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[overlays src=”” in=”fadeIn” out=”fadeOut” width=”100″ height=”100″ color=”#2A6B21″ opacity=”0.83″ text_position=”overlay_center” animation_speed=”9″ ]London Bin Rentals[/overlays]

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Uncommon Entertainment

Uncommon Entertainment is a collective of professional entertainers who operate a hybrid agency to encourage the booking of Canadian talent in corporate and community events. One of it’s founder’s, Jay saw Paul Tobey, CEO of Training Business Pros speak at a live event. The founder already had built a successful booking agency model and wanted to scale up to be able to host the collective talent on a website.

The artist collective had 3 problems to solve:

  1. They needed to uncover their inside advantage. The WHY people should buy from them instead of the existing talent agencies who compete for the same business.
  2. They needed to discover their BRAND. They had no name for their url, no name for the collective and no idea how the booking process would occur online and streamline to the back-end of their operations.
  3. They needed to get of Excel sheets and start automating some of the communications and booking systems.

The first day, our digital marketing strategist walked them through a 3 hour exercise to discover their “inside advantage”. It came together smoothly. What made people WANT/CHOOSE their specific talents? We finally said it in two words: Uncommon entertainers. What was EXTRA ordinary about these talented group of performers was the very fact that they were UNCOMMON.

It’s not often that a URL will describe:

  1. Promise Benefit
  2. What we do
  3. Brand

Their brand became all 3 things in

We proceeded to design their logo which inspired the rest of the build. Our digital marketing strategist then worked with the team to build out their UXO. We kept this build simple and clean to use. The only thing that matters on this site is for either a visitor to pick up the phone or request a quote. Day 1 & 2 the team had pretty much completed the build. Day 3 was to complete automation and clean up a few tasks. Overall, this agency was built online (from concept to automation) in 3 days. It is one of our team’s favorite projects for many reasons, but mostly because we kept the build clean and simple (and we loved working with Uncommon individuals)

BPF Solutions Group



Case Study Coming Soon




When we were approached by the owners of Hair Xtacy Salons, they had 3 websites promoting their 3 different properties.  The ask was to consolidate all 3 online assets into one and market them all. The issue existed that we had 3 brands: Hair Xtacy, Attivo Salon and the Hair Dressing School Toronto.

In addition to this challenge of dealing with 3 Brands in one Digital Property, we also were asked to integrate Shortcuts Software, which is a dedicated software to the hair salon space which offers online booking, client reviews platform, automated marketing, KPI calculator, remote feature access and gift cards. The most important function was giving them the ability to have customers book their own hair appointments online. In addition to reducing the “no shows” through email automation.

The existing issue with (the main online asset) was that though the website was “pretty”, it was void of call to actions which normally would drip a web visitor into a lead or sale. It has a poor UXO, those frustrating sliders that don’t work on mobile, and if they threw Google adwords at it, it would be a waste of money. It really wasn’t meeting google compliance. Therefore, we had to rethink the entire User Experience on the website WHILE finding a way to promote all 3 of their salon properties.

What we did to consolidate was give the visitor a “Choose Your Journey” option. So within seconds, they could identify with a salon or the hairdressing school. This would drip the visitor into the correct “sales bucket” and then encourage the visitor to take an action “book an appointment’ or “book a consult”.

The re-design was done in 2 days, and was made ready for the Shortcuts Software integration. Everything we did was to get a visitor to book their own appointment in the online calendar or ask about the hair dressing school. Everything was optimized for SEO and UXO, as well as given a “website make-over” to stay on brand in a mobile responsive environment.

On the 3rd day of the 3 Day Deep Dive, we then trained their team how to blog, how to write hypnotic copy, update their wordpress site, create backlinks and maintain their own digital asset. With that said, the site goes live once the team completes the Shortcutz training on their new POS system. Then we schedule a soft launch for the new site. And voila, a smooth integration for the 2 popular hair salons and hairdressing school. Another happy CEO ready to scale up.

Dr. Rouzati | Rejuva MD



Again, Dr. Rouzati already has built a successful practice. This was not a question of attracting new leads and/or sales. Dr. Rouzati’s main concern was to  stay in front of his current clients, improve client nurture, improve the frequency of which he communicated with his current clients and WOW them with more touch points. In short, Dr. Rouzati was well aware that he needed to shine more light on the clients that loved and championed his clinic.  

The old design was pretty, but outdated. We gave his site a more fresh and current look. We integrated Infusionsoft and built out a few campaigns that would trigger automation. This included sending emails on Birthday’s, Mother’s Day and other select holidays.  This also triggered automation after a visit, to make sure the client was very happy with the service. We also set up new client onboarding campaigns, which welcomed the new patient, and made sure that the client felt some extra attention, and was indoctrinated into the eco-system i.e. what to expect, how to prepare, a few Q & A items, etc.

We also built out the Training area of the site, including the shopping cart. This is a 3-Day build.

Authority Site | Totally ADD



Rick and Ava had the best problem any digital marketer can have. They have over 1 Million unique visitors a month, and looking to monetize that traffic a little better. Even a 5% uptick was a significant growth.

It was already well optimized, and ranked well for choice keywords. With a huge following due to their Documentaries on TV, Totally ADD already had some assets in place.  A self diagnostic tool, some items to purchase, documentaries to purchase etc.  

The site store was on a separate URL, not easy to navigate, suffered from design issues, and put some barriers in the way to purchase.

The goal? Increase conversions. How to turn visitors into more sales.

This was no easy task, as the site hosted an enormous volume of content.  We really had to strategize about User Experience and how to increase visitors into sales.  Our CEO, Paul Tobey got personally involved a chief digital marketing strategist to oversee the complexity of this project.

First, we had to upgrade the ecommerce store and look at the shopping cart experience. We had to simplify check out, and find a way to get reduce the pain points of check out, and integrate a one-page checkout feature.  We had to look at the traffic landing on the home page, and find a way to drive them to purposeful Call to Actions to increase opt-ins and store check outs.

We first set our site on navigation.  How to simplify the navigation and make it easy for people to find what they want in under 5 seconds. We incorporated a Choose Your Journey type of  navigation and increased call to actions.  Improving the store/cart and check out process, improving images on products, descriptions, incorporating more videos, etc, we set out to improve User Experience all around.  We kept the  SEO in tact, and through a quality control process, made sure that we improved all areas of UXO.

We installed heatmaps. Dramatically improved their Infusionsoft campaigns and tagging systems, made sure they can track their lead sources, and with all of these new metrics, we can tweak the site on the go.

The original build is 3 days, and we are currently working with the clients to improve content before we go live. Launch Date: end of August 2017

Dr. Horseman | Posture Clinic



Dr. Ian Horseman already had a successful practice. His concern wasn’t so much weighted towards capturing new leads and sales as much as automating some systems and processes that would save his staff time and money.  The issue with most clinics is spending too much time in triage, either on the phone or in person.  In this practice, not all potential patients qualify for his services.  Therefore, automating triage online was a key component to this new build. As clients fill out their online forms, the triage begins.  We want to know if they are insured, what type of help they are seeking and if they qualify.  If they potentially qualify, this helps front desk reduce time in pre-qualifying a potential new patient.  

In this case, we took care of some rebranding issues including giving a facelift to the logo. The site was also optimized for new keywords. The new site is now mobile responsive. We showcase their inside advantage in the first few seconds upon a new visitor landing on their home page. And the site is fully integrated with Infusionsoft.  This was accomplished in a 2 day Deep Dive.

Online Retail | Laglamour Style



This online boutique was a new venture for the owners.  When they hired us it was supposed to be just to help them integrate Infusionsoft. During their Deep Dive, we discovered that the whole ecommerce store was built on antiquated technology normally reserved for enterprise builds (huge builds). This was both uncessary and frustrating for them.

  1. They couldn’t handle the enterprise technology on their own. Meaning everytime they needed to update the store they needed to pay a 3rd party.
  2. Antiquated tech meant the store was very slow, impacting load speed and negatively impacting sales. People would just abandon their carts.

The team couldn’t integrate Infusionsoft forms on the old technology. It wasn’t compatible. We had no choice but to move the entire store into a new platform. The team went into action and rebuilt the entire store, populated the new products, integrated infusionsoft, and gave the ladies a turn key solution they could now take control of on their own without having to pay a 3rd party every time they wanted to update their own store. – all while staying true to their original look and feel.

It was much more work then we had quoted for, but we were pleased to save the day.  Eventually, the girls had enough sales and data to once again update their storefront with a higher converting landing page.

This was originally a 2 Day make-over. After a few months, we went back to the owners with a new wireframe for the home page that we believed would increase sales. The owners used 3rd day with our designers to update their home page that is better suited for online retail. The nice part is that they are in full control off their online property now, and are not being held hostage by third party suppliers with over-complex programming.  Their sales are steadily increasing, and their carving out a niche of female buyers loyal to their brand.

Legal | Millman IP



Millman IP was an already well established law firm specializing in Intellectual Property.  Jay was interested in a site make-over however, was very concerned about his brand. He emphasized that the site could not use salesmanship in the copy.  He wanted to stick with “best practices” of his industry, and really focus on the firm’s quality of services.  

The legal team worked with our team for 2 days. They supervised quality control where they got to select pictures, take charge of the site copy, and work closely with our team to keep the brand in tact.  

We built the site for two audiences. One for Canadian and one for International firms seeking Canadian firms to complete services in Canada and the USA.  The User experience from the visitor’s perspective achieves two separate actions: if they are searching for IP firm outside of the USA, they land in the international zone. If visitors are searching from within Canada and USA, they land in another landing zone.  

We worked closely with Jay until the new logo met his approval.  The new logo then inspired the rest of the design of the site. We didn’t compromise on SEO or UXO.  We made sure the quality of the site met all best build standards.  

The end result, we were able to build the “international” section of the site and get it ready for Adwords. The Canadian site was built with very little “marketing copy” and stayed true to the Millman IP brand.

This was accomplished in a 2 Day Deep Dive (Site to go live anyday)

Yellow Green Construction Inc.



This company wanted a site make-over, some day to day tasks completely automated and full integration with Infusionsoft. When a builder is good, the builder is on a site giving quotes, secretly hoping he’ll have enough time in the office to issue the new quotes to the leads in the sales funnel.  This company is in demand. Time is precious, and bleeding money because they had holes in their sales funnel was no longer an option.  The owner is a systems and processes guy. He knows automation is key to keep an edge over your closest competition.  First thing, is we did a custom “Choose Your Journey” strategy above the fold to segment his audience and get them in the right sales funnel. You’ll notice that we optimized the site for UXO. Site encourages scrolling down. We also built in a Lead to Consult strategy, utilizing Infusionsoft and AppointmentCore.  This was a make-over we did in 2 days. Including building out a sales pipeline.  Once it was built, the client was experiencing hiccups in the system, and wanted his team to have even less interaction with Infusionsoft. Our team went back to the drawing board to figure out how to automate even more, and minimize the actions the team had to interact with.  After two more weeks of programming and testing, testing and more testing, we are proud to say we did it.

Manufacturing | Abbecan Industries



This is a straightforward build. The owner had 3 requests:

  1. Make it responsive
  2. Collect jobs on the site (submit plans for quotes)
  3. Integrate Infusionsoft (automate communication)

We identified their target market, integrated a “choose your journey” for visitors, and we actually optimized it too (not in the request sheet, but we do it for good measure). If you look for “machine shop toronto” and “cnc machine shop toronto” you’ll find Abbecan ranking on the front page! We integrated UXO and raised the site’s quality score getting it ready for Adwords.

The owner now regularly receives quote submissions online.  The traffic to the site has dramatically increased due to the combination of organic and paid traffic.  Another happy client!

Dr.Lise Janelle



As a tribe leader in the personal and professional development industry, Dr Lise Janelle had built a solid reputation in the field of speaking and training.  With a solid team in place, Dr. Janelle wanted us to train her team on digital marketing, infusionsoft and help streamline some systems and processes to deliver her seminars, webinars and training.

In Dr. Lise Janelle’s Deep Dive, we wanted to first update her site to give it a more modern look.  Within her eco-system, a client could choose a variety of seminars, webinars and/or coaching and so it was important to really sort out the user experience and navigation.

The first thing we did was integrate Infusionsoft and Appointmentcore. Two goals:

  1. if someone “opted in” but didn’t purchase, we could circle back and call the person who abandoned anywhere in the purchase cycle.
  2. Just get the visitor to book their own consult (increase lead to triage, hence increase overall sales)

We also wanted to focus on her core offerings and increase the call to action’s on her site.  With the new re-design, the team was now telling the user what they wanted the visitor to do instead of giving them “too many choices” where the result was “I can’t make up my mind”.  More importantly, we knew if we can get the visitor on the phone, the team was highly trained at triage and moving the caller towards the right path “seminar, webinar or coaching” selections.

In all, what the entire goal was to keep the tribe using the site, increase time on page, increase “lead to consults” and increase conversions over all.

The team was then invited on our Trello board and for 3 months, they had 10 hours a month with our team to tweak whatever issues they wanted our attention on.  We worked on Infusionsoft campaigns, more training, helped fix copy on the site, helped with hypnotic copy in emails and did a spring clean up on the entire site.

Dr. Lise Janelle’s business is ever evolving, and the digital marketing on her site will be a continued process.

London Bin Rentals



(This Site was Built by our Deep Dive Team in 1 Day)

The CEO called us to build him a landing page that was designed specifically to convert a lead into a phone call.  Why a phone call? Roofers or constructions crews often need a bin last minute and are not on their mobile phones looking to fill out forms.  So in this case, we chose to increase the incoming calls with a couple of strategies.

The Training Business Pros team decided to integrate the CEO’s already established sales pitch “book today, get it tomorrow”. We built him one landing page and the CEO tested it by buying $500 worth of google adwords.  The page did so well for him that within a week he asked us for an entire website make-over.  We built him a responsive site designed to increase “Lead to Phone Call”. We identified that he had 3 highly targeted customers he wanted to attract and convert.  With this in mind, we wrote specific hypnotic copy that mattered to those 3 groups.

You’ll notice the “choose your journey” strategy which clearly identifies the 3 targeted customers: London Homeowners, London Roofers & London Contractors with the “Call to Action” above the fold (Red button Call).  We also built it for UXO in mind, where the visitor must scroll down for more details. We added the social proof “testimonials”, the “Gold Seal Guarantee” to help garner trust. It was Optimized for google organic rankings where it ranks # 1 for “Waste Removal Bins London” and “Bin rental London”.  RESULTS: Within one week of going live, the CEO had to purchase a new truck to keep up with demand.

Best Body Bootcamp



Roger’s story is not A-typical. He had hired a firm over 1.5 years ago to complete a website make-over with Infusionsoft integration.  It was not yet completed. The agency blamed him for “changing his mind” on scope of project. Roger blamed the Agency for being too slow, and forcing  him to adapt to new technology advances mid-stream.  

Roger had a point.  We offered to mediate between him and the Agency free of charge (as we knew the other Agency).  We offered to sit in to see where their tech team was at with the project, and Roger was happy to complete the project with them if they could deliver on their promises.

In the team meeting with the other Agency, we realized where that Agency had gone wrong. The project manager assigned to Roger’s account had 3rd party out the services to India.  The team in India talked in circles and not even the project manager knew she had a problem. When we identified the team in India was lacking in understanding scope of project and unable to deliver on promises, it came clear that Roger would be waiting another long while for completion of his project.

Roger asked us “how long will it take you?” We said 2 days to build, 30 days for us to tweak and you go live. In fact, that’s how long it actually took. Roger had a tight deadline and wanted to be ahead of the high season of fitness sign-ups (right after the new year). In January, Roger exceeded his previous year sales by 30%.

The really great thing about working with Roger is that he was an already accomplished digital marketer. He knew exactly what he wanted, how he wanted to execute, understood the power of Infusionsoft and Clickfunnels, knew how Adwords should work and already knew how to read his metrics.

We are very proud to showcase Best Body Bootcamp and he would win our “Marketer of the Year” award!

Blue Water Energy



(This Site was Built by our Deep Dive Team in 2 Days, which included the back end sales automation and integration with Infusionsoft)

The CEO faced two challenges: (1) he was currently purchasing leads at $75.00 each which were leads being resold to him and 3 other solar energy suppliers.  (2) He was purchasing leads that lead to a website that didn’t convert.  For the Bluewater marketing make-over, we identified that the goal of the entire site was to drive a “lead to a consult”. With a “Lead to Consult” strategy, in mind, and knowing that the lead had to be “educated” to “choose solar”.  We build them a responsive site that increased both the conversions and the time on page. If leads were getting educated (great content), we could increase the click through rates.

Choosing solar is a large commitment on behalf of a buyer, and it’s nothing that can be achieved with a “buy now” button. So we used a “choose your journey” strategy here.  All inside pages lead to a “qualified close” meaning that the call to action is “do you qualify?”  This proved to be a very good strategy. The data captured on those forms is data that is pushed into Infusionsoft. It allows BlueWater to data-mine and put leads into 2 campaigns. First campaign is pushing the lead to a call-back for a BlueWater representative. The second campaign pushes the lead into long-term nurture.  Even more than that, we built in automation that would automatically communicate with leads even if all the reps were busy.  This stopped the bleeding in case people were shopping around for a solar installer.

The instant communication allowed BlueWater to stay in the game even if they didn’t place an immediate call back. We also built Bluewater two landing pages for his pay-per-click campaigns.  The CEO did A/B testing on both.  With this landing page, he was able to dramatically reduce his lead acquisition from $75/lead down to approx $25.00/lead.

Now the CEO has his executive dashboard where he could see how many leads came in the bucket, how many were contacted, how many have quotes, how many are closed and how many were approved for the grant.  At a single glance, he now sees what’s active in his sales funnel. The CEO was thrilled with the results, and has sent us a few clients since his build.

Maxwell Employment Group



Maxwell is a recruiting company who specializes in the medical industry. Like many companies, they had spent a pretty penny on a new site with another agency just a few months before they came to us.  So, telling them they need a new site wasn’t going to be an option. They were told that the SEO had been done on their site, when in fact, they didn’t even have an SEO plug-in that could facilitate optimization that on their WordPress site.  Hmm..right? We of course added their SEO plug in, did the keyword research, added hypnotic copy that worked well with both the search engine and the end user.  In any case, we went with their original design, and re-jigged it a bit. We introduced 3 Choose your journey buttons above the fold. We incorporated a Call to Action. Everything we did on that site was to encourage the “lead” to book an appointment.  We then customized 2 sales pipelines. One for the clients that hired them as the recruiter and one of the candidates in their roster.   This was a custom build out on Infusionsoft.  It was a huge deal getting 18 thousand contacts out of PC Recruiter into Infusionsoft, which included porting resume’s. We had to tag all candidates with the appropriate role assignments to make their search results compatible. It was a geek out build. Fun though. Next steps for us are to build an API between PC Recruiter and Infusionsoft, so the information could pass through either system.

VBS IT Services



Here is a very real A&B test. Vertigoal had invested in multiple .com’s to cast a wider net on its targeted online audience when they scaled up as a company, this meant they went through a re-branding exercise. They put up a new site to reflect their new brand. Luckily, that new site went under a new url. Which means, they left the old site live. Thank goodness, because it turns out the old site had lots of backlinks and organic traffic.  Moral of the story, they didn’t mess with their “google juice” which had accumulated over time.  With that said, we did a site make-over in 2 days and incorporated an automated sales pipeline using Infusionsoft. Before we launched the  new design we incorporated the SEO/UXO and added key triggers that generated lead to opt-in and lead to appointment.  We made sure that all of their ‘google juice” stayed in tact, and redirected all the backlinks to the new design. We updated their web copy, and kept the navigation very simple: with three options above the fold. The CEO now has a true A/B testing situation. Old site vs. new site. Which is perfect.  Their google analytics should tell them a good story. They are buying traffic to both sites to determine which performs better.

Purely Great



The husband and wife team of Purely Great had a proven online sales model. But as any money making consumer website, they were looking to increase their conversions.

The founders wanted help with a make-over. They already had an excellent web designer, so we worked closely with their team to come up with a strategy.  The goals were:

build a new look and feel to increase UXO

  1. Increase lead capture
  2. Increase conversions.

In keeping with their existing brand, logo and color pallet, the marketing make-over included re-designing their prime real estate and moving buying triggers above the fold. This also included the creation of new “tripwires or buying triggers”, “brain dead offers” and re-designing “bundled offers”.  We moved their “social proof/TV coverage” above the fold, and we placed real client testimonials on the front page.  To improve UXO (user experience optimization), we added more rich content along with some hypnotic copy, ensuring the scroll down rate.

We added the “try before you buy” trigger which leads to a second trip wire page (instead of the thank you page) and offers you a very good deal on 2 of their leading products.  All forms capture lead data and puts the lead into long term nurture. Within days, the lead is shipped a sample. Once this is done, the lead is tagged and then sent a sequence of emails to bring them back to the website to purchase.

This site offers organic and natural niche products that compete against big box pharma stores.  To compete against the big box stores, we focused on telling the story of the family operation at because people buy from people they know and trust.  This along with a purchase guarantee  helped to infuse trust and credibility to the brand.

The WordPress site in integrates with both woo-commerce and Infusionsoft. The TBP deep dive team built out additional campaigns to support long-term nurture to encourage “returning” buyers.

The founders have since expanded their product line and continue to flourish. Infusionsoft was a key element to getting them 100% CASL compliant as well as automated some of the sales processes.

Brown’s Fuels



(This site was Built by our Deep Dive Team in 1 Day, which includes the back end sales automation and integration with Infusionsoft)

The CEO knew his site was very outdated.  More than that, it was clearly lacking the usual opportunities to act as a sales machine.  It lacked lead capture forms, call to actions, conversion mechanisms, and there was zero SEO or UXO. While the old site had served it purpose, it was now like the flyer posted in the rain forest. No one was every going to find it, and if they did, no one was going to read it.

Brown’s Fuels was ready to complete its entire digital marketing make-over.  With a budget set aside to spend money on buying Google ads, they wanted to have sources of lead capture, and more importantly, they wanted to have “stick” on their site.  They wanted a zone where visitors and leads could take an action.

The TBP Deep Dive team built a responsive site.  You’ll notice it’s fresh, bright, and within their corporate brand colors. Here again, we adopted a “choose your journey” strategy. When you scroll down you’ll notice that we built it both for the Google search engines (it’s optimized), but it’s also built to optimize the user experience (UXO).  It only went live Oct 2015 and today (Dec 30th) within 90 days  it ranks # 2 on Google for it’s keyword phrase “fleet refueling services” which is pretty great in this competitive market.  It won’t take long to get them to #1.

#1 fleet refueling

#2 fleet refueling services

#1 onsite heavy equipment

#8 fuel supplier

#1 & 2 for tank refueling Toronto

#3 home heating oil Toronto

#6 &7 furnace oil delivery Toronto

In addition to making the site ready for traffic and conversions, we also integrated Facebook pixels so they can mine that data and re-target on Facebook.  The entire site is built on a WordPress Avada theme, it’s responsive to any device (mobile, tablets, desktops) and is  UXO’d (user experience optimized).  Our on-site photographer, took the picture of the handsome guy in the helmet and it was super-imposed on stock photos.  All of the copy-writing was done on site in one day and approved by the client as it was being developed. The client chose “lead to consult” strategy with with polling questions to help direct the call to the right rep.  Once all of the campaigns were built and the site was ready to launch, we went on premises to train their team on how to best interact with their new sales machine.  The marketing director for Brown’s took our Adwords training and is now running his own ad campaigns.  One more happy client!

Roma Fuels



Roma Fuels wanted had a very old website when they came to us. The biggest win for them would be to attract buyers in the Construction Fleet Refueling and On-Site Delivery Service.  It was a simple build where we incorporated SEO and UXO.  We also incorporated Infusionsoft to help them begin building a list of leads.  We are proud to say that today, their rankings are great.

The client limited our contract to on-site optimization only. Without off site optimization, we did this so well, despite the lack of backlinks,  the site is ranking:

Fleet Refueling Toronto # 1

Wheel to Wheel Fuel Delivery # 2

Generator Tanks Toronto # 1

fuel supplier Toronto # 2

fleet fueling Toronto #2 & 3

card lock fuel Toronto #5

Fleet Refueling: #9

Fleet Fueling # 8

We prepped the site to have a high quality score so the client could reduce their ad spend per click. The client sent their Marketing Manager to our Digital Marketing and Sales Certification Course, which includes a course on PPC advertising. The client is now in charge of their own PPC campaigns.  Would you believe us if we told you that our keyword research, design, hypnotic copywriting, landing pages, infusionsoft integration, email campaigns and UXO was all built in 1 Day? The client had qualified for a grant, and this digital marketing make-over was all his for a fraction of the real cost once the government refunded them 83.3% of their investment!

Higgins Event Rentals



This Site was Built by our Deep Dive Team in 2 Days including the development of their “Inside Advantage”

A family operated business now in its second generation; Higgins Event Rentals is a well established company in Toronto. With a new marketing director on staff, our client wanted to give Higgins a fresh look and integrate it with their new custom CRM and inventory software.

Since we were only in charge of the front end development on this project, TBP decided the CEO and company would be best served if we worked with them and their staff to dig deep into their “Inside Advantage”.  What makes “Higgins” different (different is better then better) then all its competitors?

Their inside advantage, what they are known for, is that this family business has a genuine culture of caring. They do truly care.  So we began to weave their “inside advantage” into all of the hypnotic copy on their pages, incorporated the “care” factor into the headlines the company then began adopting it in their “core values”.

More, we focused on staying true to their elegant brand, and building out the site for easy search and they feature thousands of products.

What was most important to the CEO was the focus on the launch of a new product line “tent rentals”.  We spent a great deal of time getting this page right.

We did keyword research, and did some onsite optimization. Today, Higgins is #2 for “tent rentals Toronto” on google search, only after a few months of launching this brand new page.

The Higgins Goal? To build them something they could handle on their own. Goal met:  we handed over the keys to a different team who integrated the custom CRM and inventory.  Higgins is now in full control of their online property, CRM and inventory. All systems and processes are running seamlessly. Another happy client.




One of the best hidden gems in Canada is an awesome company based in Calgary called Mascots.  They manufacture custom mascot costumes for professional sports teams, colleges and Universities as well as corporate mascots.

When they first went online in the early years of Google, Mascots had a monopoly over the keyword phrase “mascots”. But a very old website with zero maintenance had made the domain name suffer and lose all of its rankings on Google. It was nowhere to be found. The problem is new companies in Canada came into the game and began to own and dominate both organic and paid search, bleeding sales from the “original” established company in Calgary.

We worked with the Mascot team to give it a complete marketing make-over, move them from the Sugar CRM to Infusionsoft, Integrate a shopping cart, and even added animation in the spirit of it’s fun brand.

This was a great project! The owner gave us permission to “have fun” with the site and to take chances.  The design is mobile responsive, friendly, UXO’d, SEO’d, and encourages “lead to consults”. It’s working! Now is back on the rise in the ranks of google finding it’s place on page 1 of google for “corporate mascots”, “college mascots”, and “custom mascot design canada”. We began a modest PPC budget for them to prove the model that this will indeed work for them.

The goal for us was to stop bleeding sales and start attracting the new leads and sales into their onlines sales funnel.
It’ll take some time to get them back to #1 position for “mascots”, on the organic side, but with a great web site and paid search on their side, have marked their territory and are now back in the game!

Dr Michael Irving already had a thriving practice and a stream of referrals, but like many private practices, he didn’t have an online presence.  We just needed to give his vision a name, a face, a brand and a design.  We did some keyword research BEFORE we bought the URL. Satisfied that the keyword phrase “chronic pain” had enough searches per day, and very little competition, we built the site around “Chronic Pain” Centre.  We went to work and designed the site in 2 days, which included the design and implementation of the sales funnel. We kept to the TBP formula of how to drive leads to consult.  The design and Infusionsoft integration was built in 2 days.  Dr. Irving already had a web design subcontractor who was with us during the 2 Day Deep Dive.  Once we did the wire-frame and populated the suggested copy, they took it over from there.   Our CEO is also was a raving fan of Dr. Irving as he helped Paul with his own pain. So, Paul offered him a video testimonial.

IMS Inkspot



IMS Inkspot was a two phase project.  Phase I. Inkspot chose to send their employees to our Digital Marketing & Sales Certification anticipating they would like the digital marketing business intelligence to reside in-house.  Phase II: What we did do, was give their site a slight marketing make-over, with a full infusionsoft integration to support their sales pipeline.  A CRM like Infusionsoft is critical to a company that where they have a high volume of returning customers. So, we automated many of the tasks involved in their sales eco-system. As for the site design, we incorporated a  “choose your journey” selection for ink, printers and printing services. Their team optimized the user experience by adding a search feature that is integrated into their store. We were not asked to optimize this site for SEO, though we anticipated they would do that, so we wrote all of the copy with keyword phrases that we already researched.  We put the call to action about the fold “don’t pay for 30 days” and this seems to build their leads very well.  We did notice that their in-house digital marketer continues to update the site as they test and adapt to how users navigate their site. They are on top of it!

Dance Tribe | Irina Antz

Irina and her husband owned a successful dance company. While the dance company continues to enjoy success, Irena had stumbled, quite by accident, on a new business opportunity.  She was often called upon to design “dance costumes” for theatres and/or dance companies.  While this was originally a work of love, it wasn’t yet on her radar to pursue this as a business. Eventually, she designed “onzie’s for dancers” that were constructed to allow dancers to move freely and absorb sweat.

These onzie’s went viral.  Irena found seamstresses that could work on “made to order” basis.  Irena had also developed a reputation for helping women learn how to walk in heels and correct their posture for success.  As she developed her programs and her products for online purchase, she worked closely with our team to tweak her website and store.

True to her brand, the site has everything she needs to promote and sell to her tribe of dancers! This was a 2-Day build (with shopping cart) and Irena retained our team for an additional 3 months (10 hours a month) as she tweaked her offerings.

Real – Estate | Selling the Sixth

Corbin and Meni’s story is similar to Roger’s. They had suffered some frustration with her previous designer who was not completing the website to her liking or on schedule. The designer had done a really great job with the design – it was very pretty.  The designer clearly lacked digital marketing skills, and really didn’t know much about SEO and/or UXO, however, had real strengths in design.

At first, Corbin and Meni really just wanted us to integrate Infusionsoft and automate some of their campaigns.  By using Infusionsoft, they now had a CRM that could take care of segmenting their clients, and automate responses when they were on the road.

We ended up tweaking their website to integrate UXO.  We integrated the forms and finished the site to Meni’s exact specifications.  We trained their team on Infusionsoft, and helped them get to the precise place they had in mind with their website.

This was a 1 Day Deep Dive with 1 month after service support. They are now off and running and selling Real Estate in Toronto.

Online Retail | Ber Reels

Ben wanted a new online retail property that sold the “Rolex” of fishing reels online.  At the time he said I have 7 reels.  What we didn’t realize, is that the 7 reels had multiple color options and multiple “customizable” options.  We thought it would be a straight 2 day built. It turned out to be anything but.

During the 2 Day Deep Dive we realized what Ben was really asking from us was a store that would have over 40 thousand customizable options!!!! Forget populating a store with 7 products. His vision had been more bold and evolved!

Our team accepted the challenge!  No where online did a store like it in the “reel” industry exist. We looked at other stores in other verticals that could inspire the build.  We found that the cycling industry had similar custom builds, and studied their user experience and navigation.

It was a super complex build, but finally we achieved the “Build Your Own Custom Reel” store! Within months, the store had built a solid reputation with fishing pros and anglers around the globe.  The owner is currently adding to his line and looking at our team to upgrade the store functionality.  It turns out that people spend “hours” in the store building several reels before they check out.  In the midst of building their custom reel, they are usually calling the artist behind the reel looking for even more customization!

This had to be one of the more complex builds we did. We had to stay true to Ben’s “brand”. And given these reels are “legacy items” like a fine watch, we had to really think this one through.  These reels would be taken care of like a “Patek Philippe” and would be handed down from generation to generation.  

Penetrating the marketplace against “chinese” products that are cheap and cheerful wasn’t going to be easy. But Ben did it!  You’ll want to go ahead now, test it out, and go build a reel 

This was initially a 2 day deep dive. But we worked about  3 months getting it to Ben’s spec! His vision was clear and our team had to deliver!

McGuire Financial



Glenn and Marg had two business under their financial services umbrella. One dealt with wealth management and the other with debt refinancing. These are two very different audiences on each end of the spectrum. The goal was to give them both a “home” under the McGuire Financial brand.
The first thing we did was a complete website makeover, with a huge emphasis on converting visitors into leads and sales.
McGuire was ready to combine efforts of both SEO and SEM for the province of Alberta. The result is we grew their leads from 20 a month to 280 leads a month. As Infusionsoft users, they already understood the value of Infusionsoft, we just added more business intelligence to make their funnels explode.
McGuire is deeply committed to it’s digital marketing efforts. Combined with their radio advertising, SEM and SEO, their sales funnel offers steady streams of new leads which convert into 15 minute phone appointments. We tried to automate as much as we could, including the triage of clients done online BEFORE anyone can speak to a financial advisor.
We are very proud of the HUGE wins Mcguire Financial has experienced over the last 12 months of working with our agency.

Callum, the CEO of Core Spray heard our CEO on the Business Pros Radio Hour on Am640. Within a few days, we were building him his new site and integrating his CRM – Infusionsoft.  What our team recognized is that the industry was largely ignoring the digital marketing game. In fact, MOST of the competitors websites he showed us were old, dull, non-responsive, had zero SEO and had ZERO conversion mechanisms. Now, that is what we can a virgin digital vertical!

Recognizing the opportunity, we researched the keyword phrases he could play for, and built the site to capture that organic traffic.  This website is a 2-Day build with some marketing automation. We did it to Google standards to help increase his Quality Score once Callum was ready to buy Google display ads. We added remarketing pixels in the event he wanted to jump into that as well. We produced all of the hypnotic copywriting for each page.
Each page was carefully optimized for specific keyword phrases. We added a blog feature so Callum’s team could post new, fresh and relevant content.  The call to action on the site is “Get a Quote”. Callum wanted downloadable PDF’s so he could send links instead of brochures to his potential clients. This site launched May 18th, 2017. We’ll monitor it for 2 or 3 months to look for new optimization opportunities. We think this site rocks! Same day of being live, Callum reported his suppliers were calling him to tell him how impressed they were. We’ll keep you posted on how much this moved the needle in Core Spray’s branding and sales.