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Introducing: The Most Sophisticated CRM Ever Created
Financial Advisor Pro 2.0

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Financial Advisor CRM Pro 2.0 Is Here!

  • Auto age adjust cross-sell & upsell campaigns
  • Pre-configured emails with hypnotic content to compel action
  • Maturity dates auto-trigger client review appointments
  • Clients book their own appointments based on available times
  • Sends birthday cards or emails to valued clients automatically
  • And a whole lot more!
Financial Advisor CRM

Why Are Most Financial Advisors Struggling to Earn More Revenue?

Right now there is a ton of competition for the right to manage people’s investments and insurance.  In fact, there are just over 90,000 financial advisors representing 4 primary channels of advice in Canada. These include: advisors working through full service brokerages; independent financial advisors; career or exclusive financial advisors; and advisors that are working for financial institutions.

In addition to that; only 55% of consumers value the advise of a professional financial advisor.

In addition to that; most financial professionals have limited resources in terms of time and money, and  most struggle to earn even $100,000/yr.

How Does Financial Advisor Pro 2.0 Work Exactly?

Financial Advisor Pro is “cloud based software” which gives you access to your database of customers, executive dashboard and customized campaigns from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Essentially the way it works is: you fill out a “new client” web form with their contact details and check off any new product purchases associated with that client.  For example: if you sold them “Term 10 Insurance” you would click that checkbox and then add the “maturity date.”  Contacts can also be “batch added” to the system instead of filling out the web form one client at a time.

The software then delivers your clients a “sequence of customized emails” 3 to 6 months prior to maturity dates to ask the client to book a “review consultation.” If after 3 emails the client does not respond, a task is created to remind you to follow up by phone.  But, this only happens when the client doesn’t take action, which is usually only 25% of the time.

The system also sends birthday greetings or “Send Out Cards” automatically every year on their birthday.

The system also does upsell and cross-sell campaigns based on age and previous product purchases.

The system also accepts lead requests from your web site, social media and trade shows and automatically sends email nurture campaigns to prompt the prospect to “book a meeting.”  All meetings are automated.  You pre-select the times you’re available and when clients or prospects are prompted to book a consultation, they pick the time they are available which coincides with you available time.  In fact, you’ll never need to book another appointment manually if you don’t want to. This system can increase booked consultations by up to 600%.

There is much more to this incredible system which we will describe in detail below.  However, whether you want to save time or move the needle on your marketing and sales strategy today, simply “fill out this quick questionnaire” to see if the product is right for you.

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How Can You Significantly Increase Your Revenue Without Working Any Harder?

There are ONLY 3-WAYS  to accelerate the growth of your financial practice and earn more revenue:

  1. Get more clients.
  2. Increase the frequency with which your current clients buy from you.
  3. Raise your fees.

With all due respect, most financial pros focus only on #1 when in actual fact, #2 and #3 actually provide the greatest potential for revenue. That’s not to say that #1 is not important, it is… but experience tells us that you’ll have to work way harder than you need to find those new clients. And, quite frankly, most financial advisors DO NOT have a serious marketing and sales strategy beyond the; hunt down family & friends, talk to anyone who will listen and “hope for the best” plan.

Financial Advisor CRM Pro enhances all 3 of theses revenue building streams with very little effort on your part.

  • It ATTRACTS more clients using automated nurture campaigns that communicate value and mines the data associated with client interactions, surveys and triggers.
  • It SELLS more products and services using automated cross-sell and up-sell campaigns based on client’s age, profile, history tags and status within the system.
  • It WOWS more clients by using advanced fulfillment sequences to deliver on your promises and onboarding new purchases.

What’s Under the Hood?

Customized Executive Dashboard

An executive dashboard is an interface that displays the key performance indicators (KPIs) that tell you where your prospects and clients are within the system in real time.  It gives you the information you need to make better advertising and communication decisions. Financial Advisor CRM Pro boasts a 100% configurable executive dashboard that gives you real time information that matters.

For example; take a look at the screenshot below. You’ll notice in the middle column that 38 appointments have been booked, 2 are still waiting to have their appointment, 4 people need more information, 15 have applied for a grant etc. Without this information you can’t possibly optimize your advertising budgets unless you know whether each level of the pipeline is functioning properly and that there are clients making their way through it.

Statistics Canada recently stated that a whopping 86% of all Canadian Businesses do not have an “Executive Dashboard” or any type of business intelligence such as you would get from the “Financial Advisor CRM Pro” system.

Try to imagine the edge that would give you over your financial advisor colleagues.

Advanced Contact Search

Finding clients in your CRM that match search criteria is one of the fundamental requirements of a powerful CRM.  Financial Advisor CRM Pro Version 2.0 advances the search functionality significantly by providing the user the ability to do powerful searches based on KPI’s such as; status within a campaign, history, profile, demographics and much more.

Then once you’ve zeroed in on the clients that meet key criteria you can run several automated actions for those clients including: applying tags, creating opportunities, creating tasks, exporting, send a broadcast email, start or stop a specific campaign sequence etc.


Auto Age Adjust & Birthday Sequences

One of the key differentiates between Financial Advisor CRM Pro and all other CRMs is the automatic age adjustment  engine.  We’ve devised an ingenious system that consistently knows the clients age by auto-adjusting by +1 every year.  It then used that information to trigger key automation such as “birthday wishes” emails or Send-Out cards.  It also triggers sequences based on the age of the client to cross-sell and up-sell products such as insurance and investments.

Automated Cross-sell and Up-sell Campaigns

Imagine having a CRM system that auto-fires email sequences that start 6 months before clients reach certain ages.  For example: we’ve created a series of 3 emails that are sent out automatically before a clients 40th birthday to get them to book an appointment to renew their investment and insurance plans.

Not only that, but if the client does not respond to the emails and book their own appointment, a task is then created automatically for your the financial advisor to follow up with them by phone.


Customized Emails with Smart Links

All emails within the system are written using hypnotic language that compels the reader to take action. And “smart-links” are embedded in the emails.  Each smart link does 3 things: 1. It takes the reader to a customized page to complete the action, 2. “Link-clicks” are tracked using smart-system-tags. So once the reader clicks a link, it stops any and all follow emails for that action.  This limits the number of emails the reader gets, and 3. Follow up actions are triggered in the campaigns based on what “smart-links” are being clicked.


Automated Appointment Booking

Our testing has indicated that 600% more clients will book their own appointments using digital automation vs having one booked over the phone.  The Financial Advisor CRM Pro emails prompt clients to click a link to book their own appointment which then sends them directly to our ingenious booking system where they pick from available times.  You the financial advisor always choose your availability ahead of time and whenever a spot gets selected it disappears from the available time calendar.

Not only that but if a client misses that appointment for any reason, all you do is fill out the quick 15 second internal form by selecting the checkbox “did not show” and then a new automation sequence fires to get them to re-book another appointment.  Our research indicates that clients are 85% more likely to re-book their appointment, basically because your system makes you look amazing at “follow-up.”

Are You CASL Compiant?

As of July 1, 2017 all businesses and self-employed professionals must be CASL compliant.  That means that all electronic messaging pertaining to business must include; 1. Double-optin confirmation 2. Complete contact data in every message & 3. 100% automated unsubscribe links.

If you are not CASL compliant by July 1 of next year you could be liable for up to $1 million dollars in fines.  The CRTC is taking this very serious and so should you.  The Financial Advisor CRM Pro system is 100% CASL compliant and gives you the piece-of-mind that you are running your business within the strict guidelines of Canadian Law.

This image is an example of our automated “double-optin” system which uses “email confirmation” sequences.

Automated Task Creation

Is you client not responding to your email inquiries?  Not a problem for Financial Advisor CRM Pro.  Our pre-built campaigns are designed to get the client to take action without human intervention.  Once they take that action they are moved along the sales pipeline automatically.  But what if they don’t?  At that point, a task is created automatically which reminds you the Financial Advisor of what action the client should be taking and prompts you to make a phone call, send a text or communication is some way.

Financial Advisor Pro also displays the list of tasks you must complete on a daily basis and gives you a timeline to complete each task.  Once you fill out the internal form associated with the task, the system then automatically moves into the next stage of sales pipeline depending on the outcome of the task.

You do not have to remember to do any of this, the system remembers for you!


Customized Branding

Are you concerned at all that your emails will seem too generic?  Not to worry.  The Financial Advisor CRM Pro system has been customized with very well written hypnotic emails which will make your communications more professional and more results focused.  But, in addition to that, we will completely customize your communication system and website landing pages with your personal brand through our unique “Branding Center.”

Your 4 hours of training and on-boarding, which comes standard with every Financial Advisor Pro purchase, includes completely re-branding your communications to reflect your personal brand and professionalism.  Don’t like some of the emails?  No problem, you will be given specific instructions on how to change your email communications if you feel that is necessary for your specific situation.

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There’s a Lot More To Show You, But Imagine This:

  • Never miss another client’s birthday.
  • Never let a potential lead slip through the cracks.
  • Never let an important maturity date pass without communicating with your client.
  • Never miss another deadline.
  • Never miss an opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell products or services.
  • Never let your work interfere with your personal life again.

Okay, I’m Intrigued. What Are My Next Steps?

At this point there is a couple of things you can do.

  1. You can book a 15 minute appointment with one of our in-house small business advisors to discuss your particular situation.
  2. You can watch a 30-minute video demonstration of the system.

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Thanks For Your Time

Financial Advisor CRM

If you think about it, there really aren’t that many new opportunities that you can count on to make more money and save time. This is one of them! 

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