How to Get What You Want By Knowing What You Want

How do you choose to wake up every morning?

What is the first thing you say to yourself?

What have you set out to accomplish?

How will you be remembered?

IF you’re not already asking yourself these questions then you’re most likely not on the path to accomplishing them. These are life changing decisions and they warrant an answer – you owe that to yourself.

The biggest problem I see is that most people get stuck with “Where do I begin?” Shortly after, an abundance of excuses and “social” events fill time that should be set aside to honestly, set yourself straight.

So, here is a place to start: Promise yourself that from here on out you will memorize and repeat the following at least twice daily…


Empowering Beliefs Mantra

In an easy and relaxed manner,

In a healthy and positive way,

In its own good time,

For the highest good of all,

I desire and intend “State desire #1” and “State desire #2 to come into my life and into the lives of ALL who hold this intention.

This or something better!!!

By repeating this every day, twice a day, you have just started to mentally profess to the universe that you are on your way. Mental preparation is as important as the physical realm because your mind should already BELIEVE and EXPECT success when it hits you.

If you are committed to accelerating your success rate and you are ready to implement change simply allow the opportunity to give up 2.5 hours of your time for our Agents of Change seminar on April 11 so that you can prove to yourself the level of commitment you have and, to answer your most intimate and inhibiting questions.

Share this empowering beliefs mantra to anyone you think needs it.

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  1. So true. Knowing WHAT you want is much more important than knowing how it can be accomplished. The answers will come ONLY after you decide what you want. Most people need a little coaching when deciding what they truly want. Based on experience, I know Paul Tobey will help you create ANYTHING you truly want. Paul helped me go from struggling full time to traveling full time. If I wasn’t traveling outside of Canada presently, I’d definitely be attending his Agents of Change seminar. Thanks again Paul for all your life-changing help.

    Rick Woolsey

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