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Attention: Employees & Job Seekers: Our Job Skills Training In The Areas Of Digital Marketing, Web Development, Copywriting, Digital Advertising & CRM Automation Is In High Demand By Employers Across Canada

We are now in the early days and weeks of 2017. The Canada Job Grant Program usually funds service providers with a new round of financing on April 1.  We suggest that you submit an application prior to that date because your application will be considered in the order that it is received.  

However, there are still some agencies which have money remaining in their 2016 budget and we are very good at helping you tap into that. So whether you get in the cue for new money starting in April or you tap into existing budgets from 2016 there’s never been a better time than now to apply.

Whether you are already employed or seeking employment our advanced online training and live training can give you the edge you need to succeed in today’s competitive job environment.


  • Increase your annual salary

  • Prepare you for a better career

  • Get a promotion

  • Job placement with an established business

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