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Digital Administrator Certification

Work One-On-One Digital with your Digital Marketing Trainer

Certification Name: Digital Administrator Certification, DAC

Exam: (Successful graduates who pass the exam with a minimum of 70%)

Digital Administrator Certification

Digital Administration Certification Description: During the one-on-one training, your employee will learn how to build and manage your company’s digital eco-system. This training will focus on establishing your employee’s digital marketing knowledge using modern techniques and softwares. Upon completion of the Digital Administrator Certification DAC, the trainee will be proficient in lead capture techniques, creating a sales funnel, automated marketing processes, copywriting, website construction, social media management and increasing sales conversions via online advertising. Your business will quickly see the benefits from having a Training Business Pros certified Digital Administrator on your payroll, while they quarterback your Infusionsoft dashboard!

The Digital Administrator Certification consists of six, monthly training modules plus one exam for your employee(s).

The DAC training also includes Infusionsoft Kickstart Training. Your employee will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to manage your company’s email marketing and sales platform using Infusionsoft. They will learn how to organize your customer database, generate email marketing campaigns, manage e-commerce and fulfillment, identify customer lifecycles and automate your communications.

Trainee(s) will receive a Training Business Pros Business Accelerator membership ID and gain access to our Online Portal Training for one year. The Business Accelerator membership complements practical training by affording trainees access to hundreds of hours of advanced, on-demand how-to videos about digital marketing, sales and automated business systems.

Training Outcomes:

Digital Administrator Certificate  

  • Ability to coordinate digital marketing campaigns across multiple marketing platforms

  • Ability to build and manage email campaigns within Infusionsoft CRM

  • Ability to manage digital marketing projects and assign tasks to team members

  • Ability to monitor Infusionsoft’s dashboard metrics and make informed decisions

  • Ability to examine macro digital marketing projects and set micro-task objectives

  • Ability to determine benchmarks, read metrics and hold team members accountable

Digital Administrator Certificate - Training Package A


Digital Administrator Certificate - Training Package B


**Training method: via webinar & one-on-one

This training may be funded by the Canada Job Grant. If so, you may be eligible for refunds (up to 10K per employee).

Please Push here to see if your company qualifies for the Canadian Job Grant.