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In this short article you’re about to discover why, as a growing business, you should seriously consider investing in the advanced marketing CRM Infusionsoft and why you should do it through our Toronto based digital marketing company. But we also have a team of 24 Certified Partners and Consultants in most provinces from coast to coast throughout Canada.

If you would like to speak with on of our consultants right away you can call all our Infusionsoft Canada Hotline at 416-444-3396 and we’d be happy to talk about our clients’ experiences with Infusionsoft.

Or if you don’t have time right now you can schedule an appointment from this calendar.

Have you ever wondered why many people talk about Infusionsoft as the best CRM/Marketing system for small and medium enterprise?  Simply put, it’s because Infusionsoft can automate many of the marketing, sales and fulfillment tasks in any and all growing businesses, saving you time and human resources.

However because Infusionsoft is an American company located in Phoenix, you may be concerned that you cannot get the support you need as a Canadian Company. We can help you with that.

Our company, Training Business Pros, is a Canadian digital marketing and sales implementation and training company headquartered right here in Toronto. When you do business with us you can be assured that you will have access to Infusionsoft Training, Government Grants, Infusionsoft Toronto User Groups, digital conferences and much more through our established community of small and medium enterprises. Training Business Pros is both an Infusionsoft Trusted Advisor and Infusionsoft Certified Partner.

What’s different about our company?

When you purchase Infusionsoft through us, there are many benefits that no other company in Canada, or the world for that matter, can offer you.

Did you know that in many cases the Canadian government will support your growth oriented small business? There are stimulus funds for things like digital marketing make-overs or build out your digital sales funnel. Should you qualify, you can have your Infusionsoft kick-start purchase, PLUS training, PLUS implementation paid for by a government grant for up to $10,000 per employee.  And in many cases, we can also get up to 5 months of your re-occurring Infusionsoft monthly billing paid for through the same grant.

We are the ONLY training company in Canada that can do this for you. And while many people believe that getting a government grant is a long and arduous process. This is not the case. In fact we have been quite successful at getting approval in a few weeks after working together on a simple 45 minute application.

Exclusive access to high-level training and user groups. When you purchase Infusionsoft through us, you get immediate access to an exclusive club of Infusionsoft Users who have plenty of experience when it comes to learning and implementing Infusionsoft marketing strategies. You also get a one-person complimentary registration to our wildly popular Online Profit Secrets 3-Day Intensive Training and Certification a $6,000 value.

Experience comes first! Not only can you get trained by Canada’s leading digital marketing trainer Paul Tobey, but you also benefit from our  company’s experience and expertise with Infusionsoft. We’ve been implementing Infusionsoft into our company’s systems and processes for more than three years. And in that time we’ve also implemented it for a few dozen companies with great success.

We’ve learned a lot in that time and we can honestly state that Infusionsoft implementation is not a walk in the park. It takes a serious commitment to understanding not just its complexities but how to make it work from an overall marketing standpoint.

We’ve seen many companies burn through thousands of dollars and barely scratch the surface with Infusionsoft and what it can do for your company. Don’t make the mistake of working with small-time solopreneurs and consultants who make big claims with very little proof to back it up. All you have to do is simply ask us what we’ve done and the results that we’ve created and we’ll show you.

8 Keys to Infusionsoft Success in Toronto
8 Keys to Infusionsoft Success in Toronto

As an SME in Canada concerned with scaling up your digital marketing strategy here’s a detailed list of what no other company in Canada can do for you when it comes to Infusionsoft:

  1. As of July 1, 2018, our retail price for our Infusionsoft Kickstart is only $299 Canadian dollars and for our Infusionosft Kickstart PRO, only $1,999 CAD. That’s a savings of 20% vs Infusionosft.  And, we do it differently than they do.  Most would say… “better!”
  2. If you qualify, your Infusionsoft Kick-start fees may be covered by a government grant.
  3. Up to 5 months of your Infusionsoft monthly billing may also be covered by a grant.
  4. You can also have your team trained locally on Infusionsoft and get it paid for by a grant. Imagine your team getting certified in our exclusive 3-Day Online Profit Secrets (OPS) Certification.
  5. You can also have your team trained in the Digital Marketing & Sales Certification and have most of this cost covered by a grant.
  6. You’ll have access to our exclusive Infusionsoft User Group which meets each and every month in Toronto.
  7. We write your grant for you.  To book a 15 minute phone consult with our Small Business Advisor to see if you qualify, all you have to do is click this link and book your own appointment.
  8. As an Infusionsoft Toronto expert you can be assured that we’re close by to help you implement Infusionsoft to get the biggest ROI you can possibly get.

Book Your 15 Mintue Consultation with our Infusionsoft Experts

It’s time to book your 15 minute consultation with one of our Infusionsoft experts and learn how you can leverage the pure CRM automation power of Infusionsoft.

What will happen during your 15 min. phone consultation?

  • We will quickly determine if you actually qualify for the grant so be prepared to answer a few questions honestly.
  • If you qualify we will then book a 40 min. appointment to complete the grant application. This appointment will happen via webinar.
  • In 99% of all cases you will know within 24 hours if you are approved.
  • And in 99% of all cases you will have a check delivered to your office within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Will you be our next Infusionsoft success story?

Infusionsoft Success Story

When you work with us here at Training Business Pros You Will…

  • Be well on your way to building out a powerful sales funnel that is like an automated sales machine.
  • Be on your way to acquiring the business intelligence and knowledge to nurture your sales machine to push the most ROI out of it as you can
  • Own your marketing intelligence infusing value into your company.
  • Never again be dependent on fly-by-night marketing agencies and/or third party suppliers who control your outcome. You’ll be in control of your own digital marketing machine.
  • Get fully trained highly intelligent employees in your company who now have some skin in the game and care deeply about the health and prosperity of your company.
  • Learn that an investment in Infusionsoft and in growing your in-house digital marketing team will be the best investment you could ever make.

Thanks for your time.

Remember, we have Infusionsoft Expert from coast to coast in Canada and if you’d like to speak with one of them right now you can call call our Infusionsoft Canada Hotline at 416-444-3396.

Or, schedule a time that works for you.

There is also an Infusionsoft User Group that we host for 2 hours on the 1st Friday of every month.  To register to attend in person or online via HD livestream from the comfort of your own office please go here.

About Paul Tobey 101 Articles
Paul Tobey is the CEO of Training Business Pros and Lead Trainer as Canada’s Top Digital Marketing and Sales Trainer. Training Business Pros helps established business pros adopt proven digital marketing processes. The company has trained over 50,000 business owners across Canada and the USA, to a high degree of positive outcome, with some of his clients recognizing Paul as their catalyst to helping them earn millions.


  1. I am a solopreneur who has used Infusionsoft for around 5 years now. I just recently did a big CustomerHub creation project. And it has become clear to me that I would really like to find someone who can manage the Infusionsoft aspect of my business.

    I’ve recently taken Sixth Division’s Academy training for implementing Infusionsoft in a really disciplined way and my ideal would be to find someone who either knows it or is willing to learn it

    Is any of this something that your company provides?

    • Glenda,

      We are very familiar with the Sixth division model, in fact we’ve enhanced it and standardized the campaign canvas. We also create for our clients a comprehensive executive dashboard so you can see clearly your numbers from lead capture through sales through fulfillment. Many of our clients get grant funding for their projects. Let us know if we can be of assistance.

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