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Digital Marketing Training

3-Day Dynamic Digital Marketing Training

This advanced 3-day training course helps businesses and marketers learn cutting edge internet-based strategies with a clear focus on profit.

Many CEOs and top management may have the ability to communicate their ideas, but often lack the digital marketing experience. They simply do not know the right questions to ask. When it comes time to measure their ROI, most companies are shooting in the dark.

Klemmer and Associates is a 10+ Million Dollar Leadership Training Company. Brian Klemmer, CEO, and Bob, the COO, hired a Canadian company to update their web site and make it Search-Engine friendly. After spending tens of thousands of dollars and one year in development, it was time to re-assess their strategy; it seemed to them that not much was happening.

Brian called in Paul Tobey for an assessment. After a one-day review, Paul was engaged to train their top executives and staff, including Brian and the COO. Within three days, their entire internet marketing strategy was over-hauled. Team members were identified. Each team member had measurable goals. Accountability measures were now in place.

Three-month results:

  • The site places on the front page of Google.com for highly competitive keyword phrases such as “leadership training”.
  • The site earns positive cash flow each month in excess of $5,000 in product sales.
  • The site strategically collects key customer data.
  • They have deployed a social media strategy.
  • They have deployed a video marketing strategy.
  • They have deployed a highly successful email marketing strategy.
  • They have deployed a highly successful email marketing strategy.
Kissner Milling is a salt chemical distributor in Canada. The marketing director attended our 3-Day training. Within six months Kissner dominates Google.ca for all the company’s chosen keyword phrases.
Update: The marketing director was promoted! He asked us to remove their testimonial from our website because they don’t want their competition to find us. Though a huge compliment, they understand why we had to respectfully decline!
Rick Woolsey was a typical webmaster. Working from home with a dozen small clients, Rick was earning under $20K per year. He attended our 3-Day intensive. Within the first quarter, he fired all of his clients, who he discovered were keeping him poor! He leveraged his newfound knowledge and certifications and put them into practice immediately. He attracted four new clients, each of which pay Woolsey $20K per year. He also sells qualified leads to the roofing industry, which generates online passive income of $800 per month.
CityCan is a Mortgage Brokerage firm in Toronto. Toronto, of course, is a very competitive market. However, within a 3 months, CityCan dominated the # 1 placement in Google.ca for most of its search terms, including the all-important “mortgage Toronto”.

Paul Tobey has also trained some of Canada’s top SEO and Internet Marketing Firms! (We’d name them here, but we discovered that many head hunters were using this as a resource, and it aggravated the human resource departments. So, just ask us, and we’ll gladly tell you!)

Who Should Attend

Marketing Executives, Business Consultants, Team Leaders, Managers, Business Owners, Department Heads, And yes, the CEOs and COOs who desire accountability and a huge ROI!


About The Trainer


Paul Tobey is well known as the expert’s trainer. He has trained over 50,000 business owners and entrepreneurs throughout Canada and the United States. Paul Tobey, CEO, is Canada’s #1 leading trainer in internet marketing and presentation techniques. He has trained some of Canada’s top SEO firms and independent webmasters that went on to build impressive internet marketing businesses.

Training Agenda Day 1

9:00 am – 6:00 pm

9:00How to do Keyword Research, How to Spy on Your Competition, to Do Better than Your Competition! Includes Creating a Live Project, learning Phrase to Broad Match ratio’s, trends, filters, competition etc.
10:45You will learn bullet-proof methods to rank high on the Google search engine. Includes On-Site Optimization, 7 key triggers for ranking, keyword density, and other secret sauce components we are not willing to put in print here.
2:00Learn and practice offsite optimization. Other secret sauce components. This will include how to quickly and methodically build your links and defend your #1 rankings. These are all white-hat practices that meet Google Guidelines. However, there are a few things we know most SEO employees do not.
4:15How to handle WordPress, SEO plugins, permalinks, etc.



Training Agenda Day 2

9:00 am – 6:00 pm

9:00Learn the secrets of converting a visitor into a lead and/or sale and work through all the elements that you need to create a winning outcome (Hypnotic copywriting).
10:45How to get a visitor to take action: Create the hypnotic offer that people can’t refuse!
2:00The “U” marketing formula.
3:45How to use an extremely powerful “email marketing” template to get others to take immediate action on your offer.


Training Agenda Day 3

9:00 am – 6:00 pm

9:00SEO Tools, Fast-tracking your project/assignments
11:45Other traffic generation methods: affiliate marketing, PPC advertising, social media marketing, video marketing, clickbank, etc
2:00Online Stats, Sitemaps, Webmaster Tools,
2:45Video Content Creation
5:30Closing comments, directives and accountability agreements.
6:00Certifications and Adjourn


“Just a few months ago, I took your [internet marketing] course and, as an update, the website www.kissner.com is doing very well! Primarily in Google.ca, we are being found at the top or near the top for hundreds of different search terms including chemical distributor, chemical supplier, food salt, etc. The bottom line is that the information I learned in the course is working very well, and fast! As soon as the googlebot visited the new website, we began seeing these results.”
Andrew Blazewicza€”, Marketing Specialist, The Kissner Group
“For anyone who has or runs a website, you simply cannot afford to miss this course! The tips and techniques and information you will learn will empower you to change your business and your life! Everything you need to know about internet marketing is presented in a common sense, practical format.”
Robert Gill, I2B Global Web Design
Thanks so much for the great training back in January 2010. I have implemented all that you taught me and I am now ranking high for multiple keywords, which will inevitably lead to a large increase in business. I was a novice 10 months ago but now consider myself an adept internet marketer thanks to you. I look forward to sharing more success in the future.

After doing the standard “Google Dance”, we are now showing # 2 for the keyword “Leadership Training” after my latest round of link building. I expect us to bounce around a bit more, but we should solidify the #1 spot pretty soon. Google analytics is already showing that we had 160 brand new visitors this month from this keyword alone.

I have already added the keyword “Leadership Development” to my target for this page, which gets 8,000 searches a day also. We rank 17 for this keyword already!

Kelly Marsh, Marketing Director for Klemmer & Associates

Your Next Steps

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  • When you are ready to speak with someone directly regarding this amazing opportunity simply call 416-444-7767.
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