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Attention Business Owners: The #1 Complaint We Hear Over and Over From Business Owners Like You Is; That You Don’t Have Nearly Enough Clients”. That’s Why You Should Ask Yourself This Question…

“How Long Will You Sit Idly By and Let Your Targeted Leads Evaporate When You Could Be Easily Mopping Up An Extra 30% Or More Using the Most Advanced Automated Conversion System Yet?”

“I urge you to take a few minutes, get comfortable, and get prepared to hear this; “The way you’ve always captured and converted leads is in jeopardy of failing, if it hasn’t already failed you. The days of simple selling are over. You absolutely need what it is that I’m about to tell you and you need it as early as yesterday.

But, since I know you likely haven’t heard most of what I’m about to reveal, then you’ll want to keep reading until you’ve not only heard about it but, understand it. Only then can you decide to dismiss it. Warning! Once you know, you won’t be able to dismiss it…it’ll change everything you think you know about marketing.”

Paul Tobey, Training Business Pros

Dear Friend,

It’s shocking but true.

Every day, business owners hire web designers and marketing professionals to manage their online properties. They do this without knowing how Internet Marketing really works and put their faith and trust in people who may or may not know what they’re doing.

I can assure you, in most cases they do not know what they’re doing and worst of all, the business owners don’t know enough about how Internet marketing really works to even question what these so-called professionals are doing.

Crafting marketing campaigns in the online world that deliver real results is an incredibly vital skill – particularly given today’s technologically challenged world. And, finding anyone to rise up and meet that challenge is extremely difficult. There are plenty of web designers, many of whom adapt themselves to their clients’ needs and promote a positive image. But here is the undeniable truth:




I realize that you may believe otherwise, at this moment, but I really want to think about it for a minute. How well did your last e-mail work for you? Were you satisfied with the results? Or did your online marketing system and website that you spent thousands (and in some cases tens of thousands) of dollars on failed to bring you the flood of business that you were hoping for?

And if you didn’t get those customers, who did?

If you’re like far too many business owners these days, it’s likely that the e-mail you sent had very little if any impact at all. Traditional one-size-fits-all emails and subsequent landing pages simply won’t work. The game has changed.

Here’s the problem…

Hire the wrong person or company to do your online marketing and it’s as certain as a raccoon sifting through garbage on a hot summer evening, it will likely underperform and in most cases fail miserably. And that’s just pathetic! Because, money is tight and you cannot see it wasted on strategies that so-called experts, business coaches, web designers and self-proclaimed consultants.

ONLINE PROFIT SECRETS 2-Day hands-on intensive will give you the inside scoop on what you should be doing right-now to squeeze the absolute maximum profits from the least amount of clients. And it will give you concrete step-by-step easy-to-follow directions on how you can build incredibly effective 100% automated landing pages, e-mails, campaigns, sequences and list segmenting strategy that will most certainly wring an extra 30% or more conversions from your sales funnel.

Since you are one of the few people to even make it to this webpage, I want to make one thing abundantly clear; this information has never been covered before in our Marketing and Mastery course or even in our three day advanced Internet Marketing Course.

What are the reasons for this? First of all, this is an extremely involved strategy that requires an advanced understanding and knowledge of Internet marketing. And, secondly, I have held off on this information for at least a year to fully understand it myself so that I am armed with undeniable proof and experienced enough to transmit the information to you quickly, easily and without fluff.

Am I promising that you can do the same? No, not really. While you could do potentially a whole lot better, it will take some careful implementation and an overall penchant for growing your business to the next level. But I would, if I were you, expect significantly better conversion results than you’re getting right now.

Covered in ProgramOnline Profit Secrets3-Day Dynamic Digital Marketing Certification
Keyword Research With Market Samuraired-xgreen-check
Plug Insred-xgreen-check
Anti Spam Plug Insred-xgreen-check
All in One SEOred-xgreen-check
Social Media Monitoringred-xgreen-check
Article Marketingred-xgreen-check
Intro to Clickbankred-xgreen-check
Video Marketing/Camtasiared-xgreen-check
Hypnotic Copywritinggreen-checkred-x
Data Capturegreen-checkred-x
Creating Email Campaignsgreen-checkred-x
Building Sequencesgreen-checkred-x
Double Squeeze Pagesgreen-checkred-x
List cleansing routinegreen-checkred-x
Triple Play on Infusionsoft Lead Capture Page(s)green-checkred-x
Gotowebinar.com integration with Infusionsoft so we can host free live online events to drive traffic to a free in-person eventgreen-checkred-x
Evergreen webinar integration with Infusionsoft so we can
 play pre-recorded webinars to drive traffic to a free in-person event
Conversion and Ascension theatergreen-checkred-x
Lost opportunity & unconverted lead follow up programgreen-checkred-x
Long term nurture programgreen-checkred-x
Fix Your Sales Funnelgreen-checkred-x
Wealth Creation Mindsetgreen-checkred-x


As you can surmise from the above chart, we aim to take your digital marketing to a whole new level. Data Mining is the biggest game-changing opportunity for marketing and sales that exists today and probably one of the highest areas for growth for businesses.

You will learn how to capture an array of insights into customer needs and behaviors all made possible through automation.
Learn how your CRM can be juiced up to poll, segment, score, nurture, sell and convert all through automation.

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