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  • What You Absolutely NEED TO KNOW Before You Buy Infusionsoft
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We here at Training Business Pros are huge Infusionsoft fans! We love the software and we champion the amazing Infusionsoft CRM system to all of our clients. But if you’re here for the first time, doing research on Infusionsoft, then you’ll want to take a few minutes and read through this page thoroughly.

Because, if you simply register for a demo from Infusionsoft by filling out one of there “online inquiry” forms, within minutes (and believe me, they’re really fast), you’ll get a call from Infusionsoft headquarters in Phoenix, AZ.

On that call, they will do an awesome job of selling it to you by making make it sound really exciting and you may think that it sounds like the perfect time to buy.

At that point you should STOP. Then take a moment and think about what you’re giving up when you take their deal.

Right off the bat you’ll be losing thousands of dollars in bonus value that only Training Business Pros can give you. And you’ll give up the opportunity to know what Infusionsoft can do for your business from the people who really know marketing… us!

Sure, we want you to invest in Infusionsoft, make no mistake about that. However, when you buy direct from their offices in Phoenix you are waiving your right to claim all of the bonuses we offer that can really make it a huge win for your company.

When you buy direct from us, you’ll not only get an amazing product at an equally competitive price but you’ll also get our expertise, customer service, customized on-boarding and even a $4,000 advanced Infusionsoft training course.

  • Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Purchase Infusionsoft Through Us:

Price Matching

We can match and often do beat the pricing than Infusionsoft USA will offer. In fact, as Infusionsoft Certified Partners and Trusted Advisors, we’ve already pre-negotiated special discount pricing for our customers.

Customized Onboarding

A typical on-boarding process for Infusionsoft is 4 one hour calls to learn how to do things like: import contacts, send a broadcast, build a simple campaign and setup your dashboard. However, because every situation is unique, we go further with our on-boarding than most. We take into consideration your business and marketing model and find ways of improving on that. Remember, we’re marketers, not just Infusionsoft techies.

A $4,000 Advanced Infusionsoft 3-Day Training

With every Infusionsoft purchase we include a $4,000 bonus training course that is completely exclusive to our clients. The course is called Online Profit Secrets and it’s not just training on how to use Infusionsoft software, its training on how to plan, design, implement and track advanced campaigns for top of funnel, middle funnel and fulfillment purposes. This 3 Day Intensive is your Inside Advantage. You will need this training to make the most of your commitment to Infusionsoft.

Exclusive Infusionsoft User Group

You’ll gain access to our exclusive Infusionsoft User Group which meets at our training facility on the fourth Thursday of every month. Think of it as an Infusionsoft “Study Hall” where you will share your wins, get your questions answered, network with other successful businesses and walk away with incredible business and marketing intelligence that can truly sky-rocket your success.

Live Customer Support

You will get continued LIVE customer support from a Toronto based company. That’s right! You’ll get a real person on the phone who cares about your unique business vertical and knows how to support your specific Infusionsoft needs.

Government Grant

AND FINALLY, the very best reason to buy Infusionsoft from us is that there is a high probability that we can get you a government grant to pay for your training and Infusionsoft purchase!
  • What More Is There To Know?

We are the Canadian leaders in Digital Marketing Training and the foremost authority on Infusionsoft in the entire country.  We understand how to design and build the most complex and customized Infusionsoft campaigns to carry out any marketing, sales and fulfillment goal that you have for your company.

  • Okay, Let’s Do a Quick Review

When you purchase Infusionsoft directly from us, we’ll give you...

  1. Price matching or better!

  2. Customized onboarding with one of our highly trained marketing experts

  3. A complimentary tuition to our exclusive Online Profit Secrets 3-day intensive training course. (A $4,000 value)

  4. Access to our exclusive Infusionsoft user group in Toronto.

  5. Live customer support.

  6. A high probability that your purchase can be covered by a gov’t grant.

  • That’s Certainly A Lot To Think About

So, perhaps you could think about it this way…

When you buy from us, your business may qualify for an additional gov’t grant to help you offset up to 83.3% of the costs of training and our customized Deep Dive implementation.

Sure, we’d love you to adopt Infusionsoft into your business! However, wouldn’t you agree that there is way more benefits to buying from us?

Give us a call and we’ll talk about it.  Call Today at 416-444-7767


Set up your 15 minute no obligation call with one of our Infusionsoft Certified Partners and Small Business Advisors. The purpose of this call will be to explore how Infusionsoft is a great choice for your automated marketing systems and if you're Canadian how we might be able to qualify you for a grant to pay for your software and training.

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