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Here’s What We’ve Done For Some Of Our Clients

We’ve brought new life to many of our clients’ businesses. 

Financial Freedom Journey



We love it when business owners come to us and say “we have tons of traffic and we are not clear on how to monetize it”.  

What a great problem to have!

And the TBP team is the perfect marketing team to address this.

We sat down with Charles Fournier to find out what he really wanted.  Then the team sat down to strategize how to reverse engineer that EXACT desired outcome.

The first thing we did was strategize how to monetize that VERY excellent traffic he had. He had already built an excellent reputation amongst his online followers. Therefore, we did what we do BEST! We built out the sales funnel!

We are very excited about the plans and momentum for this savvy web entrepreneur. Be on the lookout for a Dec 2017 launch! (MORE DETAILS TO COME!)


Oliver Jewellery



While you may not know this, Russell Oliver is probably one of the best marketers in the country. His TV ads, though they seem maverick in style, have generated multi-millions of dollars in sales, and his branding of an eccentric pawn shop owner is recognizable to every household in Canada.

However, Oliver noticed his TV audience shifting to an online audience and wanted to increase his reach across the internet.  Though his online Shopify store did get traction, the team at Oliver felt the online store could be optimized to do better.

Our best in class team at TBP worked it’s magic. We gave the store a facelift, improved UXO, audited and optimized their adwords strategies, advised on Black Friday marketing strategy and BOOM! Sales went UP UP UP! We would love to brag about just how much, but a confidentiality agreement prevents us from sharing numbers.  All we can say, is this was a HUGE win for the popular pawn shop, and are pleased to be able to showcase Oliver Jewellery on our roster of clients.




We are very blessed and fortunate to work with clients like Method 180.  We work with many teams, and their team is truly about EXCELLENCE, therefore our mandate had to meet that core value.

Method 180 is a highly technically evolved company that negotiates software licences on behalf of companies, saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions).  The team serves both medium sized companies and blue chip corporations.

Method 180 sales team is growing, and with it, they needed some back end automation to optimize their sales eco-system.  TBP gave their website a facelift, improved their UXO, made sure they met CASL compliance, Google compliance, optimized their SEO and integrated web forms that served to track lead source.  

TBP helped Method 180 build out their Infusionsoft campaigns to better serve their internal reps.

Their team is already technically inclined and well versed in Infusionsoft, so this was a seamless integration for them.

Basically,TBP helped the Method 180 team be ready for paid search.   They now have their landing pages, UXO, SEO and Infusionsoft integration to help them be first to quote when a lead comes in.

brian persaud



Brian came to us because he was frustrated with the look of his site. He had already invested in another webmaster to bring it to life, and he just didn’t like it.  It was a pain point he had been living with for a little while.  No one likes to invest in something and be disappointed with the look and feel. He took a deep breath and decided to invest in TBP.

Brian came in our office for a DEEP DIVE and participated in the new build in real-time, and was included in the design process. As he could make decisions in real time, he could be an active contributor to the design.

Brian was a true pleasure to work with. A real gentleman in style and business, we wanted to bring that spirit to his new website. One of class, grace and integrity. The TBP team gave his site an entire make-over, included UXO, SEO and email automation with Infusionsoft.  Built on a WordPress site, we integrated a “listings” plug in where it would be easy for the team to update on their own.

Once the site was built, the Persaud team completed the proofreading and spent time meticulously reviewing the site. The TBP team implemented those changes within a week, gave it back to the Persaud team for approval and sign off. The site is fully mobile responsive, 100% on brand, and turn key for this rock star real estate agent in Toronto.

New Haven Mortgages



New Haven Mortgages is evolving in the landscape of alternative lenders. Homeowner are no longer at the mercy of a big bank and therefore, in the competitive field of lenders, New Haven wanted their digital presence to give them a competing edge over their closest competition.

Like many companies, New Haven had numerous URLS and Websites.  Focusing on each of them became a cumbersome task. Our goal was to consolidate two of their websites that received the most traffic, capitalize on that traffic to increase their  leads and sales.

The first thing we had to do is give their site a facelift which included  the consolidation of their two sites into one. Why? Because one of their URLS already had  a lot of power within Google (solid number of backlinks, age and solid content), so we wanted to use that power to move the needle on SEO, UXO, etc.  We added automation, integrated webforms, and reworked content to make it fresh, current and relevant.

We also helped them renew their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages. By doing so, this will help them with compliance issues when it comes to their “paid search” strategy.

This was not an easy project. We had to conduct a lot of research to see which pages had power (on both sites), figure out the consolidation the team wanted, optimize what was working, delete wasn’t working, and clean the entire user experience up.  Several team members with New Haven that had a voice in the project. So, we did this in a 2-Day Deep Dive where each team member could contribute their ideas and wish list.  This helped expedite communication and prevented lengthy back and forths that would normally drive a website project into lengthy production timelines waiting for approvals.  A 2-Day Deep Dive was exactly what this team needed to drive their ideas forward, where every voice was heard and decisions were made.

New Site Launch (estimated Dec 15th, 2017)

Uncommon Entertainers

Uncommon Entertainment is a collective of professional entertainers who operate a hybrid agency to encourage the booking of Canadian talent in corporate and community events. One of it’s founder’s, Jay saw Paul Tobey, CEO of Training Business Pros speak at a live event. The founder already had built a successful booking agency model and wanted to scale up to be able to host the collective talent on a website.

The artist collective had 3 problems to solve:

  1. They needed to uncover their inside advantage. The WHY people should buy from them instead of the existing talent agencies who compete for the same business.
  2. They needed to discover their BRAND. They had no name for their url, no name for the collective and no idea how the booking process would occur online and streamline to the back-end of their operations.
  3. They needed to get of Excel sheets and start automating some of the communications and booking systems.

The first day, our digital marketing strategist walked them through a 3 hour exercise to discover their “inside advantage”. It came together smoothly. What made people WANT/CHOOSE their specific talents? We finally said it in two words: Uncommon entertainers. What was EXTRA ordinary about these talented group of performers was the very fact that they were UNCOMMON.

It’s not often that a URL will describe:

  1. Promise Benefit
  2. What we do
  3. Brand

Their brand became all 3 things in

We proceeded to design their logo which inspired the rest of the build. Our digital marketing strategist then worked with the team to build out their UXO. We kept this build simple and clean to use. The only thing that matters on this site is for either a visitor to pick up the phone or request a quote. Day 1 & 2 the team had pretty much completed the build. Day 3 was to complete automation and clean up a few tasks. Overall, this agency was built online (from concept to automation) in 3 days. It is one of our team’s favorite projects for many reasons, but mostly because we kept the build clean and simple (and we loved working with Uncommon individuals)




When we were approached by the owners of Hair Xtacy Salons, they had 3 websites promoting their 3 different properties.  The ask was to consolidate all 3 online assets into one and market them all. The issue existed that we had 3 brands: Hair Xtacy, Attivo Salon and the Hair Dressing School Toronto.

In addition to this challenge of dealing with 3 Brands in one Digital Property, we also were asked to integrate Shortcuts Software, which is a dedicated software to the hair salon space which offers online booking, client reviews platform, automated marketing, KPI calculator, remote feature access and gift cards. The most important function was giving them the ability to have customers book their own hair appointments online. In addition to reducing the “no shows” through email automation.

The existing issue with (the main online asset) was that though the website was “pretty”, it was void of call to actions which normally would drip a web visitor into a lead or sale. It has a poor UXO, those frustrating sliders that don’t work on mobile, and if they threw Google adwords at it, it would be a waste of money. It really wasn’t meeting google compliance. Therefore, we had to rethink the entire User Experience on the website WHILE finding a way to promote all 3 of their salon properties.

What we did to consolidate was give the visitor a “Choose Your Journey” option. So within seconds, they could identify with a salon or the hairdressing school. This would drip the visitor into the correct “sales bucket” and then encourage the visitor to take an action “book an appointment’ or “book a consult”.

The re-design was done in 2 days, and was made ready for the Shortcuts Software integration. Everything we did was to get a visitor to book their own appointment in the online calendar or ask about the hair dressing school. Everything was optimized for SEO and UXO, as well as given a “website make-over” to stay on brand in a mobile responsive environment.

On the 3rd day of the 3 Day Deep Dive, we then trained their team how to blog, how to write hypnotic copy, update their wordpress site, create backlinks and maintain their own digital asset. With that said, the site goes live once the team completes the Shortcutz training on their new POS system. Then we schedule a soft launch for the new site. And voila, a smooth integration for the 2 popular hair salons and hairdressing school. Another happy CEO ready to scale up.

Rejuva MD



Again, Dr. Rouzati already has built a successful practice. This was not a question of attracting new leads and/or sales. Dr. Rouzati’s main concern was to  stay in front of his current clients, improve client nurture, improve the frequency of which he communicated with his current clients and WOW them with more touch points. In short, Dr. Rouzati was well aware that he needed to shine more light on the clients that loved and championed his clinic.  

The old design was pretty, but outdated. We gave his site a more fresh and current look. We integrated Infusionsoft and built out a few campaigns that would trigger automation. This included sending emails on Birthday’s, Mother’s Day and other select holidays.  This also triggered automation after a visit, to make sure the client was very happy with the service. We also set up new client onboarding campaigns, which welcomed the new patient, and made sure that the client felt some extra attention, and was indoctrinated into the eco-system i.e. what to expect, how to prepare, a few Q & A items, etc.

We also built out the Training area of the site, including the shopping cart. This is a 3-Day build.

Authority Site | Totally ADD



Rick and Ava had the best problem any digital marketer can have. They have over 1 Million unique visitors a month, and looking to monetize that traffic a little better. Even a 5% uptick was a significant growth.

It was already well optimized, and ranked well for choice keywords. With a huge following due to their Documentaries on TV, Totally ADD already had some assets in place.  A self diagnostic tool, some items to purchase, documentaries to purchase etc.  

The site store was on a separate URL, not easy to navigate, suffered from design issues, and put some barriers in the way to purchase.

The goal? Increase conversions. How to turn visitors into more sales.

This was no easy task, as the site hosted an enormous volume of content.  We really had to strategize about User Experience and how to increase visitors into sales.  Our CEO, Paul Tobey got personally involved a chief digital marketing strategist to oversee the complexity of this project.

First, we had to upgrade the ecommerce store and look at the shopping cart experience. We had to simplify check out, and find a way to get reduce the pain points of check out, and integrate a one-page checkout feature.  We had to look at the traffic landing on the home page, and find a way to drive them to purposeful Call to Actions to increase opt-ins and store check outs.

We first set our site on navigation.  How to simplify the navigation and make it easy for people to find what they want in under 5 seconds. We incorporated a Choose Your Journey type of  navigation and increased call to actions.  Improving the store/cart and check out process, improving images on products, descriptions, incorporating more videos, etc, we set out to improve User Experience all around.  We kept the  SEO in tact, and through a quality control process, made sure that we improved all areas of UXO.

We installed heatmaps. Dramatically improved their Infusionsoft campaigns and tagging systems, made sure they can track their lead sources, and with all of these new metrics, we can tweak the site on the go.

The original build is 3 days, and we are currently working with the clients to improve content before we go live. Launch Date: end of August 2017

Dr. Horseman | Posture Clinic



Dr. Ian Horseman already had a successful practice. His concern wasn’t so much weighted towards capturing new leads and sales as much as automating some systems and processes that would save his staff time and money.  The issue with most clinics is spending too much time in triage, either on the phone or in person.  In this practice, not all potential patients qualify for his services.  Therefore, automating triage online was a key component to this new build. As clients fill out their online forms, the triage begins.  We want to know if they are insured, what type of help they are seeking and if they qualify.  If they potentially qualify, this helps front desk reduce time in pre-qualifying a potential new patient.  

In this case, we took care of some rebranding issues including giving a facelift to the logo. The site was also optimized for new keywords. The new site is now mobile responsive. We showcase their inside advantage in the first few seconds upon a new visitor landing on their home page. And the site is fully integrated with Infusionsoft.  This was accomplished in a 2 day Deep Dive.