Why do you need LinkedIn optimization and why do you need it now?

LinkedIn just happens to be one of the most powerful things that you could do in today’s 21st-century marketing to raise the perception that you’re an expert and a leader in your field. One of the best ways to do this is to literally optimize your LinkedIn account to be found not for who you are but for what it is you do.

Did you know that there are employers who are looking for you every day?

Did you know that those employers do not know your name but they are looking for what it is you do?

Does it not been make sense for you to be found for the keyword phrases that they’re choosing in other words what are the skills that you used and what are the keyword phrases that you choose to be associated with your LinkedIn account?

Here are four very powerful ways to optimize your LinkedIn account:

  1. in most LinkedIn accounts people use their headline to tell people what company they work for instead of what they do. My recommendation is that you choose three different keyword phrases that represent the skills that you want to be found for. In other words if you want to be found for public speaking training then use the words public speaking training in your headline.
  2. In the summary of your profile uses the keyword phrase that you want to be found for numerous times. Do not use bios because bios are boring. Tell a really good story and include the keyword phrase that you want to be found for at least three or four times.
  3. Join groups and associations that use the same keyword phrases in their descriptions at the keyword phrases that you want to be found for. This works for two ways; it allows you to be associated in neighborhoods that are considered to be advantageous for you to learn from and it also uses the keyword phrases in your profile which helps your search engine optimization as far as LinkedIn optimization is concerned.
  4. Get yourself at least 20 recommendations. Ask people for them and they will sometimes acquiesce and give them to you not in every case but in most cases as long as you’ve done good work. When you ask them to give you a recommendation ask them to utilize the keyword phrases that you want to be found for when they give their recommendations.

In the end this will prove to people that number one you can be found and that makes you a good marketer and number two it allows you to create the perception in the marketplace that you are an extreme value by focusing on the skills that you have to give and not who you are and what company you work for.

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