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What is your Agents of Change story

As an Agent of Change, you will learn the same powerful secrets as hundreds of public speakers, authors, corporate leaders, politicians and medical professionals who have utilized these methods to infuse powerful change in other people’s lives, and fuel purpose driven lives. This training has been specifically tailored for teams who have high accountability to others.

Why Agents of Change Training?

Your ability to coach, mentor and act as a beacon for change are critical muscles to build in business.
As an Agent of Change – Master the ability to create deep long-lasting change in group situations. Experience the kind of change that explodes results, fires up creativity and gets you monumental change in a short period of time. You will be offered specialized techniques extracted from marketing and behavioral research disciplines to help you harness key critical skills and master your leadership skills. Whether that is in a boardroom, a training session, a conference or a sales meeting, you will never fail to earn the trust, credibility and respect of the group you are steering. You will learn powerful ways to help others to take meaningful action in their lives while always being in integrity with your personal belief systems.

Candidates are selected through an interview process and all courses are limited to 30 attendees per session. In addition, you are guaranteed personal one on one training with Paul Tobey, who by the way, just happens to be one of the highest paid speakers in the country.

Course Synopsis

Duration: 3 intense days usually over a weekend (Friday to Sunday).
Certifications of Completion are awarded (conditions may apply). The agenda may change depending on the needs of the group.

For course dates visit our Schedule of Events.

You will learn

  • 1 Powerful question that world-class coaches use to ignite purpose, direction and results in their teams and/or clients.
  • The number one leadership skill to help you steer the conversations through powerful context instead of content.
  • 3 key listening skills that will help you master the art of “reading” people with amazing ease. How to feel comfortable with awkward silence and how to never get trapped into deflection mechanisms and avoidance.
  • Powerful group psychology techniques – Master 5 Suggestology techniques that can make you a breakthrough agent of change.
  • Learn to “read” people fast: 4 Behaviour modes that could help you become a master communicator in any situation.
  • Advanced NLP techniques that will decrease resistance and help you handle objections with ease.
  • Key body communication skills – What your body gestures may be saying that you may not be aware of.
  • What your voice, pitch, tempo, and power can be doing to damage your leadership. Learn “command” mode or “friendly power”. Improve this instantly with 1 simple correction!
  • Learn how to utilize Intention Mechanisms and Deep Commitment to help your team make life-changing decisions and create new dramatic explosive results!

What are the Qualifications Needed for Acceptance?

  • You and/or your company has real-world experience in a niche market.
  • You have solid credentials in your industry.
  • You have a book or plan to write a book in the very near future to help you position yourself as an expert in your field.
  • You are deeply committed to helping people and changing lives.
  • You are willing to accept guidance to help you dramatically increase your effectiveness as a master leader/trainer.
  • You are a brand or want to become one.

Please see calendar for upcoming Agents of Change dates.

Tuition: $5,997 per person (HST is additional and applies to all Canadian purchases)

CALL TODAY for more information 1-877-790-PROS (7767)

Courses are limited to 30 people on a qualification and first come basis.
Group Discounts: Please contact our office for group and/or corporate trainings.

 I look forward to working with you, and I wish you great success in your business.

Best regards

Paul Tobey
CEO and Lead Trainer
Training Business Pros