Why Paul Tobey Ranks Among the Best Motivational Speakers In the World

Best Motivational Speakers

For the past several years, speaker, author & business leader Paul Tobey has shared the stage with the world’s best motivational speakers & thought leadership gurus including:  Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Brian Tracy, Lisa Nichols, Sandra Yancey, Brian Klemmer, Rob Riopel, Jay Baer, Clate Mask & a host of others.

So, why is it that some people are not that familiar with him?  Because, while he ranks among the world’s best motivational speakers, he spends most of his time building a thriving Digital Marketing Agency and Training Company.  And that’s a good thing for your event because he doesn’t just talk about success, he is actually super successful in his own business.

Paul’s subject matter for his keynotes, breakout sessions and training is diverse, as he is knowledgeable and experienced in a great many areas.  His presentations are always engaging because he uses an advanced form of NLP and Suggestology; the subject of his best-selling book “Suggestology.” What does that mean?  People actually have fun and actually learn real-world skills.

How Paul Connects With Audiences the World Over

Paul Tobey is an expert digital marketing trainer, best-selling author, thought leader, online marketer, engaging Speaker, Infusionsoft Award Winning Certified Partner  and CEO of Training Business Pros, one of Canada’s leading digital marketing training and implementation companies. He has appeared on countless stages and interviews across North America.

But as much as he’s accomplished since launching Training Business Pros back in 2007, it took a devastating defeat from the music industry and several years of debt ridden hardship to cultivate a new more fruitful path. You see, for more than 20 years Paul Tobey was a professional jazz pianist. But while he had gained accolades the world over for his inventive style of performance, after touring 16 countries, releasing 8 albums and even being nominated for a Juno award, his recording contract with the American based label Arkadia records disintegrated in the aftermath of 9/11.

The sustained financial loss caused him to retreat to his hometown of Brantford Ontario where he began the formidable task of rebuilding a future for himself and his family. And what started out as a few well-chosen books by thought leaders such as Paulo Coelho, James Redfield and T. Harv Eker, led Paul to attend seminars, conferences and training sessions.

As his knowledge grew, so did his willingness to take risks.  And one day, in an effort to truly know once-and-for-all his purpose and mission in life, he signed up to walk 900 kms across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago, a journey that taught him patience, perseverance, self-discipline and most of all accountability. Armed with the knowledge of a thousand years of human history, Paul returned to Canada and continued to invest in himself with business leaders such as; Brian Klemmer, Tony Robbins, Larry Gilman, Kevin Wilke and T Harv Eker.

After launching Training Business Pros in the fall of 2007, Paul quickly gained a reputation for being a formidable speaker and thought leader in the digital marketing space.  Undeterred by the .dot com bust he invested huge time and what money he could scrape together in marketing sheet music, piano lessons and eventually online marketing strategies. Since then Paul has shared the stage with countless world-class speakers like: Gary Vaynerchuck, Brian Tracy,  Sandra Yancey, Robert Riopel, Marshawn Evans, Lisa Nichols, Jay Baer, Mitch Joel and countless others.

He’s been featured and interviewed on CTV, CBC, 680 News, City TV, Japan Times, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Montreal Gazette to name just a few.

What’s Paul Tobey Up To These Days?

Paul continues to evolve his business with a new fully-equipped Livestream HD studio, On Demand Video Membership Library and a highly trained team of digital experts who build complex marketing and sales funnels for established businesses.

His CRM of choice is Infusionsoft and when you experience any of his highly motivational and informational presentations, you will learn just exactly what level of marketing master he is and why he ranks among the best motivational speakers in the world.

Paul was just awarded the coveted “5 Tools” award by Infusionsoft for 2016. This award was handed out at the Champions Club 2016 event in Hawaii.

Here’s An Example Of Paul’s Speaking Style

“RE: Paul Tobey, Training Business Pros Keynote Speaker at the SOHO|SME Expo

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Paul Tobey of Training Business Pros as an outstanding speaker and truly an expert in his field.

We were extremely happy with our decision to have Paul as part of our lineup of keynote presenters at the SOHO|SME Expo events in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa in 2010. Paul’s sessions in all our city events were extremely popular and well attended with standing room only.

We received excellent feedback from attendees. He was described as being professional, enthusiastic, dynamic, passionate and well prepared. Paul has the ability to engage the audience by making the experience very interactive and he ensures that each person is able to walk away with something of great value that they can apply in their business or personally.

I would recommend Paul to any organization as a speaker and we look forward to having him back in the future. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 604-929-8250 extension 250 if you have any questions.”

Moe Somani, President, SOHO.ca
“I attended The Ultimate Wealth Weekend with Paul Tobey late last year. I was amazed at the incredible energy in the room from all of the participants and students who like me, were on a journey of exploring our true potential in our careers and in our day to day lives.

These sessions had a tremendously positive impact on me. A proverbial door opened in my mind that I couldn’t ignore. A very short time after attending Ultimate Wealth Weekend (a few months) I began seeking and attracting new opportunities that were specifically aligned with my values and aspirations and which gave me the best opportunity for growth. I’m thrilled for this next chapter and am grateful to have participated in UWW with Paul and the other fantastic presenters.”

Ariel Fromstein, Hays Recruiting

Download Paul’s One-Sheet

What is a one-sheet?  It is an all-in-one downloadable PDF of pertinent information relating to Paul Tobey as a speaker.  It contains a bio, speaking topics, contact information, photo and more.  Perfect for anyone who needs to decide which speaker to hire and they need some printable material to pass around.

Topics Paul has Presented in 2017

  • 3 Surprising Content Marketing Trends That Will Make A Difference in Your 2018
  • What Happened To My Google Rankings?
  • What More Qualified Leads From Your Website? Fix These 5 Home Page, 6 Blog and 4 Landing Page Mistakes
  • Your Inside Advantage – How To Scale-up On Purpose Rather Than By Default

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Speaking Rates

Type of Presentation Length of Presentation Rate USD
Business Keynote, Motivational Presentation or Inspirational Presentation 1 or 2 hours $10,000
1/2 Day Business or Marketing Training Max 4 hours $12,000
Full Day Business or Marketing Training Max 8 hours $15,000
Special: Buy 500 of Paul’s Books at $25 @ and Paul’s Presentation Is Included At No Additional Cost 1 or 2 hours $12,500

How To Book Paul As a Speaker

Paul’s speaking engagements are handled by Jason Nguyen.

Address: 25 Lesmill Rd. Unit-D, Toronto, ON M3B 2T3
Contact Phone: 416-444-7767
Email: [email protected]

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