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Why Should I Consider This Training?

Are you a marketer looking to expand your service offerings, to help your clients grow their business by adopting advanced digital marketing systems? Digital marketers know they need to provide their clients the most cutting-edge tools and strategies they need to succeed online.

The TBP Infusionsoft Certified Consultant Certification prepares marketers who are interested in managing and servicing the Infusionsoft CRM platform, the most advanced all-in-one CRM for small business.

This program has been designed to prepare you with the most up-to-date information on preparing your clients to adopt a CRM.

What Trainees Gain

Our training programs marry high-value business intelligence with real-world application and up-to-the-minute digital strategies. This course will help you help your clients grow by adopting advanced marketing automation.

What Does Having an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant On Staff Mean for the Employer

If you are a marketing agency who is not capitalizing on the digital trend by offering marketing automation to your clients, you’re missing out. Infusionsoft is one of the most advanced CRM solutions on the market, and by developing your team, you’ll be able to add this to your service offerings.

Everything your team will learn is designed to automate 5 key elements of business: marketing, sales, fulfillment, finance and internal communications.

Not only will your staff member be able to assist your clients with developing their marketing, but they will be able to automate those essential elements for you as well. Never let a lead slip through the cracks with automated follow up campaigns.

Attendees Will Learn How To

  • Develop systems to capture leads and convert them into sales.
  • Adopt highly advanced campaign building methodologies.
  • Integrate the Infusionsoft system in clients’ websites.
  • Effectively onboard new Infusionsoft users & train them on managing the system.
  • Automate marketing, sales, fulfillment, HR & finance.

The widely-reaching program was developed because we know that there is a fast-growing need from small-to-medium sized business who need the talent from “conversion specialists.”  These specialists are in high demand.

From desktops to tablets to mobile, buyers are becoming very sophisticated.  All businesses must now actively engaged in determining their relationship their target markets and potential buyers.

If you would prefer to take the certification via Live stream then please contact our office at 416 444 7767 for availability.

The 3 modules are:

Infusionsoft Pre-Training

Learn what the Infusionsoft system is capable of through 40 hours of recorded training modules delivered to you through a custom portal.

Certified Consultant Training

Bundle a 4-day training on advanced campaign building & marketing strategies with a 1-day training on how to price, bundle and sell your digital marketing services. Delivered in person or via livestream.

Onboarding Training

4 one-hour webinar training sessions on how to properly train new Infusionsoft clients on how to make use of the system.

The tuition for this program is $3997, including all for training fees, exam fees, access to a demo “Sandbox” account of Infusionsoft & all recorded materials.

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