Canada Ontario Job Grant – 5 Really Easy Ways That Your Business Can Access Government Funding

The Canadian Government is starved for businesses to give away over a billion dollars in training money.  This article will help you understand more about the grant, who qualifies and how you can get help immediately.

Before you get started however, if you can’t wait and want to find out right away if your business qualifies for up to $10,000 per employee then I encourage you to go to this webpage.

Canada Ontario Job Grant
Canada Ontario Job Grant


Every single year you and I have to pay taxes…

Well at least I think you do. It’s a really good idea to pay taxes for a number of reasons: not the least of which is all the services that we get back from our government that make our lives better. Some really obvious examples are; universal health care, roads and other public services, our education system and a whole bunch of other stuff we’d really rather not think about or get billed for.

If you don’t like paying taxes, or you think you pay too much taxes try to think about it this way; a friend of mine, actually my own personal accountant told me that the amount of taxes that you pay is a pretty good indicator of how much money you make. So the more taxes you pay, the more money you make. So if you’re worried about the amount of taxes you pay ,then just go ahead and make more money! If you’re not paying any taxes than that’s a pretty good indicator that you’re not making much money. We all have to do our part and as they say: the only two certainties in life are death and taxes.

I think it’s a really good idea from time to time to start thinking about other places that you can get some of your tax dollars back, or to put them to work for you. I mean wouldn’t it be nice to access money that can really help you?

That’s why I think the new Canada Ontario Job Grant is a fantastic program. Over the next six years there will be $192 million dollars dispersed through this fund to businesses to help increase the skills of the Canadian workforce. It’s a pretty simple concept really: if you want to earn more, then learn more. Especially in today’s data-driven, technology-based world, if your company wants to thrive then it’s not a good idea to bury your head in the sand and let the world of information and technology pass you by.

Are you still with me? I’ll get to the 5 ways to spend your share of a billion dollars in a moment….

My own company has received thousands of dollars from this fund to train our team on everything from first aid to leadership training. All you have to do is get a little creative and start thinking about the things that you, as the business owner or as the employee, could learn to increase productivity, save on your bottom line, build a highly skilled workforce or anything else that you can think of to make your company stronger. Those that continue the learning process will continue to thrive, those that do not will whither and die.

If you are not familiar with the Canada Ontario job grant and you do not know where to start or if you’re simply looking for more information, here are the top 5 places in Ontario that I’ve chosen to help you get started or simply to answer all your questions. It’s really nice to get a little help isn’t it?

Here are the TOP 5 Places in Ontario to help you spend your share of a billion dollars.

#5. The YMCA of Greater Toronto

The YMCA of Greater Toronto
The YMCA of Greater Toronto

For as long as I can remember the YMCA has been providing individuals and families incredible resources to learn how to swim, discover the outdoors, educate us on lifestyle issues and a whole range of other services that have enriched our lives. I myself first learned to swim at the YMCA in Brantford Ontario and my own son attended day camps in the summertime.

But did you also know that the YMCA administers several federal provincial and municipal funded programs. It works with a range of national organizations and gives a wide variety of government-funded employment and community services.

It is also a service provider for the Canada Ontario Job Grant. And it works directly with the Ministry Of Ontario’s Training Colleges and Universities. The YMCA’s mandate is to act as a go-between for you to apply for, and get approved for your share of the grant.

Our company Training Business Pros has worked directly with the YMCA to approve dozens of applications. They are simply a phone call away and are seriously committed to getting training funds directly into the hands of companies who need it.

#4. Springboard


Springboard is a registered charitable organization that helps the community in multiple ways to improve quality of life. It helps people develop skills they need to connect to their communities, find new opportunity, overcome roadblocks and even just to get inspired to reach full potential.

It provides services free of charge in areas of employment, justice, development services and community learning. And just like the YMCA it acts as a service provider for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant.

As their website says, they connect people to possibilities and they’ve been doing it for over 40 years. How many organizations do you know that have lasted for over four years? They must be doing something right.

#3. JVS

JVS Toronto
JVS Toronto

JVS is another nonprofit organization in Toronto who provides career and employment services for job seekers and employers. They’ve been doing it for over 65 years and last year helped over 21,000 people. If you ask me that’s a lot of people.

They have nine  locations in Ontario to serve you. They also provide customized services for career planning, counseling and do evaluations and assessments for children and adults. They also act as a service provider for the Canada Ontario Job Grant. They have a long list of partners and sponsors who provide funding to their organization to keep it running smoothly. Some of their sponsors include Scotia Bank, TD Canada Trust, KPMG, Bank of Montréal and a host of other donators.

#2. The Center For Education And Training


The Centre for Education and Training
The Centre for Education and Training

The Center For Education And Training or TCET has a solid track record of working with volunteer organizations and just flat out supporting the community. They work with organizations such as the Canadian Red Cross, Sick Kids Foundation, Daily Bread Food Bank and The CIBC Run For The Cure.

And according to their website they also assist employers with their Canada Ontario Job Grant applications.

#1. Mentorworks


Mentorworks is an independently owned and operated company in Toronto that provides seminars and information for a multitude of government grants. They have a proven track record of helping companies and individuals apply for and get approved for millions of dollars in government funding. When you check out their website, you’d be surprised at how many grants there actually are out there. Mentorworks helps show you how you can access some of that money.

We recently held a seminar in our offices for businesses who want to learn about all the different ways that they can access government funding to help grow their businesses. This of course includes the Canada Ontario Job Grant. They are experts in the application process and will guide you through every facet of your application and help you qualify.

Some of the applications for the various grant programs are extremely long and very few companies want to take the time to do it that’s where Mentorworks comes in. They put in applications on a daily basis for dozens of companies and truly know their stuff. If you are looking for a one-stop shop to learn about funding programs and how you can get some of your own tax dollars working for you I would suggest stopping by their website to see the many things that they do.


While it’s a good idea to check out all of the above five resources there is another way which is just as easy. You can talk to us. We at Training Business Pros are also experts in getting your application completed and approved for the Canada Ontario Job Grant.

We have administered hundreds of thousands of dollars of the job grant fund and have a 100% success rate to date for getting companies approved. The real reason why you might want to work with us directly is that we are extremely motivated to help you succeed in your business.

We not only help you get funding but we do the highest level of skills training in the entire country. Think about it this way: if your business needs to increase the skills of its workforce or you as the company owner need to increase your own skills then you’re probably looking for the highest quality training possible.

But you’re also probably thinking about the amount of time that it takes to send your employees for training or to take the training yourself. That’s why we are very good at what we do. Using advanced and accelerated learning methods our  goal is to get you in for two or three days at a time so that it does not interfere with your work schedule. I mean really are you going to send your employees back to college or university? Probably not. You would probably expect your employees to have attended those institutions before coming to you.

Are colleges and universities really the best place to get training?

But let’s be quite frank: do our colleges and universities provide your employees with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills to compete in today’s information-based economy? Maybe. But what you can be assured of is that our company, Training Business Pros, never rests on what worked yesterday. We are constantly upgrading our own skills in areas such as advanced digital marketing, marketing automation, sales skills, presentation skills, leadership growth and a host of others.

LinkedIn Testimonials
Canada Job Grant LinkedIn Testimonials

One thing that clearly sets us apart as a training institution versus most colleges, universities and other training companies. We do not teach based on things we learn. We first implement, get measurable results and then teach our systems, processes and solutions to you. We don’t teach from textbooks and we don’t do case studies unless it is directly related to creating measurable and proven results. For example: our Digital Marketing and Sales Certification Course is easily the highest caliber of digital marketing training in the entire country of Canada. Why is that? Because we practice what we teach.

The Digital Marketing and Sales Certification Course is a 96 hour program over the course of six-months that will help you learn the four key areas of digital marketing that are currently working wonders for the businesses who employ these tactics. Those four areas are: massive targeted traffic generation, traffic to lead conversion mechanisms, lead to consult or leads to close automation, and the smartest most effective content delivery systems available.

Does your company need more sales?

Then might I suggest you contact us as soon as possible and find out how we can train you or your employees to meet the demands of today’s highly competitive business environment. And the good part is: we’ll get you the funding to pay for it.

Need More Resources?

To see if your business qualifies for up to $10,000 per employee in training grants please click this link.





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