How to improve your email deliverability

Ever wonder why your email marketing keeps ending up in spam? Here’s some MUST DO’s to get your deliverabilty back on track.

The take-aways.

Have your DMARC, SPF, and DKIM records setup for a maximum of TWO email marketing services when sending email marketing.

  • SPF setting can be found in the “Email Authentication” section of Cpanel, or can be added manually in the DNS settings of your domain.
  • DKIM must be added manually for each service you use in the DNS settings.
  • DMARC must be added manually for each service you use in the DNS settings.

Need help getting all that setup? We can help with that. Just call in at 416-444-7767!

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Adrian Tobey is the Director of Marketing at Training Business Pros. Adrian is responsible for planning and execution all internal marketing strategies as well as the marketing strategies for many of TBP's Clients. In his spare time Adrian produce's a software called FormLift for infusionsoft & WordPress users.

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