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Did You Know?

Did you know that training your team in digital marketing is now a government priority? Up to $10,000 of any of our digital marketing courses can now be covered by government grant per employee.

The Profitable Sales Funnel Certification is geared at employers who want to take their entire team to the next level so they can better manage their marketing and sales funnels, improve customer touchpoints and grow their business with new Digital Marketing Strategies.

Work with our trainers in a customized training specific to your company’s needs. We put our expertise to work for you and centre the training around the 3 biggest issues in your business.

Bring as many of your smartest team members together, and we will take their skills to the next level. Bring the business intelligence in house in this intensive short-term training with long-term results.

What To Expect

In an almost lab style environment, trainees learn from our CEO Paul Tobey, Canada’s leading digital marketer and trainer, while having Paul’s team of Infusionsoft Certified Partners work alongside students either in person or online to help their learning efforts  with one-on-one attention in the development of their skills and digital marketing tools.

What Having a TBP-Certified Profitable Sales Funnels Team Means for the Employer

Everything your team will learn is designed to help higher sales productivity and efficiency through automation and digital marketing. Your team can expect hands-on learning with certified trainers and expert digital marketers.

Your team can expect hands-on learning working 1-on-1 with certified trainers and expert digital marketers.
Upon completion, your team will be able to design and implement your own tools and websites, create highly effective sales funnels, manage the flow of leads through from initial contact to close, create automated touchpoints to increase conversion, learn the ins and outs of googles search engine to maximize organic traffic, and manage an effective Google PPC portfolio.

No longer will you have to blindly trust third party-providers to manage your campaigns. You can know the questions to ask in order to hold outside contractors accountable.

Attendees Will Learn How To

  • Drive traffic to a landing page
  • Design complex Infusionsoft campaigns and landing pages
  • Mine customer data
  • Set up a customized Customer relationship management software
  • Automate communications
  • Convert cold leads to tangible sales
  • Design beautiful and functional conversion-focused websites

The Training lasts two to three days based upon the absorption rate of the students and size of the group. To allow us to have enough time to work one-on-one and achieve each student’s learning objectives, the more people you have in the training, the more time we typically recommend.

While the goals of each PFS training are unique, there are certain aspect which remain consistent between each. To make the whole process easier to understand, the training is broken up into modules.

To learn more about obtaining your Profitable Sales Funnel Certification call us today at 416-444-7767 or click the apply now button.

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Key Modules For The Profitable Sales Funnel Certification

Uncovering Your Inside Advantage

Understanding the brand and what makes it unique from other companies is essentially in knowing how to market to potential customers, as well as understanding the customer who wants your product. You will learn how to effectively use your Inside Advantage through group and written exercises as well as thought experiments.

From there you will begin to formulate a digital campaign based on the information you uncovered to attract the type of customer that’s best for your product.

Automating Your Sales Pipeline

With the information you learned in the last module, your team will move forward into the design phase of an Infusionsoft Campaign.

You will learn both long term and short term nurture sequences in order to maintain clients for longer.

Together, you will design opt-in sequences, conversion campaigns and fulfillment cycles based on the copywriting and strategy completed in the previous module.

How to Design a Conversion-Based WordPress Website.

Finally comes the final module. By combining what you’ve learned in modules one and two, your team will identify how to create a tangible online resource. You will learn how to build and manage a site designed using what is very possibly the strongest and most customizable website design tool on the market.

You will also learn how to integrate Infusionsoft into your website, opt-in pages, thank-you pages, e-commerce, or whatever your business needs.

Upon completion, your team will have collaborated to  analyze which steps along your company’s personal sales cycle can be automated to bolster 3 key layers of your business:

  • Attract – Drive targeted traffic to conversion pages on your website and capture customer data.

  • Sell – Segment your list to create automated conversions and increase customer buying frequency.

  • Wow – Increase your “stick” with your clients by sending automated follow up sequences.

What’s My Time Investment?

1 – 3 Day Intensive:

Bring your team at our facility, or attend via live stream in a short term intensive to train your staff on the training program listed above (9 hours per day, 9am to 6 pm EST).

Online Training Modules:

Assign your staff specific modules, or allow them to access on their own time over 100 hours of content in 30-60 minute chunks. Topics include traffic generation, lead coversion, system automation and business growth.

Ongoing Training:

Have your team collaborate with our staff to identify “next steps” for the growth of your business and deliver on these goals prior to the examination. Recommended number of hours vary from company to company (5 hours of training included).


TBP will assess how well you grasped the concepts introduced via a practical exam, where we evaluate based on both group and individual success, assessing your new system based on practicality, effectiveness, and clarity of design.


Training Business Pros will Charge $10,000.00 per day, regardless of the number of employees in attendance. This means if you have 2 or 20 employees the price does not change. In our opinion, the more the merrier, as the business intelligence sinks even deeper into your business. Additional ongoing training hours may be extra.