How To Build Backlinks

how to build backlinksOne of the biggest problems that I see with business owners is that when it comes to creating good content online very few people give any energy to doing what’s called targeted keyword research.

The reason why you would do that is to find keyword phrases that are the most searched but least competitive online so that you can build the amount of traffic based on the number of searches for those keyword phrases.

Once you have a good keyword phrase create some good content. There are systems and processes to be able to create that content quickly however the focus of this article will be on a system called back linking which is how to back link to that article so that it is of extreme value to a major search engine like Google.

The number one reason to back link to your content is so that Google finds corroborating evidence or endorsements online from other websites to prove that that content is good to the end user. The more back links that Google finds to that content the higher it will rank that webpage.

Here are three ways to back link to your website or webpage;

  1. social media is perhaps the easiest way to build back links to your website. Every time you post content online the first thing you must do is what’s called Digg IT. The reason why it’s important to back link from is because Google loves day as a social media bookmarking website. Google goes there frequently to find new content that has been posted online. It could take up to eight months for Google to find that new webpage that you created however if you put up back link on Google will not only start the ranking process but it will do so within 24 hours.
  2. The second way is to find blog posts of relevant content that you can leave comments on and post what is known as anchor text back links to your webpages. One of the best ways to do that is to use a social media aggregator known as TweetDeck. TweetDeck is a software that works like a search engine for tweets and twitter posts. Look for relevant blogs on this search engine notice TweetDeck find something that you can comment on and leave an anchor text back link.
  3. If you want to raise the stakes and the value of the back links that you get to your website use the same system to find relevant comments on.EDU websites. The reason why a back link from a.EDU website is 10 times more powerful than a regular back link is because Google feels that.EDU website is an authority site and therefore anyone from an authority site that links to your website means that your website is now powerful.

There are essentially five other ways to build back links to your website my suggestion is you research these ways and if you want the quickest way to the finish line click here for more information on one of our advanced search engine optimization and back linking training courses.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    I attended your training in Toronto Last week and you talked about tweetdeck 0.38.1. Unfortunately I can’t find this version. I get the new version on doing a google search. Any ideas where I can get the version you mentioned??


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