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Before Your 5 Year Tuition Expires Read The Following:

Please read the following as our Returning Graduate policy has been modified as of June 09, 2015.

As part of your 5-year tuition, you are able to re-attend the course that you have graduated from. Please read the following carefully to avoid any charges to your account. Once this form has been submitted you ackowledged that you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions.

Please do not abuse your 5-Year Tuition Privilege, because someone else may be waiting for this same seat.

Please note the following terms and conditions before registering for ANY Course

  • By filling out this form you understand that it does not guarantee you a seat in your desired course. You acknowledge that the TBP team must validate that your 5 year tuition is still active and your account is in good standing before you will be sent your course confirmation.
  • You must attend the entire training from start to finish. Failing to attend the course in completion will result in a daily charge of $150 (no exceptions). This is to prevent abuse of our Returning Graduate policy. When you leave early, miss a day or arrive late, you are interrupting the flow of energy in the training room. Please remember that there are others in the room who wish to enjoy the full experience and your absence will be felt.
  • Once you have completed this agreement to re-attend, you have taken up a seat that we could have sold. Therefore, anyone who fails to attend the training for any reason without a 30-day notice will be automatically charged a fee of $150 per day (no exceptions).
  • Please bring your training book. If you require an updated training book, the cost will be $25. To be paid upon arrival.
  • Training Business Pros reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule a course for any reasons resulting from an Act of God or reason beyond our measurable control. Students will be notified by email and phone.
  • Training Business Pros reserves the right to refuse any student whose account is not in good standing.
  • Your 5-year tuition begins upon the original date of purchase and expires on the 5th year anniversary of your purchase. If you unsure if you qualify for a 5-year tuition, please contact the office at 416-444-PROS (7767).
  • Your 5-year tuition begins upon the original date of purchase and expires on the 5th year anniversary of your purchase. If you unsure if you qualify for a 5-year tuition, please contact the office at 416-444-PROS (7767).

By reserving I also acknowledge that I accept the above noted conditions and agree to receive emails from Training Business Pros or Paul Tobey on business intelligence and seminar updates.

To learn about our email policy please click here.

This 2-day Marketing and Mastery intensive is the digital marketing bootcamp that will help business owners or employees get a handle on what’s currently working in today’s online marketplace. During this 2-day business training intensive we cover organic SEO, UXO, social media, how to create a Brain Dead Offer to build your client list, hypnotic copywriting, writing email copy that sells, creating landing pages and provide you with the many tips and tricks that we have learned through experience to help save you time and money. If you’re looking to get your feet soaked with Training Business Pros, this is the course for you.

This 1-day Lifecycle Marketing intensive is a continuation of Marketing and Mastery and prepares students to jump into the 3-day Dynamic Digital Marketing. With Lifecycle Marketing you are trained to think like a marketer.

  • Re-attend 3-Day Marketing & Mastery 
    Next Date: April 19, 20th, and  21st, 2017 (Wed-Fri), 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Toronto
    In Person | Livestream

This extremely valuable 3-day intensive will take your online marketing the N’th degree. Experience 3 unbelievably powerful days of instruction and hands-on practice. Paul Tobey leaves no stone unturned with this advanced digital marketing training course.  Master content creation across numerous digital mediums. You will be witness to, learn, experience and come away with the highest level of internet marketing skills in North America so that you can squeeze infinite profits from your products and services.

  • Re-attend 3-Day Dynamic Digital Marketing
    Next Date: May 24th, 25th, and 26th, 2017 (Wed – Fri), 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Toronto
    In Person | Livestream

This 3-day public speaking training intensive will help you learn the most important business muscle you can build: the Art of Public Speaking. This will help you explode your sales, dramatically grow your Tribe and help drive the HEART of your leadership to new heights. This is the ideal training for someone who owns a business or works in a business that wants to take on more of a leadership, presentation or sales role. It’s for speakers who want to excel at their craft.

  • Re-attend 3-Day Train The Trainer
    Next Date: TBA, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Toronto

Not sure which course you took? Call our office at 416-444-7767