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There seems to be a ship load of “to good to be true” digital marketing gimmicks and “get rich quick” schemes to make anyone’s head spin.

As someone who has built a thriving business through dedicated focus and discipline, I sometimes wonder if there are any shortcuts.  I’m sure there are.  But which ones are real and which ones are simply scams?

I usually take about a half hour at the beginning of my day to catch up on my social media conversations and today I came across a company who for a small fee will buy you Facebook Likes.  The company’s name is USA FAN LIKES.

At a glance the site is pretty slick and they themselves have over 130,000 Facebook likes.  That’s some pretty decent proof if I’ve ever seen it.  Then, upon further exploration, I learned that all I have to do is write an article about their service and they will in turn send me 1,000 Facebook likes.

Seems pretty reasonable. So, let’s put it to the test.

But, I sometimes wonder about the value of 1,000 Facebook likes.  What does that get you anyway? Does anyone really know for sure?

Based on mostly experience and some learning programs that I’ve participated in, I can pretty much narrow down the value to the following items.

  1. Credibility – Yes, it’s obvious that the more likes you have, the more credible you look.
  2. Traffic – A like from an individual will allow you to get short term traffic but if you do not stay engaged with that person it won’t last.  And, you can’t stay engaged with everyone, can you?
  3. SEO – How much do Facebook likes play into “social media edge rank?”  Can more likes cause your web site to increase in Google search ranking?  Yes.  But, by how much.  So, that’s the biggest test I’m going to do.

Currently on Google.ca and Google.com Canada, our website is #1 for the keyword “business training.”  That’s a big win for us yes, but not nearly as big a win as being #1 on Google.com for searches from within the USA.

Unfortunately because we are mostly a Canadian company we are ranking between 8 and 11 on most google.com USA searches, depending on where you are searching from and what the local and national competition is.

Not bad, but not great.

So, let’s put USA FAN LIKES to the test. How long will it take for us to get  our promised 1,000 Facebook likes and will that affect our Google.com USA search rankings.  This is a pretty obvious test and fairly easy to measure.

I look forward to sharing the results with you.

Paul Tobey


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Paul Tobey is the CEO of Training Business Pros and Lead Trainer as Canada’s Top Digital Marketing and Sales Trainer. Training Business Pros helps established business pros adopt proven digital marketing processes. The company has trained over 50,000 business owners across Canada and the USA, to a high degree of positive outcome, with some of his clients recognizing Paul as their catalyst to helping them earn millions.


  1. Okay, here’s my results… Don’t do it! We found that while the 1,000 likes might look good at the top of your web pages, it actually does the opposite in terms of engagement. We noticed a significant decline in the amount of engagement after the likes were added. And, I mean by at least 75%. Big mistake on our part. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone. I’m a big boy so I can take it, but if I were you, I’d take a pass on this whole facebook like thing.

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