How to Rank Your Website in Search Engine Results

The number one problem that I see with businesses today who try to make an impact online is that while it’s important to display your website in a professional manner the most important thing is that you actually get some traffic.

The number one challenge that you will find with traffic sources such as Google, Yahoo and other search engines is that they have very specific rules on creating what we call;” search engine results pages”.

These are very specific formulas which help you rank higher in the search engines. It’s essentially context over content. In other words it’s not what you say but how you say.

Here are a couple of examples of things that you must do to deliver a steady stream of search engine traffic to your website;

  1. make sure that the keyword phrase that you have chosen is as a result of doing what we call targeted keyword research. The number one way to do that is obviously use a piece of software like market samurai to do the heavy lifting. You don’t know what market samurai is click here for more information.
  2. What you chose your keyword phrase you must contextually placed that keyword phrase in your content so that Google recognizes it and displays it on its results pages because you have contextualized the keyword phrase better than everyone else in your category. Some of the things that you might want to consider our; putting the keyword phrase into the; title, URL, description and had.
  3. Once you’ve done this then you must go out into the world and create what we call back links. To describe a back link think of it like this; a back link is a hyperlink from someone else’s website to yours in essence endorsing the fact that you have good information and they are delivering their traffic to you.
  4. People sometimes get confused at this point because they think to themselves does anybody need to click that link for it to be valuable? And, the answer is; now. It just has to be there. In other words Google will find those links and the more links it finds to you the higher you will rank you.
  5. One of the most powerful ways to get back links and build back links to your site today is using a social media marketing system which is very defined from a step-by-step perspective. I highly encourage you to seek out this information from someone who knows how to do it or you could just click here.

As you can see there are obviously more things to consider than just randomly putting content online you have to consider the source for that content, which should come from your experience. You also have to think about doing targeted keyword research and knowing exactly how competitive this keyword phrase is before you even take any steps to putting content online and creating back links. In our next article we will talk about the number one thing that businesses should be doing that most of them are not in order to accelerate this process. For link to that article click here

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