How to Get the Best Cost Per Click Rates

cost per click ratesMost people know me as an SEO guy. And of course I still am. In fact I’ve believed for a long time and still believe that on a cost per click rates basis; Google SEO is one of the, if not the best strategy going.

It’s a long-term strategy for sure, and of course it takes time. You need to learn the secrets and you have to implement them consistently.

However, most people these days look for the quick fix. They want to know what is the quickest way to get from where they are to where they want to get. And, if that means getting more traffic to your website people often fall for the pay per click method and without knowing much about it start spending sometimes in the hundreds, and sometimes in the thousands of dollars.

You can run out of money really quickly without knowing what you’re doing. Did you know that Google often the signs account reps that can help you? this is a good way of understanding and getting into Google PPC. However, on a cost per rates basis; this is not your best strategy.

What about Facebook? Is Facebook PPC the answer? Based on experience I can tell you that it’s far better than Google. And the reason for that is that Facebook is a much more highly targeted audience. You can literally drilled down on your audience right down to what they like to eat for breakfast sometimes. You can find out where they live, what they do for a living and what they like to read.

Facebook cost per click rates vary from $.60 to $3.00 or more depending on your competition. Like Google PPC whoever pays the most gets the most amount of exposure. However, even though it is highly targeted it still not the best cost per click rate.

What is?

Maybe you’re thinking about LinkedIn? It is a business audience right? So, you’re thinking more affluence, more highly targeted, people with money. Yes. But, it’s still not the way to go.

Then maybe you’re thinking a combination of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn? That’s actually a really good strategy. Don’t use one use them all. Of course this will take some time to set up and you will have to monitor not only the click through rate but the conversion rate as well. At the end of the day cost per click rates play a big part in the overall strategy. If you’re not getting conversions then obviously your cost per click rates will be high. And, for many people your cost per click rates will be higher than you actually make.

What happened then? You will likely stop, reassess and go in a completely different direction.

I would recommend that you don’t do that. Keep going. 99% of the creative process is complete before you see any evidence in your physical reality. Keep going.

At this point in this blog post I’d like to introduce what is the absolute best click through rate ever.

Many people have claimed in the past that they can get click through rates as low as one cent. That is possible. Yet unlikely. However, I personally have been able to get a click through rate of five cents. That means, that every person that clicks on the link cost me only five cents. Based on the value of my products and services and the conversion rate, this is a deal that I would do all day long, and continue to do all day long, all week long, and all year long.

I don’t talk a lot about this, because people would rather learn SEO, and I would agree that it is a great strategy. But, if you’re willing to pay five cents per click which is really an extraordinary cost per click rate, then I would recommend to you…

Well, I think I’ll put an extra step between you and the information. Why? Because someone once taught me that information holds tremendous value especially when it comes from experience. I’m not going to charge you for the information, but I will give you the opportunity to get your hands on it…

Here’s a link to sign up for a free social media marketing course happening Tuesday, March 8 at 1 PM in Toronto. If you’re outside the Toronto area you can watch it by Web simulcast. All you have to do is register and put your city in, and we will send you the simulcast webinar registration information by e-mail.

I will reveal the source for my five cents click through rates at this seminar. In addition to that you will get a ton of extra information on social media such as; how to monitor what is relevant and current and participate in the conversation, how to control the conversation, how to get click through to your website based on the conversation, and how to leverage a small amount of your time to get a big result.

One strategy at the seminar I will actually send a few dozen visitors to my website with the click of a button. This usually draws some ahhhhs from the crowd. you won’t want to miss that one.

So to recap, next Tuesday, March 8 at the on the Park events and convention center at Leslie and Eglinton, I will reveal the source for my five cent cost per click rates and a ton of other valuable information. This seminar is valued at $97, but if you click this link and register now while seating is available, you will get in for free. However, there are only 100 seats available, and our current registration is at 78 people. The last two events were sold out, so if I were you I would go there now and register while there are still seats available.

If you’re looking for the best cost per click rates out there, click this…

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