The Keys to Overwrite Someone’s Skepticism Lies With Hypnotic Copywriting

The biggest problem that I see with businesses today is they forget that people respond only to what they want.

Once you realize that your job as a marketer is to play into the skepticism of the person that’s reading the page thank you need to make a leap of faith and say how do I tackle that person skepticism and get them to read what I’m trying to display.

One of the most powerful ways to do this that I have seen on planet Earth is called hypnotic copywriting.

Here are five ways to build an effective hypnotic copywriting headline to hook someone’s attention and get people into a focused mental state so the only thing that matters is;” what comes next.”

  1. You must first grab somebody’s attention by making your headline big bold and in the middle of the page and putting it in prime real estate so that they can’t possibly miss it. I think the number one mistake that businesses make when they write headlines if they bury them it’s hard to find and hard to read. So try to make yours stand out.
  2. Inform your readers that they’re in the right place. One of the best ways I seem to do this is to use the keyword phrase in the headline so that the very thing that they used to find you is in the headline and now they make the association that they’re in the right place.
  3. The only reason that people will keep reading is if you built and not curiosity in that short period of time, less than 15 seconds, so that they’re willing to take the leap of faith and spend time to read what’s on the rest of this webpage. There are several ways to build curiosity most of those are beyond the scope of this article but I encourage you to do your research.
  4. Roundup your audience by calling your people by name. If you got a targeted audience one of the best ways to enroll and engage them is to use their name examples of this are; women, men, architects, truckers, doctors, lawyers and any other group of people that you can explain some are more detailed than others but I think you get the idea.
  5. And finally one of the best ways to get people into a focused mental state is to make them feel something. The only way people will make a decision in your favor to continue reading is if something overwrite their skepticism. And the only thing on planet Earth that can overwrite somebody skepticism is if they intrinsically feel like the information that they’re going to get is something that they don’t already know and that will empower them in some way.

In conclusion my recommendation to you is if you have not heard of hypnotic marketing explore further some of the greatest copywriters on planet Earth follow this system including PT Barnum and Mr. fire also known as Joe Vitale the godfather of hypnotic writing.

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