, emotion and experience. I found it an incredible learning experience from a very unique and special human being with a very special talent. I am looking forward to more experiences together in the near future. You will be recommended by me at every opportunity.
Victor Rempel
Paul, thank you for the insight into how successful presentations happen. Like most things when it’s broken down it’s more manageable and not so daunting. I enjoy your style and honesty. Thank you to Nancy too!
Lesley Till, Design Insight

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