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Digital Marketing Jobs in Toronto 

Digital Marketing Jobs in Toronto available now at Training Business Pros and Business Pros Marketing – a super hybrid training | digital marketing agency located at 25 Lesmill Road, Toronto, ON M3B 2T3. Serving Canada and the USA.

We are growing fast! We’ve just added a Search Specialist and a Business Development Manager to our team. Now, we are looking for you!

Do you match one of the core talents we need?

  • WordPress Designer (full time – permanent)
  • OZ
  • Bookkeeper (contract)
  • Video Editor (full time – permanent)
  • Digital Marketers (generalists) (full time – permanent)
  • Programmer(s) (full time – permanent)
  • CRM Specialists (any experience in either of these: Salesforce, Pardot, Zoho, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft) (full time – permanent)
  • General Accountant (3 month contract)
  • Outbound lead gen.

We also highly encourage applications from seasoned professionals – looking to re-engage in a second career!

If you are curious, call Nancy Houle at 416-444-7767 to learn more about any of these opportunities. All positions are available immediately. We are on fire. But we can’t do it alone. We need you! We offer an open concept work environment, flex hours, free parking, catered meals during Deep Dives, and a challenge!

Or forward your application form and resume to admin  (at) trainingbusinesspros (dot) com to get started. Please.  HINT: You may want to include a creative cover letter that tells us why you’d be a good fit for our team of superheroes!

Apply Now!

Wanted: Web & Graphic Designer

Job Responsibilities. Reporting to the CEO, your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Design and layout of electronic and print materials for all programs and events (flyers, posters, banners, collaterals, logos, invitations, postcards, newsletters, newspaper ads, etc.)
  • Learn how to design web projects from concept to completion while adhering to the brand standards of TBP
  • Maintaining TBP’s branding so it remains consistent and is used properly by external parties or remote groups, working closely with our Marketing Manager
  • Assisting TBP clients with creative concept and collaterals such as posters, banners, ads, etc.
  • Design and layout of TBP sales collateral
  • Maintaining and enhancing websites by adding and improving design and interactive features
  • Ensuring the coding standards are met; optimizing the web architectures for navigability and accessibility, and ensuring the website and databases are being backed up
  • Installing all WordPress plug-ins
  • Installing Facebook pixels
  • Social Media Integration
  • Install SEO plug in

We will Train you on the rest:

  • UXO
  • Installing sitemaps, heat maps, Google Analytics
  • CRM integration.
  • Embed webforms
  • Maintaining a Trello board for each client including all passwords for each account.
  • General office support such as answering phones, customer service, and maintaining customer files.
  • Responsible for managing print orders and dealing with external suppliers

Two things you need to bring to the table:

  • Ability to meet tight deadlines
  • You pay attention to detail

Two things we bring to the table:

HUGE opportunity to learn

A great playground for you to enrol and engage with business owners in a meaningful way.

It’s this simple: You are very smart and a great programmer.

You have creative ideas. Love to learn new things. You are organized.

Passionate about technology. You have an ability to work independently

and in a co-creative environment.

You’ll require two things to be LOVE working here:

You are coachable (smart but coachable). You can accept guidance and are open to learning new things.

You are not afraid of hard work: no fear of deadlines, solving problems, putting out fires and/or helping out 🙂

What we bring to the table:

Never the same day twice

A HUGE opportunity for you to take a deep dive into the digital marketing agency eco-system in a meaningful and purposeful way. We help small business adopt digital marketing solutions. Need we say more? (We are always learning!)

TBP is a strong believer in the strength of Social Media and its impact on organic search traffic. Unfortunately, we often find it hard to practice what we preach, as it is tricky to find time to do Social well, and it often slips through the cracks.

That’s where you come in.

We are looking for a hands on, detailed, project focused individual for our growing office! Working alongside with one of Canada’s leading Digital Marketing trainers, you will be working in an entrepreneurial environment which is fluid, fun and ever-changing.

We are looking for a very smart Search Professional to join our talented team of individuals as a SEO/UXO Specialist who moonlights in social media as well. This role will be a key part of planning, marketing and implementing a Social Media Schedule, documenting events for our Training Company as well as completing Social campaigns for our clients. This position will be located in North York. CRM experience is a bonus, as we will train you to manage our existing list & assist clients with their day-to-day needs.

Successful completion of this internship may lead to a full-time, permanent position within the company. Remuneration or stipend depend on experience level.

Send us your resume at admin (at)  trainingbusinesspros. (com)

OR call Nancy at 416-444-7767 for to schedule a phone interview.

You play a crucial role in our company.  We have a LIVESTREAM room, and we have new content in post on a continuous basis. You role is to edit, process of films and videos by, digitize and organize raw footage into polished pieces suitable for our members. You have to be okay with multi-tasking and could be required to work under pressure, since the job frequently entails editing high-quality videos under tight deadlines.

Job Duties

Fantastic Employment Opportunity for a Creative
Permanent/Full Time, Video Editor | Livestream Producer

Job Responsibilities. Reporting to the CEO, your primary responsibilities will include:

=> Support and maintain Livestream production and facilities. Strong knowledge of production technology an asset.
=> Maintaining TBP’s branding so it remains consistent and is used properly by external parties or remote groups
=> Assisting TBP clients with creative concept video collateral

Experience: 5-6 years of experience

Knowledge in operating a variety of camera setups, and audio equipment.
Strong knowledge in the video editing process
Strong knowledge utilizing popular post-production applications such as Adobe After Effects, Premiere and similar programs
Practicing digital video post-production skills (refinements, motion graphics, animation, sound. etc.)
Technical understanding of color grading, audio correction, and video compression (For Live/Offline Production).
Proactive problem solving, both technically and creatively, with constant attention to process improvement
Calm under pressure with the ability to maintain productivity under changing deadlines
Flexibility to re-adjust priorities within fast-paced project time frames (i.e. same day edits).
Superior project management and time management skills, and possess excellent organizational and planning skills (i.e same day productions).
A wide degree of creativity and latitude

Additional responsibilities include:
Training clients/team members on production related matters
Offering technical support to team member
Basic WordPress use

Bonus Attributes:
Keen eye for design and detail
Script/Copy Writing experience
Basic WordPress knowledge
Animation/motion graphics
Some training experience via webinar(s)/ F2F training(s)
A proficient user of Mac(OSx) & PC(Windows)

Remuneration based on experience.

Two things you need to bring to the table to LOVE this job:

  1. You pay close attention to detail
  2. You love technology and can have fun with it

Two things we bring to the table:

  1. We offer you tons of room to be creative and space to generate new projects
  2. HUGE opportunity to grow with us!

Send us your resume at admin (at)  trainingbusinesspros. (com)

OR call Nancy at 416-444-7767 for to schedule a phone interview.

TBP is seeking a general accountant to work out of our offices for a 3-4 month period.

We are a full service digital marketing firm providing services such as website building, seo, search engine marketing and training.

We are seeking a candidate who has both Corporate and Personal Income Taxes experience. The candidate will perform bookkeeping, payroll, HST and consult the founders of the company. We have specific objectives which we believe will require a full time person for 3 months.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Full cycle bookkeeping including A/P, A/R, bank reconciliations, payroll, HST, and preparing financial statements
  • Preparation of personal income tax returns and corporate tax returns
  • “Light” Audit & review of financial statements
  • Assist with work flow optimization

Skills and Specifications

  • Knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills including Word and Outlook; intermediate knowledge of Excel
  • Knowledge of Quickbooks a must
  • Should have excellent organizational skills, communication skills and leadership qualities
  • The person should be enthusiastic about the challenges of the job
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work effectively in teams
  • Strong work ethic and ability to work in an environment requiring discretion and confidentiality
We will send you full mandate upon request.

Send us your resume at admin (at)  trainingbusinesspros. (com)

OR call Nancy at 416-444-7767 for to schedule a phone interview.

It’s simple:

You are smart, open to learning new things, and you rock when it comes to programming.

Whether you are self-taught, or have a Computer Science degree from U of T doesn’t really matter to us.

What matters is that you have a great work ethic, you pay attention to details, you share our core values, and you love what you do.

What you bring to the table?

  • You LOVE to sleuth and can quickly identify problems.
  • You LOVE to create solutions! (same thing said in a different way)

What WE bring to the table?

It’s Never the Same Day Twice

You’ll be learning everything you need to know about the digital marketing eco-system. (It’s better than any University education you can imagine).

Position is Full Time | Opening is Immediate

Call now to express your interest and find out more: 416-444-7767 (Nancy)

We are looking for Lead Gen hunters.  You are not afraid to get on the phone and set up appointments.

You have experience in B2B lead Gen.

Two things you must bring to the job to be successful:

  1. You have no fear making outbound calls
  2. You share our core values

Two things we bring to the table:

  1. You can alternate hours (flex hours)
  2. You can work 2 days a week from home (if we see it works, you can work from home 5 days a week)

Interested? Let’s explore. Call Nancy at 416-444-7767

Apply Now!