Advanced e-Mail Marketing Conversion Strategy

The number one mistake that I see businesses make in the 21st century is they fail to understand the communication process with their clients. They generally tend to send e-mails that sell and those e-mails are not necessarily going to have the effect that you want because you’re not speaking the same language that people speak.

If you try to do business in English in Japan find out how long you will survive. So what I usually recommend to people is that once in a while you talk to people and you ask them what they truly understand. And usually what I find is people only understand things from their own personal programming and their own personal experience. So if I try to sell jazz to somebody who only likes popular music I wouldn’t get very far. So what I might do is speak the language of popular music first and then over time convert them to a more sophisticated form of music like jazz.

There are three very powerful things e-mail marketing that can help you do this;

  1. Make sure that the subject line is completely hypnotic. People get a lot of e-mail and they certainly don’t click on everything so you must make your subject line compelling. Grab their attention, inform them that this is a really good e-mail to open and builds an curiosity so they actually open it and read it.
  2. Once they start reading it aside from the fact that it should be personalized you should deliver at least three things of value that they can take away and either implement immediately or two more research on. The number one mistake that I think people make is they try to sell before actually building that informative content that people are looking for.
  3. And finally what should an e-mail actually do? It should get people to take some type of action. Don’t send people something that gets them to take action all the time but occasionally you might want to include the words click here for more information. If people click that link then they had invested some time and effort in exploring further. If you try to do that in an e-mail before they’re ready then your e-mail campaigns will not net profit.


It’s up to you how you proceed from this point but here’s what I always recommend to people who are struggling in their businesses. Build your mailing list every single day and never stop because when it comes to earning people’s trust you are going to need a communication process that is free, exclusive, informative, easy to use and actually works.

For more information about how to learn better e-mail marketing strategies visit our marketing and mastery page.


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