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Internet Marketing Puzzle

Finally, an internet marketing seminar that gives you unparalleled training by actual internet marketing experts that get results!

This 3-day intensive training is jam packed with valuable and highly guarded information that will guarantee online success.

Participants will walk away with strategies to put their business well ahead of the competition. From generating qualified leads to making online sales.

YOU too can learn how to cost effectively drive highly targeted traffic to your website and convert that traffic into money.

How important is it to start doing everything it takes to market online?

Well, the number of internet users just reached 2 billion people. And, according to the latest search engine strategies conference in Toronto, 78% of us use an online search engine to do research before buying. And, for things like real estate 98% of home buyers and home sellers started their research online?

Every online niche market is growing yet, for some reason, very few businesses actually take the initiative to learn what actually works. That’s where we come in. Using our own expertise and results we’ll help you learn exactly what you need to know.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This 3-Day Intensive Internet Marketing Seminar:

  • How to effectively research your vertical or niche market online
  • How to select key search terms that will drive highly targeted traffic to your website
  • How to increase search engine traffic based on effective keyword density
  • How to increase search engine traffic based on link popularity
  • How to implement the 7 key strategies of effective copy writing
  • How to convert visitors into leads and sales
  • How to build a huge targeted mailing list of potential customers
  • How to effectively and effortlessly manage your lists and communicate with your customers
  • We also recommend top seo tools, websites, forums and blogs for your continued support

…and much much more!

Here’s What Past Participants Had to Say…

Paul: It’s a year later from the Internet Marketing course. Just thought you might be interested in knowing… It’s amazing, after one short year, how much your teachings and your education can make such a huge change in so many people’s lives. I have witnessed, first hand, over the past year, a whole group of people who are now happier, wealthier, and much more confident about themselves and their future. As you know, things weren’t all that fantastic (in my life) a year ago. No money, no real prospects, no chicks, no happiness, no nice clothes, no limos, no nothing! I was broke and miserable. Hope you don’t mind, but it’s going to get mushy now . . . you turned my life around. My life today makes me cry (from happiness) because if it weren’t for you I really couldn’t say where I’d be today. Thank you Paul, thank you Nancy, I’m so forever in your absolute debt (good debt – the kind that doesn’t depreciate). Thank you for saving me and teaching me how to be successful.
“Taking your internet marketing course was a big leap for us and our business. I have to honestly say that if we hadn’t discovered your priceless course we would not have made through the recession. The internet marketing information we learned at your seminars have given us the confidence and ability to grow our business more than 100% since we implemented your information.

Our business actually grew massively while everyone else was running for cover. I have to admit we would have gone bankrupt if we were not effectively advertising online thanks to your seminar. We plan to come back at the end of the year for our refresher. We look forward to seeing you both again. Thank you in advance and have a great day.”

“Just a few months ago, I took your (internet marketing) course and as an update, the website, www.kissner.com is doing very well! Primarily in google.ca, we are being found at the top or near the top for hundreds of different search terms including chemical distributor, chemical supplier, food salt, etc. The bottom line is that the information I learned in the course is working very well, and fast! As soon as the googlebot visited the new website, we began seeing these results.”
“This is by far the most valuable training I have ever taken. Having 4 businesses, this information was invaluable to ALL of them. Thanks Paul, you’re a training GOD!”
“Finally, my questions are answered that 3 web page designers could not!”
In the internet battle, we now have the arms to win the war! Great Content!”
“I came here with no knowledge of how to build a website nor did I know computer language. I am now leaving here with confidence that I can build my own website withlots of knowledge to share and practice.”
“For anyone who has or runs a website, you simply cannot afford to miss this course! The tips and techniques and information you will learn will empower you to change your business and your life! Everything you need to know about internet marketing is presented in a common sense, practical format.”
“Chalk full of useful, relevant, practical information. Well presented and easy to put into practice. Thank you!”
“Internet opportunities are huge. This course has helped me realize how I can capitalize on it. I’m left with info that will finally put me on the map with respect to selling products on the internet.”

Why are we so confident about what we teach? Because, our participants who use the information, get results. We’re even more confident about HOW you learn it. You will learn through a revolutionary method entitled accelerated learning techniques.

This method guarantees that you will retain up to 85% of what you learn – for life. You will be able to implement the information immediately upon completion. How do we know this? Because, you learn by doing! Every section of this course is complete “hands-on” and experiential.

Who Should Attend?

  • Web Site Designers looking to enhance their skills and make more money
  • Owners of e-commerce sites or online stores
  • Marketing executives who see online marketing as a valuable asset to their company
  • Business consultants or Marketing Companies
  • Small business owners who want to bring targeted traffic to their websites
  • Entrepreneurs who want to start their own business

About Training Business Pros

Training Business Pros has trained hundreds of business owners and marketing professionals for the past 5 and a half years. The owner and lead trainer Paul Tobey has been an internet marketing expert since 1996 and understands through dedicated personal experience, as well as associations with top industry professionals, the full value that the internet can bring to any business.

Working with search engines like Google and Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Ping, Training Business Pros fully comprehends all leading ethical and cutting edge strategies for bringing targeted traffic to any website.

Furthermore, we promote fully the process of converting traffic into leads and sales, through effective copy writing strategies. Our methods of teaching are unparalleled and our trainers are experts in accelerated learning techniques to help you learn faster and achieve more!

Let us take your profit margins to the next level. *Courses are offered 4 times per year and are almost always sold out. Don’t delay, register today!

Tuition Rates for 2015

DescriptionTuition   3-Day Internet Marketing Intensive Per Person $5,997

*All courses are guaranteed effective. If you are not happy for any reason we will refund your purchase less 30% administration and materials fee.

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