Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents – How to leverage 10 min of your time.

How can a real estate agent can spend 10 min. a day and get a serious and measurable marketing result?

The first thing that the agent has to consider is that in order to be perceived as an expert you have to act like an expert. That means the creation of content that helps people. Content helps people make better decisions it guides them in the right direction whether you’re talking about buyers or sellers.

So I would recommend, as someone who has trained over 22,000 people, that your agent put together a small list of “how to’s” in the area of 400 to 500 words per article.

Then what they need to do is publish that content online so that it can be found. If it can’t be found it’s a waste of time.

So the first thing that your agents are going to do is think up a topic and before they write a single word they’re going to do some online research in order to decide what the main keyword phrase so they can write an article around it. Without keyword research you get no traffic.

1.So the first thing in our 10 min. for real estate agents to get a measurable marketing effect is to do 2.5 minutes of targeted keyword research using a very little used product called market samurai which for under $100 will be the most valuable tool that they will ever purchase for the rest of their living years.

2.The second thing they’re going to do it that once the keyword phrase is found is to create an article that is essentially 500 words. Why? Because Google does not rank webpages that have no content. Google does not send traffic to a website that just has a picture of the person the name of the company and a bunch of listings.

3.The next thing that you should do is publish the article. In order to publish content you’re going to need what’s called a content management system. Yes it is possible that some of the websites that are sold to you as realtors are in fact some type of content management system because their listings change from time to time. However as I mentioned before this is not the right type of content management system to get found online. So you’re going to use the most powerful content management system on planet Earth which is again 100% free it’s called WordPress.

4.The next step is you publish it, just like publishing a book, what’s the point of publishing it when nobody’s going to read it? The whole point of publishing something online is so that people can find it and read it and your agents can build a lot more trust, credibility and respect by being a recognized source for high value information. The best way to promote something online and get found is with two things. Those two things are Google and social media. Both of those play hand-in-hand and one cannot exist in 2011 without the other.

5.The last key elements to writing information online is to make sure that you use the keyword phrase “social media for real estate agents” at least a couple of times in your content. There actually is a very important percentage that’s called keyword density which dictates how many times that keyword phrase appears which in this case is “social media for real estate agents”, how many times it appears in the article based on how many words there are versus how many times the keyword phrase appears.

So I must utilize the keyword phrase social media for real estate agents at least a couple times so that when Google comes by and reads every single word it seems that I’m not just trying to track it I’m actually delivering value based on the keyword phrase social media for real estate agents.


Thank you and happy social mediaing.


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  1. After attending your Marketing and Mastery training in Calgary I must say that I would highly recommend your programme to all my colleagues and clients.

    As a Calgary Top Realtor social media marketing is critical in marketing yourself as valuable and an expert in your field.

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