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2-Day Marketing and Mastery Intensive Course

Suggestology and Brain Dead Offer #1

Many businesses and entrepreneurs are not sure where to put their marketing dollars to work for them. That is precisely the reason this course has been created.

If you’re wondering why certain strategies are working and why others are not then, you’ll want to attend Marketing and Mastery and here’s the reason: Leaders get all the business. Marketing and Mastery is a course in exactly how to create the perception that you are a leader.

No one is going to crown you a leader. You must do it yourself by becoming a great self-promoter. If you were not born a leader that does not matter. Leaders are not born. They are called into action by circumstance and those that rise to the occasion are leaders.

Learning to lead is a matter of changing the way you look at things. Once you shift your perception of what you’re capable of, others around you start to shift theirs.

Marketing and Mastery is a high level learning experience that covers 4 main areas

  • Creating and knowing your ultimate goal
  • Helping others get what they want
  • Zeroing in on what are the most effective 21st century marketing skills
  • Learning once and for all how to sell. (If you can’t sell, you can’t grow a business.)

Here is a brief synopsis of what you will learn

  • How to create “hypnotic copy writing” that enrolls and engages the reader and gets them to take action.
  • How to close your deals at least 50% more often than you do now!
  • How to use email marketing effectively to prospect, communicate and convert.
  • How to use the same presentation templates used by the world’s top presenters to create trust, credibility and respect as a leader.
  • How to use the art of “Suggestology” to communicate with individuals and groups,earning you “leadership” and “expert” status.
  • The 4-step Internet Marketing Plan to help you prospect and convert.
  • How to use social media marketing effectively.
  • How to know exactly what you want in life and in business
  • How to activate your “attractor factor” using the Marketing and Mastery declarations.
  • Introducing the only formula you’ll ever need to create results in your life.
  • … and much much more!

Here’s What Past Participants Had to Say…

“Paul Tobey is a Top Notch trainer. He keeps you engaged and makes the learning fun and very effective. I received way more value than the price paid for the seminar. I’m excited to implement what I learned. Thank you!”
Ronald J. Green, Mannatech Associate at Mannatech
“After the free demonstration alone I updated my website and immediately gained two new clients and received 2 additional business skills. Having spent the two days with Paul in the actual training seminar I am even more clear and prepared to begin using the internet to its full potential.”
Deborah Charman, Direct Sales Prospecting at Alternatives Unlimited Inc.
“In the Marketing and Mastery seminar, Paul provides street smart, practical, proven methods to use social media ad internet marketing techniques to empower small business owners to take a giant leap forward in their marketing & grom their income exponentially”
Georgi Ignatov, Marketing Manager at SMART
“Please know that you have my full trust, as you have demonstrated a level of integrity and commitment that leaves me no less than astonished; thank you for sharing, and being role models. May I be up to the task of passing it on. I would like to offer that I would be willing to attend any of your free seminars, in order to give a testimonial in person, (which I will do more powerfully than the two people who attended the one I was at, a little over a week ago!). See you soon and all the best.”
Michelle Loftus
“I could cry. Not from sadness, but from a place of overwhelming excitement and encouragement. I CAN DO THIS! What I’ve learned these two days has lit a fire under my feet and all I want to do is RUN towards the future, my future, with my true hearts desire as a goal and this knowledge as my path. I feel like the future of my business is secured because I spent two fund days learning with you! Thank You!”
Emily Blackwood, Wellness Consultant (Mannatech)
“OMG! This M&M Seminar is for everyone, no matter what you sell, what your age, or what your company is. It brings ALL the aspects of business marketing & internet into one seminar which I would have gladly paid $10,000 for. Paul’s delivery, knowledge, enthusiasm and caring about all his students gets him a 100%!”
Dwight Havener , Financial Wizard at Dubli
“It was an outstanding presentation! I’ve waited to provide my services on a max scale for a while and didn’t want to lose the personal touch of one-on-one consults. You taught me a new way to provide my service which is much more powerful than before and will increase my hourly rate by 800%!!! Thank You Paul :-)”
Amar Kumar, Effensource Global Service
“Powerful…Meaningful and most certainly profitable learning experience ever! I am excited to execute the amazingly clever information just learned. Thank you for sharing the personal development concepts. You truly make learning fun.”
Debe Spinelli
“I feel so much more prepared to walk into being a new author with a new web page. I will know more what questions to ask and which directions to take. I am thrilled with your seminar and hope to take more. I especially like your style of teaching and you bet I will incorporate this in my own presentations!”
Edna Gallington
“This marketing seminar has been the most concise and useful I have found after studying many books and resources on Internet Marketing.”
Devon Horning
“This was the most functional, practical and enjoyable training I have ever attended. Complex systems made easy. Thanks so much.”
Norm Peckham, (Mannatech)
“Powerful, Beneficial, Valid-info – Great key elements to launch my growth. Great personal connection and participation.”
Noel Fontaine
“Excellent course! Paul pulls many things together that I will be able to implement immediately. It had not only the technical but copywriting and presentation components that are so important for taking my business to the next level!”
Rob Nussbaum
“This seminar exceeded the “Wow!” Factor. The teaching method and content were beyond the pale. I feel really empowered to accelerate my business forward and empower those I work with. Thank you so much. I have no reservations about referring others to this incredible learning experience.”
David Wilkins
“This is the most powerful seminar/workshop I have attended for learning HOW to market effectively. No more trial and error for me! Paul Tobey has the answers that other “experts” have been unable to deliver. Not only is this educational and essential for business – it was fun!”
Ladd McNamara, (Usana Associate)
“Personally knew Internet had a lot to offer – but never knew how to take advantage of the power of the internet. Yes I read stuff on emails from internet – some good, a lot of bad – Thanks for giving me information that is correct and the full scope of the Power of the Internet. I know now what much of internet websites I see how they work when I click on one now.”
Wallace Le Roy Lyster , (Mannatech)
“I enjoyed so much of this class because it not only teaches marketing on the internet, but also skills to communicate with people in a better way – 100% better!! A little bit of personal development, presentation skills and templates and a lot of very useful and validated ways of how to do the internet marketing to attract people.”
“Just being able to practice and experience the material made the course more valuable than other training sessions I’ve gone to. I was able to connect mentally of course, but it jarred loose some of the emotional and spiritual blocks I have so that I can seem a way past them.”
Jeannine Walters
“Thank you for providing crucial information, techniques, strategy skills and online knowledge that will undoubtedly take my business ventures to exponential levels. After 20 years on successful networking businesses, I am learning today confident that I have the tools to be a true Leader in my industries.”
Dottie Heilbut, (Avon Associate)
“Thank you for the information presented to us this weekend. Many concepts (suggestology) were brand new to me – I’d never heard them before. I’m also new to the internet, so there’s a lot I’ve learned. I appreciate the premise of helping others. These courses are priced at a level that is doable to those that want it.”
Barbara Crumb, (Mannatech)
“I know you are very busy; I wanted to write anyway, to thank you so very much. Thank you for being who you are, for showing up the way you do, and most of all, for being willing to give me a chance to learn.. What I learned this past weekend is life-altering; it not only affects my ability to do business, but reaches far more deeply into the personal, as well. After all – ‘how I do anything is how I do everything’! I had many light bulb moments over the weekend. Honestly, I can’t even quantify or put into words the changes that occurred, and will continue to, as these are seeds that have been planted. I can tell you that I am not the same person who turned up there.. Most of all, I have lost (much of !) my fear of doing business, and in addition the idea of how I will do business has evolved substantially. I don’t know how to thank you; there is a way – which is to be successful, and I am delighted to join you in participating in that flow of energy that is positive and creates good in the world and in people’s lives.. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

This Training course is designed for serious people who want to get fast results by demanding a higher level of learning! And we’ve developed this course for the business owner and entrepreneur who doesn’t have a million dollar budget.

Your tuition for 2 complete days is only $1,997.

There are many course dates and locations to choose from. You will be able to select the date and location convenient to you upon checkout. Currently the course is offered in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver with more dates and locations being added all the time.

100% Money Back Guarantee100% Risk Free Guarantee: Marketing and Mastery is Fully Covered Under Our Unconditional, 100% Pay and Play Zero Risk Guarantee. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your training you can request a full refund once your course is completed. Pay and play means you must complete the course before requesting a refund.

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I look forward to working with you, and I wish you great success in your business.

Best regards

Paul Tobey

CEO and Lead Trainer

Training Business Pros

P.S. Try to imagine, a few days after the course when you can put this marketing and mastery information into practice and double, triple… maybe even quadruple your sales!

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