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We Build Multi-Platform Responsive Websites That Are
100% Ready to Capture & Convert Leads

Our Design Methodology, Marketing Know-How & Digital Automation Wizardry Is Without Equal In Canada

Our Essential 10-Step Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Discovering Your Inside Advantage

Regardless of what many people think, no amount of marketing material can sell your products and services unless you know what it is you’re really selling and what makes you different than your competition. These days, people have choices. Lots of them. So, we don’t build a website until we know what makes you different. That’s why we work together to discover your Inside Advantage, based on the methodology of Bob Bloom. Once we know WHO your high priority customer is, WHAT you do to serve them, HOW you sell your ‘what’ to your ‘who’ and your OWN IT statements, we can then create a website that attracts, sells and wows your prospective clients.

2. The Choose Your Journey Experience

In the vast majority of cases, your site’s homepage will get the lion’s share of free traffic from search engines, social media, direct links etc. Therefore the most effective use of that traffic is to guild in what we call the “choose your journey” experience. Think of your homepage like an ATM machine. You put in your card and the ATM guides you through your journey. e.g. Deposit or Withdrawl? Savings or checking? What would you like to do next?

In order to increase the user experience on your website, we follow pretty much the same meothodology. Our sites attract attention to the most important areas of your site which will have the greatest impact on your marketing and calls to action.

3. Hypnotic Copywriting

It’s not what you say but “how” you say it that matters. Therefore every headline, page content, blog post, video script, bullet points and even ad banners are carefully constructed using our own advanced hypnotic copy writing system. We choose our words carefully so that the majority of our readers are engaged and nudged along to the point where they take action. A site without hypnotic copy writing is like a jumbo jet that’s run out of fuel.

4. Landing Pages That Convert

What is the most effective thing your site could do other than make sales? Capture Leads! And in order to fill your bucket with leads we construct high-converting landing pages that squeeze customer data. In other words, we help your site collect contact information so that you can do 2 things: 1. Save on advertising dollars and 2. Create automated follow up campaigns that convert your leads into sales.

5. Highly Customized Professional Designs

There’s nothing worse than a website that looks like it was built in the 90’s. All our sites not only reflect your company’s colours and brand but they look a feel modern. Therefore, we always build our sites on WordPress using the most up-to-date templates. This gives us incredible flexibility and broad creative license. Your site is not done until you’re 100% happy with it.

6. Keyword Research, SEO & UXO

A website without traffic is equivalent to posting 1,000 flyers in the rain forest. Therefore, we use the latest search engine algorithms to our advantage. It’s not longer just about SEO and keyword phrases but about click through rates, bounce rates, scroll rates etc. While we make every effort to research keyword phrases that get a decent amount of searches yet low competition, we also build in UXO methodology to increase your chances of getting search engine traffic.

7. Video, Video, Video

You should never underestimate the power of video. We use it exclusively to make sales, create leads, engage the reader and more. We have gone to great lengths to create a fully equipped HD video studio. Your website needs video and we’re just the ones to help you create it.

8. CRM Automation

One of the biggest problems we see with companies and the way they handle leads is sloppy, haphazard and non-serious follow up procedures. We will always recommend tightening up your follow up with a system like Infusionsoft. Think about how you could automate your marketing, sales, fulfillment, HR and finance. Then think Infusionsoft. Whether you believe in automation or not, it’s here and it works. Click here for more information on Infusionsoft.

9. eCommerce

Whether you need a complete shopping cart or a simple checkout system we have a ton of experience in eCommerce. Our carts are fully integrated with WordPress and are fairly simple to use. So when you need to add a product, change a price or create a coupon code, we feel that you should be able to do that on your own. We use different software for different situations but if you’re thinking that your job is too complex, think again. We can do it. And if by chance there are things that are slightly outside of our programming capabilities, we’ll bring someone in to deal with it.

10. The Dream Team

Our specialized approach digital marketing is the result of years of experience. Our CEO Paul Tobey is know as “Canada’s Leading Digital Marketing Trainer” and has a powerful reputation for helping thousands of business market there products and services. Paul has built an amazing team of professionals to handle virtually any sized project. On our team we have designers, programmers, marketers, sales professionals, expert copy writers, conversion specialists and even Infusionsoft Certified Partners. Sure, for a long time we just trained on this stuff. But digital marketing has become complicated and therefore we’ve built the team to deal with it.

A Few WordPress Websites We’ve Built

Bluewater Engery

Bluewater Energy

London Bin Rentals

London Bin Rentals

Roma Fuels

Roma Fuels

Vertigoal Business Solutions

Yellow & Green Construction

Eurostar Windows

Your Next Steps

There are a few things you can do now to move the needle on your next website project, please choose from the following options:

  1. Book a 15 min appointment, with one of our small business advisors.  They will help you decide what’s the best course of action and give you an idea of what your return on investment will be.
  2. Call us directly at 416.444.7767.  Our business hours are 9am – 6pm week days.  We answer the phone.
  3. You may qualify for a grant to pay for your website build and training on how to use it.  Click here to watch a quick video and fill out the form to see if you qualify.
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