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The 24/7 Marketing & Sales Automation Machine
For Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance Companies


Not getting enough new leads? Learn how Infusionsoft can take care of all Digital Marketing needs!


Customers constantly changing dates and times? Infusionsoft takes care of all that automatically, saving you time and money.

Team Management

Can't keep tack of your team? Managing your team could never be simpler! Learn how we can completely automate job assignment.

Sales & Invoicing

Have trouble of keeping track of invoices? Or can't handles the volume of sales coming in? Our system can handle all of that for you and more!


Not all landscaping business software or lawn care management software is created equal. While you want to make sure it can handle scheduling, quotes, invoicing and customer service, you must not forget the marketing automation that threads every piece together.

Marketing Automation should handle all the leads coming in to your sales funnel.  Whether it’s through the phone or email, whether you are using pay per click advertising, Facebook retargeting strategies, or referral marketing, whether you are doing direct mail, door to door knocking or promotion on referral sites, at the end of the day, it’s what you do with the leads that count.

Once your crew has left the job site, for foreman goes to a hidden webpage on their cell phone and checks a box indicating that the job is complete.  That checked box triggers and email to the client in a timely manner that asks… “How did our crew do?” This is called NPS. Net Promoter Score

If they give you a high score, they are considered “promoters” at which point they will receive further emails asking for a referral.  If they scored low, then a task is triggered for someone to follow up with the client and find out how you can fix the problem and keep it from happening again.  The ROI on a system like that is priceless.

Here’s an example of a “pre-configured email” that would be sent to your client if they score high on the NPS scale:

Subject Line: [Joe’s Landscaping] Thanks so much…

Hi Sally,

Thank you for the great feedback. We are thrilled you are happy with our service.

It’s because of happy customers like you that our local business is growing.  We wanted you to know just how important referrals are to us so if you could please tell your friends, neighbours and colleagues about our services that’d be awesome.  We actually have the time and crew to handle at least 2 or 3 more clients on your street.

As a reward for the referral we give you a free fall clean up. It’s a total win win!

Thanks again for trusting us with your project. We love what we do, and with customers like you, we promise to keep doing it!

Talk to you soon,

Joe Broginal
Joes’ Landscaping Services

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Did you know that for company’s who use Appointment Core integrated with Infusionsoft, they are disclosing booking rates up by as much as 600%?

Why is that?  Because all of the control is in the hands of the customer.  When they pick their own time, from the available times you choose in your calendar, they automatically receive an email with the details of where, when and how to prepare.

6 Really Important Reasons to Use Automated Appointment Bookings

  1. Your clients choosing from your available times for an initial phone consultation.
  2. The client receives an email confirmation immediately and another on the morning of the appointment day to remind them.
  3. You specify only the times you will be available for appointments.
  4. When a time slot is taken, it automatically disappears from the calendar. No more double bookings… ever!
  5. The system syncs to your Gmail or Outlook Calendar to alert you of your schedule.

It’s very easy to track your tasks and appointments within your sales machine. You can allow users to view each others calendars and tasks. Your system can automatically assign tasks or appointments as part of your automated follow-up strategies. You can create tasks and appointments from your calendar or through an individual contact record.  It’s easy! We sync your Outlook or Gmail calendar. Never miss another appointment again!

Team Management

Are you challenged with managing your team schedule and client commitments?

Picture this: Spring is around the corner and the ground is thawing out.  You’re getting your team mobilized for another busy spring & summer and fall.  And while you are recruiting new labour, you’re also busy getting your existing clients to commit to another season of spring clean up and lawn care services.

It’s all very time consuming. So how can Infusionsoft automate this process to save you time and generate cash-flow for you all at the same time?


  • Why not have automated emails go out to your labour to qualify their interest and availability, and get them to commit to a start date?  It’ not about making outbound calls, you’re now gauging interest and spurring inbound calls.  Your email should also ask the guys/gals you trust, if they know anyone that is reliable that needs work. Send them the profile of the person you are looking for. Let your champions be your ground recruiters.
  • Why not automate your client renewals?  Assume that you have an early spring. Why not expedite your cash flow and send out automated renewal forms to existing clients?  Give them one or two packages to choose from where they can check out online.  Anyone who doesn’t take action online creates a task for you to call and close the few remaining deals.

Quotes, Sales & Invoicing

With our automated Infusionsoft system, you can issue quotes, invoices and requests for payment for unpaid orders. Your digital invoices and branded with your company logo. It’s wholly possible to customize the type of information displayed in the invoice or modify the layout or table colors.  An Infusionsoft user can create a manual order or set up payments through an auto-charge system.

  • Send automated quotes with follow up emails to prompt the client to proceed.
  • Issue invoices and receipts via email.
  • Brand your electronic literature with your company logo and colours.
  • Setup recurring billing and auto-charge systems.

Why Choose Infusionsoft?

Many of the manual tasks that Landscaping companies deal with every day can be automated through Infusionsoft.  It’s an ingenious way of handling your marketing, sales, fulfillment, HR and finance. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Automating Customer Service
  • Generating Quotes
  • Issue invoices and electronic payment
  • Pre-selling annual services
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Team Management

New leads = 55
Left message = 21
On Site Visits bookies = 23
Interested but not yet closed = 6
Quotes completed = 15
Quotes to submit =  8
Client Won =  8
Client Lost = 4

Based on the executive dashboard to the left, you will notice that have completed 15 quotes and won 8 of those, but you have 8 more to submit, you actually have a good sense of what revenue to chase. That’s the type of real-time information that company leaders need to make more informed decisions on advertising, where to allocate resources and how to improve on systems and processes.

The BEST thing about Infusionsoft is that it will track where your lead originated from. Did it come from your website, from a facebook ad, from a google ad, or from a referral.  So, now you are in real control of your advertising spend.

If your leads from Google Adwords generate a better ROI than Facebook Ads, then you’ll know where to concentrate your next round of advertising spend.

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