Keys to the Best WordPress Websites

If you’re looking to create the absolute best effect and have the best WordPress website online here are some keys to follow in order to generate traffic and convert sales.

This should really only take you about 5 min. per blog post and here are the essential steps;

  1. The very first thing you should do is research your keyword phrase so that you are not creating blog post that will never be found. The best way to do online keyword research is to use a product called Market Samurai.
  2. The next thing you need to do is fill in the title of the blog post this is essentially your H1 tag. This is very important to Google. Google wants to know that you are telling your audience that you want to attract the same traffic as the same topic you are trying to promote. I realize that may not make complete sense but I don’t have time to edit it right now.
  3. Your content should contain at least 400 words because Google ranks websites that have good content. Inside your 400 keywords you need to have a certain percentage keyword density. However, I’m not can you tell you exactly what that is I want you to come to one of my courses and find out for yourself.
  4. Once you’re finished your content, make sure that your keyword phrase appears at least several times then you skip to the bottom and use the All In One SEO pack to include your title, description and keywords.
  5. And finally you skip to the top of the page and make sure that the actual webpage name which is the URL reflects the exact keyword phrase. In WordPress this is called Permalinks.
  6. Once you are done creating your blog post stick it in the right category publish it and then promote it.

In our next blog post we will discuss the promotion idea and what that means to get your blog post out onto the Internet using social media get people to read it and get them to comment on it.

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