How to Overcome Public Speaking

Do you want to overcome public speaking nerves? There is a template for presentation that works extremely well when it comes to enrolling and engaging audiences.

Among the many layers of this template based presentation skills system is the use of suggestology.

Suggestology is the process of activating natural learning skills much like that of how a child learns. Based on neural linguistic programming it involves learning on visual, auditory and kinesthetic levels. Not only does it keep the minds of your audience active but it also builds a tremendous amount of curiosity.

Watch this video to see this type of presentation skill in action.

If you notice in the video, I spent quite a bit of time interacting with the audience. This is done by asking questions, getting them to repeat responses and basically getting them to participate at a high level of energy.

This is obviously not a lecture. When you learn this skill, what you’ll notice is that you are spending most of your time focused on how much the audience gets out of it and you are most definitely not focusing on how well you’re doing. That is how to overcome public speaking fears.

When you come from service to others you cannot be fearful, get nervous or mess up. Why? Because, you are putting the needs of others before yourself.

If you are to overcome public speaking you must learn to understand why you present in the first place. Is it to look good or is it to serve? Obviously, when you try to impress others with your amazing speaking skills you’re missing the point.

There are several ways to enroll and engage your audience, all of which raise their energy, encourage participation and ultimately helps them to learn faster and retain more. This is accelerated learning.

For more information on how to overcome public speaking fears and to learn a powerful presentation template which includes suggestology visit and read about the advanced train the trainer certification.

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