Not Your Usual Graphic Design Price List

Graphic Design Price ListWhat you need to know before you pay for graphic design and what you could pay.

The biggest problem that I see when people go searching for a graphic design pricelist is that the only thing they care about. Did you know that the most important thing about hiring a graphic designer has nothing to do with how much you will pay but how much they know based on the experience that they have. You can pay as little as $100 for a brochure and in the end you’re getting the benefit of somebody who works for $100 an hour. That’s not a good decision if you want to get somewhere quickly.


What I’d like to point out in this article is that there aren’t things that you should focus on to look for in a graphic design artist, what their power truly is and how you might make a better decision on choosing one not based on cost but based on value. However, I will show you what things at what cost if you were hiring the right person.

  1. Brochures. There are obviously a number of different types of brochures you could make; trifold, single page, multiple page, so obviously the price reflects the size of the actual product. What I would recommend is not so much the size of the brochure is what you should look at but you should consider what do I want my brochure to do so I quite frankly don’t put much faith in graphic design from the perspective of that is not what’s going to hook the reader it’s the words that you choose that will help their mind. So not only should you get a graphic designer but you should get yourself a marketing copywriter and graphic designer rolled into one. What should you expect to pay for someone like this? A lot! But in these days you get what you pay for.
  2. Websites. People always choose web designers based on their ability to graphically design something that’s pleasing. Again, this is a mistake. Graphic design is important only from the perspective that you want to look professional, modern and at least a little bit with it. However it is secondary to the education-based marketing concept. The words that you choose, the order that those words. And the hypnotic efficiency of those words is the thing that you should be looking for. So it’s not a web designer and a graphic designer that you wanted all it’s a copywriter who understands the way that people think and the way people make decisions. The cost that you would be willing to pay for this reflects how much you want to make. Would you be willing to pay $1 million knowing that you’ll get a $10 million return? I personally would make that deal any day of the week. So what you would look for is someone who has the experience of making $100 million with a website.


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