The Answer to Backlinks is Anchor Text – Didn’t You Know?

Anchor TextThe number one way to create very powerful back links to your website is through something we call anchor text. While you may not be familiar with that yet by the time you’re done this article your knowledge and understanding of anchor text will literally change the game between you being found on Google and languishing in no man’s land.

It’s a very simple system to understand but essentially how it works is this; Google likes to know before it follows a link what it will find when it reaches its destination. So essentially what you do is you anchor down your hyperlinks with the actual keyword phrase. That tells Google what went if the pain before it follows the link.

Three things that you absolutely need to know about anchor text are contained in this article my highest recommendation is you take the to to to a half minutes of your valuable time:

  1. when creating back links to your website this type of link is worth 10 times more than any regular HTTP link. The reason for that is is because it does contain the keyword phrase which tells Google what to anticipate before it follows the link.
  2. Anchor text is as simple as knowing the HTML called to create the anchor text. The more anchor text links that you have on a specific subject plastered throughout the Internet which lead back to a specific page on your website the higher that page will rank for the keyword phrase that is in the anchor text code.
  3. You’re probably wondering by this time why I haven’t just given you the code. The reason for that is you need to know what it does before learning how to do it that way you’ll have enough motivation to actually create anchor text on your own and begin the back linking process to your website which is way more powerful than what most people would do.

So, here is the anchor text code<a href=””>business training</a>. That my friends is the key to search engine optimization. The more of these types of things that you have the higher you will rank. If you want to analyze it essentially it looks like this the first part of the code tells Google what the destination webpage is, in the second part of the code tells Google the keyword phrase to anticipate before it reaches that destination.


In the end, it’s your choice. However, my recommendation is that every link that you build from this point forward to your webpages uses the keyword phrase and anchor text. For more information please visit our Internet marketing training program.

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