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Pre Deep Dive Questionnaire – To be completed before
your Profitable Sales Funnel Certification

Before submitting this form, please ensure that you have completed
all the steps and check each box.

Filled out required company information

Gave all required passwords and usernames

Filled out all required information regarding special considerations

Have identified other key aspects of your business that may be relevant

Have identified any streaming/recording/AV requirements and relevant information

Technology Stack Report

I understand and agree to the expectations outlined in the “Setting the Expectation” document attached at the end of the

What Is The Current Domain You Wish To
Have Us Work On?

Please Identify 3 Sites that best represent your style preferences.

Name 3 Sites That You Consider To Be Your Direct Competition:

Describe your Ideal Customer(s)?

 What products/services do they buy from you?

 How did they find you?

 What is their annual sales/income?

 What conferences would your ideal customer attend?

 Here are they located? Male/female? Age demographic?

 What is the average spend of your typical client?

Describe Your Sales Cycle

How long is your typical sales cycle?

Do you upsell? (i.e. renewals, new services, re-occurring commissions, etc)

What is their annual sales/income?

Which product(s) or service(s) generates the most revenue for you?

Which sales funnel do you wish to improve?

What Are Your Current Sources Of Digital Bribes To Build Your List Online?

I offer a newsletter.

I offer a video.

I offer a membership.

I offer a coupon, discount.

I offer a book, ebook, or download

I offer a prize ( …………………………………………………………………………………………..…………………………….…………).

offer an opt-in pop up after so many seconds of a visitor being on my site.

Other: We have all of this available – just need the structure to put it in!

None of the above.

Which one(s) of the above converts the best for you right now?

Once You Have The Lead In Your Bucket, What Normally Happens?

I call within 15 minutes and try to book an appointment

I call within 24 hours and try to book an appointment

I send them to a squeeze page that sells

I have a nurture campaign that sends them value information over a period of time to nurture the conversion process (this needs to be reviewed and improved)

I send them to a video that has high value information

Other: Iemailthem within 24 hours, and usually arrange a meeting with l

None of the above.

Which Best Describes Your Current Sales Model?

I must secure appointments to secure a sale.

I can make a sale over the phone.

I can make a sale online.

I have a Brain Dead Offer #1 that leads the client into a second offer.

Once I make the initial sale, I have the ability to upsell another product or service

I can keep the client as a lifetime buyer through new products and services.

Once I have made the initial sale, there is no further way I can monetize this relationship (no further products or services to offer).

I have to support the client of the initial sale at no further revenue.

I have to support the client of the initial sale and can charge a fee for service.

Please identify the top 3 results from this program that you’d consider to be a success.

Please identify 2 more results you would consider a positive outcome from our build.

I have a team who would be able to manage our system.

I have a team that could be trained to manage our system.

I want to find a team to support me.

I am willing to pay for ongoing support from an external marketing company.

Which Best Describes Your Current Sales Model?


Company Name:

Company URL:

Hosting Account:


WordPress backend(or grant access):

Google Analytics:

Adwords(If you have an acct):

Username Password
Hosting Account
WordPress backend

(or grant access)

Google Analytics

(If you have an acct)

 Social Username Password

Any other relevant passwords we will need access to:

Title Username Password


  Please identify the number of employees [people in total] that will be attending the training:

  Please identify any food allergies of other eating requirements among your attendees:

 Please identify any required special considerations for your staff or yourselves:

  Please identify any transportation requirements (if needed):

Please Provide Full Names and Titles of attendees for Name cards and Certifications:

First Name Last Name Title

Deep Dive Video Production Request Form

(Extra Fees Apply. ORDER NOW)

We offer in-house video production for your marketing needs. Keep in mind a limited time frame for the deep-dive, we would need to dedicate 1.5 hours to film a single video. Additional filming may require 2+ hours to film, and may incur additional,
editing videos**
We would need the time for a production setup, multiple takes, script refinement and wrap up. We may be filming on the second or third day since Day-1 is most intensive and critical.

** additional charges may apply

Please specify the type of video you want to produce:

Please specify the desired length of your video:

Please specify how many people are going to be in the video at a time:

Expectations for filming:

Please provide the highest quality image of your company logo for branding purposes.

Wear solid colors. Avoid patterns and intricate designs on all clothing.

Have a script ready, the script will be edited on scene.

Pre-rehearse your script.

Be well rested and film earlier in the day for energetic camera presence

Provide your own makeup, clothing, etc.

Failure to meet these guidelines may result in a low quality final product or inability to film.

Deep Dive Live-Stream Request Form (Extra Fees Apply. ORDER NOW)

(Extra Fees May Apply)

Please indicate if you have a team participating remotely:


In order to attend via Google Hangouts, please fill out the following:

Please indicate the number of participants (Google Hangouts only):

Please provide the Gmails of all remote participants:

Do you need live-stream recordings?



Please specify the primary contact at the remote location in case technical difficulties:

Phone number