Example of 1st eBook Creation – How to write an eBook in under an hour.

eBook CreationHere’s an example from our Marketing and Mastery course of the first chapter of an eBook.  The purpose?  To show you how to create your own.


Subject line; Here’s your top six ways to create an e-book in under an hour.


Hi first name,

Thank you for your interest in my top six ways to create an e-book in under an hour. As an Internet marketer I’ve always recognized the value and the power of a mailing list.

In this e-book we will discuss how to create your own e-book using all of the things that I do to create my e-book in under an hour.

Today’s chapter talks about the best way to get content on paper quickly, easily and efficiently. And it’s likely not what you might think.

Paul Tobey

CEO, Training Business Pros

Chapter 1 – How To Type 300 Words A Minute

Many people are still using the old version of typing. It’s called the computer. It has a keyboard and many people do not even know how to use that effectively and even the ones that do type the most words per minute can usually  only type about 80 words a minute.

I think that’s okay.

But, if you really want to create something quickly and use really good English and never make spelling mistakes you might want to consider a type of software called voice recognition software.

For example; I am currently creating this first chapter using an amazing  piece of software called Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Essentially what it does is it types everything you say. While it may seem more complicated than that it’s not.

You go to the store, you buy yourself a USB headset you stick it on your head, launch the software and start talking.

You might think yourself what are the drawbacks?

Not many.

But the one thing that you will need to know is; it uses its own dictionary and if there is a word in the dictionary that’s not in there, for example the word” suggest Aldie” (wrong of course) it might get it wrong because that word is not in the dictionary.

So the word that I actually tried to put there is a word called “Suggestology”, which is actually a word that I made up as the title of my next book.

So what I could do is train Dragon NaturallySpeaking to understand that word. So I’m going to do that right now because I noticed that Dragon got it wrong. So the first thing I do is I open the editor and I add a word into the vocabulary database.

So now I’m back after 30 seconds of training and I never have to train it again and every time I say the word suggestology from now on it writes the word suggestology.


In our next chapter will talk about the formatting for your e-book. For example how long should it be, what type of formatting should you use, what type of content should you put in there and what you should focus on that makes the highest value for your customers?

Tomorrow’s chapter is called “CONTEXT IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN CONTENT.”

See you then.

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