Prezi Meets Youtube Creating an Unstoppable Marketing Effect in the Universe

prezi-youtubeThe number one challenge that marketers face today is it not only getting across their message to the end audience and get them to take action based on that information but you also have the best tools systems and resources to create the perception of professionalism.

One of the greatest tools that I’ve come across in the past year is a software called Prezi, It is the answer to the old ways of PowerPoint. The reason why I like it is because in a very quick way it creates more creative and moving presentations that attract attention.

Here are the top three reasons to use Prezi and its relationship with Youtube that will allow you to create a perception not only that you’re an expert in your field but that you a much more creative person;

  1. The great thing about Prezi right off the bat, is you can transform your old PowerPoint presentations into Prezi. You can actually import them and simply by choosing templates from within Prezi you can have a professional presentation within seconds. You don’t have to start from scratch and it’s a great way to learn Prezi step-by-step by just picking an already set presentation and making small modifications to it.
  2. Where Youtube comes into play is you can actually create these moving presentations with your creativity and post them to YouTube and then with some small modifications in the YouTube iFrame code you can actually have to appear as banners on your webpage or if you want to do more than just banners you can create entire videos where you can engage the visitor in the process and then give and take action based on the content and context of the video.Here’s an example of a Prezi Youtube video banner.


  1. More than any of this I think the biggest advantage to Prezi is it allows you to get away from what’s boring and make your creativity soar. The number one thing that I think is missing in businesses today is the ability to transmit information in a creative way, an interesting way, a curiosity building way, a hypnotic way or even a suggestology way. When you stand out from the crowd you end up building a brand and Prezi Youtube can help you do that fast.

There are many things that you can do is Prezi and Youtube together, these are just a small few of the first elements of Prezi. To learn more about Prezi I would be writing several articles about Prezi in the upcoming weeks I sincerely hope you enjoy them.

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