What is the most important “ranking factor” that you as SEO experts have come across?

Question: Why does almost everybody have a DIFFERENT opinion? Are there some experts that can HELP me filter out those rumors about titles, content and age?

I can give you one example that CLEARS OUT THOSE RUMERS:
If you search on Goole.NL (Dutch) for the keyword “goedkoop” (cheap in Dutch) you see on the first page a site: www.chesterfield.nl

If you visit this site and look into the HTML the word “goedkoop” is NOT USED AT ALL.
Not in the URL, content, title, keyword, url or description (only in a minor checkstat counter url) So you can LEARN that title, keywords, H1, Domain, Age etc DOES NOT MATTER THE MOST. You can do good ranking without.

Note that if you have only the “title” set to “goedkoop” you would be at page 200+

Please respond to THIS CASE, if you still think Domain, Title, Keywords, Age, etc actually is the most important.
Posted by Ton Ligtenberg

Answer: Please watch the following video for detailed examples of keyword searches as I discuss the ranking factor of each element as it pertains to Google searches.

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  1. @ Paul Tobey…Thanks for your video indeed…but you are wrong about the title of chesterfield homepage. If you look at the HTML title meta tag of the page it is : Delta Chesterfield. De grootste chesterfield specialist met vier eigen vestigingen.
    note: that there is no meta title tag “goedkoop” on any page.
    Google just shows another title in its results (no cloaking…) and they are listed between #3 to #9 every day for month.
    This is what I mend…Google displays the title ‘goedkoop’….but it is NOT the page title at all. The word “goedkoop” does not appear in the HTML at all!! (only in a minor link) like I pointed out before.
    Please respond to this ‘super example’ of link building.
    THIS BEATS ALL OTHER SEO sugested in this blog.
    Note that “goedkoop” (en/us : cheap) is a mayor / top keyword in dutch)
    Please respond on this…

    • @ton.ligtenberg thank you for your response, I had a quick look to see if indeed the word “goedkoop” appeared in the title tag. Even though Google shows that it is, the website itself does not have that word in the title tag. The real question is how did they get a number nine listing on Google.nl without having that word displayed in any prominent position.

      The answer that you’re looking for you will find at Dmoz.org.

      Chesterfield.NL uses the keyword phrase “goedkoop” as the title tag in their Demoz listing. Click here to see proof of that http://www.dmoz.org/search?q=goedkoop

      If you are not familiar with how powerful a back link from Dmoz is, this is clear evidence of its power and how even without that keyword phrase in prominence on their website they still rank in the top 10.

      Let that be a lesson to all those people who want to rank in the top 10; get yourself a DMOZ.org listing if possible.

      Have a great day,


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