How To Increase Opt In Subscription List Conversions

opt in subscription list conversionsThe following e-mail came to me on July 7 from a previous social media marketing student who is having success with sending traffic to their website but having little success at building a mailing list. Please read the e-mail first and then my recommendations below.

“Hi Paul,  After attending your fine course on June 7, I proceeded to implement your instructions, to the letter (not without watching your excellent webinars twice). While I accept that you cannot guarantee conversions, only increased traffic, I received at least 200 visits over a 15 day period (approx.). They all went from my landing page ( to my capture page (, but not even 1 converted to “Take the tour”.

This glaring statistic suggests I must be doing something wrong and perhaps, a few tweak suggestions from you could have my conversions improve (I’m implying it would be easy to improve when the conversion rate baseline is “0”).  Regards, Steve Dubin”

Dear Steve, and all other parties interested in greater conversions.

I speak a lot about the six key elements of a profitable landing zone. It’s not only important to have all six elements but it’s important that each of these elements be constructed in such a way to optimize their effectiveness.

For example; the first key elements of a profitable landing zone is of course “how to enroll and engage the site visitor” which is done with a very effective hypnotic headline.

If the headline does not capture interest it is likely that the visitor will lose interest quickly and move on to the next website. A hypnotic headline is one that includes an attention grabber, information about the product or service and built some curiosity so that the reader will continue to read.

There are of course many other elements of an effective headline but, the idea is ultimately to keep the reader moving from the visiting stage to the exploring stage.

When I look at Steve’s website I notice that the headline is difficult to read. It is in a handwritten font which doesn’t necessarily stand out. I usually like to recommend a simple font like; Calibri or Helvetica.

Another key area of a profitable landing zone is the ability to create a mailing list. Therefore; in the top right-hand corner of every page should be an opt in subscription form. Don’t take it for granted that people will just want to join your mailing list. These days it’s difficult to get people to fork over an e-mail address. I would recommend that you deliver high-value in exchange for that e-mail address.

Obviously what high-value means to people is a matter for further discussion. In my experience however, six or seven chapters of a high-powered e-book or a report usually does the trick. The question is; does your opt in subscription form capture their interest and peek their curiosity?

Here are some examples of effective opt in subscription form headlines; “the top six public speaking mistakes and how to avoid them”, “how to make Google your sales force”, the top six most popular piano sheet music pieces free.”

I could go on and on about how to create good headline. However, I did notice that with Steve’s website this opt in subscription form is missing. It requires the user to click a link at the bottom of the page which then sends them to a lead capture page built by the network marketing company.

This is where I have my major issues. Again, I can only speak from experience that there are certain elements of this page that could use some overhaul.

  1. I noticed that the video starts on its own, this is never a good idea. Always give the user the option to watch a video.
  2. The headline, “a global wellness Revolution has begun”, really tells me very little about the product itself. In fact the entire video doesn’t give me much information at all.
  3. Then, I look at the way the video is being delivered. Who is the trusted credible source? Can I find that person on the Internet? I tried unsuccessfully . These days people do their research. They’ve been trained by Google on exactly how to do that.
  4. How is the video put together using hypnotic copywriting? If you analyze what is being said you will notice that it is more important the way that it is delivered in the actual content itself. One of the things that I noticed is that the speaker himself is nervous. Anyone who sways from side to side is a sure sign of nervousness. People will not do business with people who seem unsure.
  5. Aside from the speaker’s credibility comes the issue of what is it exactly? What is he talking about? This is where the two most important words in marketing come in. Yeah…sure! People are inherently skeptical and when there are obvious gaps in information their skepticism is peaked. It is very difficult to tell someone who’s been programmed one way for their entire lives that it is possible to overwrite that programming with 3 min. of treatment. When it sounds too good to be true, while it may be true or not, the fact of the matter is it’s difficult to believe.
  6. The context of this video is such that it eludes to the fact that the procedure is simple, almost too simple for anyone to believe. I personally would have not done it this way. That doesn’t make me right, I’m not trying to be. I’m just basing my observations on experience. After having presented my products and services to tens of thousands of people I can tell you that it is not easy to get people to believe something when their entire lives they’ve believed something else.This is where context comes in. It’s not what you present but how you present it. I for one am always looking at online conversion strategies and I can always tell when an organization is winging it versus knowing exactly what to do and the right order to do it in. I’m not saying that this organization doesn’t know what they’re doing but I can tell you I would not have done it this way.

There is nothing wrong with the self-care revolution. But there cannot be a revolution if you cannot get people to believe it. Changing someone’s belief system requires strategy, knowledge and energy.


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  1. Hi Paul, Thanks for your extremely valuable input to my query. All of your points are well taken, with one exception: regarding your statement # 3,” Who is the trusted credible source? Can I find that person on the Internet? I tried unsuccessfully. These days, people do their research. They’ve been trained by Google on exactly how to do that.”  Dr. Howard Cohn’s name is clearly published at the beginning of the video. A Google search reveals About 227,000 results (0.15 seconds): Actually, Dr. Cohn enjoys the luxury of a 3 month waiting list. Please let me know how to satisfy the skeptics regarding Dr Cohn’s credentials.Respectfully,Steve

  2.  hi Steve, thank you for the feedback. I did as you suggested and researched for the named Dr. Howard Cohen.  Based on searching from within Canada I am suggesting that I cannot find your Dr. Cohen on the front page search results. This does not mean that he is not there, however I cannot find him. Most people won’t take that much time to search, and I am looking for approximately 5 min. I’m sure that his credentials are high and I have no doubt that he knows what he’s talking about. That doesn’t alter the fact that if I wanted to do research on him I should be able to find him in the number one spot quickly and easily. Thanks again. It’s been fun.

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for the quick reply. Notwithstanding your other fine points, his name is Cohn, not Cohen. The correct spelling is clearly illustrated at the beginning of the video ( ). He lives in the Irvine, CA area. There was absolutely no indication that he lives in Canada.
      So, should one Google Dr. Howard Cohn, his credibility is unimpeachable. Looking forward to your reply, so that I may make the adjustments which will open the gates to conversions.

  3. hi Steve, thank you for the correct spelling of his name I went back to Google and searched for that name and I added the word chiropractic. I’m still having trouble finding him. I think the only point that I need to make here is that when you use a trusted credible source in a video people will research that name and if they are hard to find that’s not good from a credibility standpoint. Anyway I’m not so sure that we need to spend any more time on this. The fact that he is a recognized leader in the field is good enough for me. Point well taken. Thank you.

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