New Live Stream Webinar – The 3-Part Bullet Proof Action Plan to Setting Up Your Own Profitable Live Stream Facility 2017-03-16T16:59:55+00:00


  • Live Stream Training on The 3-Part Bullet Proof Action Plan to Set Up Your Own Live Stream Facility!
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  1. The “5-Step Digital Automation Guide to Increasing Enrollment.” How to setup an automated digital registration system that saves countless hours of tedious work while significantly impacting registration numbers.
  2. Think about getting your hands on my “9 Essential Live Stream Presentation Secrets” for increasing online engagement by 85%. Just picture how long it took us to figure that one out?
  3. And finally… you’ll learn about my never before seen “29 Step Guide To Setting Up Your Own Online Live Stream Studio.” From staging, to lighting, to audio, to bandwidth, to Live Stream equipment, to video wall etc.