Paul Tobey’s Interview on the 680 News Weekend Business Report

680 News Business Report

How the government pays for your digital marketing solutions.

The following is a transcription of a radio interview on the number one radio station in Canada 680 News. It was conducted by Jackie Rosen and the interviewee is Paul Tobey, CEO of Training Business Pros. The interview was aired multiple times on AM680 during the 680 News Weekend Business Report at 26 min and 56 min past each hour on the weekend of May 9 and 10, 2015.

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The following is a complete transcription of the interview.

“And coming up in business a Toronto-based company is teaching digital marketing skills to individuals and companies to help them thrive in today’s world. And the cost is minimal thanks to a government grant. I’m Jackie Rosen.”

“In our quickly changing digital landscape the need to get a leg up on the competition is stronger than ever. Based in North York Training Business Pros offers skills training focused on online digital marketing. Paul Tobey is the company’s CEO.” Says Jackie Rosen

Tobey replies, “Training Business Pros helps establish businesses adopt proven digital marketing solutions. That means solutions anywhere from lead capture online through conversion. And we use a very advanced automated conversion system and that’s what we help our clients either a: implement or b: learn how to do for themselves and sometimes both.”

Jackie Rosen, “And those who submit applications to join one of its programs can be reimbursed for most of the fee all because of a deal between the federal and provincial government.”

“The government has released approximately a few hundred million dollars a year over the next six years totaling well over $1 billion. This applies to employees, if the company has at least one employee, they qualify. And that person can get up to $10,000 to train in any program they like. A lot of the people that train with us are really focused on the new economy and digital marketing.” Replies Tobey

Rosen comments, “And the need for employees with the skills is so strong that there is a greater demand than supply. Tobey says his past clients have come from various career fields.”

Tobey says, “There are staffing services, we’ve had companies that provide cleaning services, we’ve had trainers coaches, we’ve had other training companies come in and take our courses. The goal here is; if somebody goes online and they have a need, we want to get you found. We want to make sure that once you are found, you have the ability to automatically communicate with the client and make sure that they have the information in a timely manner so that they can make a very informed decision about what ever product or service you have.”

“For more information on the program you can visit

“I’m Jackie Rosen, weekend business continues at 26 and 56 or any time at 680”

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Paul Tobey is the CEO of Training Business Pros and Lead Trainer as Canada’s Top Digital Marketing and Sales Trainer. Training Business Pros helps established business pros adopt proven digital marketing processes. The company has trained over 50,000 business owners across Canada and the USA, to a high degree of positive outcome, with some of his clients recognizing Paul as their catalyst to helping them earn millions.

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