Do you long to live a genuine life?

In the midst of a demanding and fast paced world many people are living lives
that are not the genuine lives the authentic lives we want. Living lives that
are not authentic or genuine can leave us with an aching emptiness of being
disconnected from ourselves, from our own inner wisdom, gifts and knowing.

I see people struggle in life when they are

• disconnected from their deepest desires and dreams,
• living behind masks as they seek to fulfill the external expectations of
others or the culture around them,
• disregarding the wisdom and knowing that is within them.

I used to live my life behind a façade that was so far removed from who I
genuinely am that I was losing the real me.

And it is our authentic genuine self that we are called to be in the world so that
who we authentically are and the gifts that come from that authentic place
within us can be shared with the world to bring about the transformation that we
long for of wholeness, creativity and wellbeing.

• Do you want to reconnect to your inner wisdom?
• Do you long to live the moments of your life as authentically and genuinely
as possible with the awareness that who you are is the gift that you are
called to share with the world?

There are strategies that will help you live the life you long to live….to live
authentically, honouring who you are and the wisdom you carry within you.

• Reconnecting to who you are as one who is beloved and a gift can happen
through my support as a life coach …
• Meditation and spiritual practices
• Community of caring, encouragement and support

If you are longing for an authentic life

• in which you honour yourself and others,
• in which you help to grow deep peace on this earth,
• in which you unleash your creative gifts to help bring about the
transformation that we long for on this earth

I can help you achieve those goals as your life coach… a spiritual companion on
the journey toward wholeness and authenticity.

To find out more about this journey toward authenticity please contact me for a
free session to discover if this is the right step on your path to abundant life. I can
be reached at 705 325 7998 or

In joy,


PS Please forward this to any of your friends, family or colleagues who you think
would benefit from this information

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