The Canada Ontario Job Grant and How to Put It To Work For Your Business

Did you know that the Federal and Provincial Governments just released a billion dollars to develop the skills of the Canadian workforce through the Ontario Job Grant? Their biggest problem? Finding workers and companies to invest in. That’s good news for you.

The Grant pays for two-thirds of all training costs, including required software and materials per employee up to $10,000.  Best of all, they will also reimburse employers an additional $2,500 for paying their employee during the training period.


How the Ontario Job Grant Benefits Employees:

Are you hoping for a promotion? Want to be an indispensable part of your company’s A-Team?

Here’s a simple step-by-step process that will set you on track to carving out your niche within your company.

  • Choose a skill that would make you more valuable to your employer.
  • Find a training program covered by the Ontario Job Grant to help you cultivate that skill.
  • Have your employer read this article, which will convince them to apply for the grant.
  • Put the skills you’ve developed into place, and boost your production within your company.
  • Ask for a raise.

How the Ontario Job Grant Benefits Employers:

How would you feel about making more money than you did last year? One of the few things that the most successful CEO’s agree on is that you can’t do it all yourself: the key to a successful business is a strong team.

Can you think of someone on your team who, with a little training, could be a rockstar in your company?

Consider this: There is no such thing as the perfect employee. The good news is, thanks to the Ontario Job Grant, you can perfect them.

All of the training that is covered by the grant is practical, career-focused, and aimed at developing a more highly-skilled workforce.

Regardless of their role in the company whether it is  drawing in new business, converting your leads into sales, improving your processes or presenting in front of a large group, they would likely benefit from having their skills polished through programs subsidized by the Ontario Job Grant.

So what’s the bad news? You’ll probably have to pay them more. But with their improved skills, they’ll be bringing in more money for your company, and you’ll be able to afford it!

Find out which training is right for you:

Digital Marketing & Sales Certification:

5 intensive training modules on digital marketing strategy using interactive channels to data mine, build a tribe or community around a brand, service or product and convert leads into sales.

Train the Trainer 3-Day Certification:

Start your journey on the road to success as a trainer.

Online Profit Secrets 2-Day Certification:

Infusionsoft training and implementation starts here. Learn how to build email campaigns, nurture sequences, conversion hacks and much more.


For more information on our other certifications, contact the TBP team at 416-444-7767.



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