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Did you know that there are a ton of funding available through government grants for businesses in Ontario that are looking to scale up? You would be stunned at the amount of free money that is sitting around, waiting for you to claim it.

For all of these grants, the goal is to demonstrate that by receiving this funding, you would be improving your systems and processes to generate jobs, increase revenue or develop the Canadian workforce.

The grants that are available for growing businesses can be broken up into three key categories: Hiring & Training Grants, Manufacturing Grants and Business Expansion Grants. Check out the list below to see how much you can qualify for:

Hiring & Training Grants:

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant

Would someone on your team might benefit from sales, leadership, public speaking or marketing training? Do you think your business might benefit from having someone who is highly skilled in any of those fields?

If you’re an Ontario-based business with two or more employees, you likely qualify for up to $10,000 PER EMPLOYEE for training covered by the COJG. All provinces, other than Quebec, have similar funding programs available.

FedDev Ontario Payroll Subsidy

Are you a manufacturer with 10 or more employees? There is a grant that will pay 25-50% of your payroll to a maximum of a $50,000. You must be an Ontario-based manufacturer who exports your product internationally.

Co-op Tax Credit

Want to hire a highly-educated post-secondary student for a co-op placement? The government will provide funding for 25-30% of their salary up to $3000 per semester!

Summer Jobs Placement

Looking to bring in a summer student to add some youthful energy to your office? Apply for this grant to receive 50% of minimum wage for any new employees between 15 & 29 years of age.

Youth Employment Fund

$6800 in payroll subsidy and $1000 in training can be yours to offset the training associated with hiring a young employee without practical work experience. There is also no limit to the number of new hires your can apply for!

Digital Skills Youth Internship

Want to hire an intern? Pay them $16/hour for a job involving digital technology skills and you can have their entire short term placement covered by a grant!

Manufacturing Grants:

Accelerated Review Process through IRAP

Looking for a massive increase in productivity to implement a new software or a marketing process? $50,000 in funding for 80% of your labour costs and 50% of the cost of hiring sub-contractors can be yours through this project-based grant! You must have 1-500 payroll employees, and have been incorporated for 2 years.

IRAP Research and Development for Mid-Sized Businesses

Planning a new project but need to do some intensive technical research before you get started? This grant will subsidize 65% of the process to a maximum of $140,000.

IRAP Business Innovation Access

Planning a large-scale product optimization? Process development? Market research? Access $50,000 in funding to pay subcontractors for third party research.

NSERC Engage:

Work with highly-skilled Masters and PhD students to find the next cutting-edge avenue for your business. Receive $25,000 in funding to develop new intellectual property for your company.

Business Development:

Export Market Access

Want to tap into international markets? Imagine being paid for a business trip to expand your businesses’ reach. Manufacturers can receive up to $30,000 to showcase their business in tradeshows outside of Canada. This can cover booth costs, flights, lodging, meals competitive research, sale sheets and the creation of exhibits.

Investing in Business Innovation

Are you a startup using funding from a Venture Capitalist? Submit your term sheet and receive 50% from the government on a 0% loan to help you grow your business faster!

CME Smart

Have an idea to improve your manufacturing system? Companies with 15 or more employees can access $100,000 to a max of 35% of your total project cost to revolutionize your production process.


For more information about how to put any of these exciting grants to work for you, or to find out if you qualify Canada-Ontario Job Grant towards our Digital Marketing and Sales Certification, check out the Canada Job Grant Page.

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