Top Tips On How To Use Your Web Content Management System Effectively

One of the most important items of knowledge that came out of the recent search engine strategies conference in Toronto is Google’s absolute need to see fresh content on your website.

What this means is; on a regular basis, at least a couple of times a week, you must create new and relevant textual content and even video for your website. While it is understood that most people are not web designers, Google knows that the popularity of web content management systems like WordPress will help you.

In this episode of  Tobeyisms my goal was to create at least 500 words of content and posted online in the quickest manner possible. Obviously, based on what you see so far, I am using a very powerful voice recognition software called Dragon Naturally Speaking.

In my experience, Dragon is by far the easiest and most efficient way to create a volume of textual content without actually having to type it all. If you notice, it rarely makes spelling mistakes and the only time it messes up is if you slur your words or make a mistake in the words that you say.

We are only approximately 1 1/2 min. into this article, that I will end up posting online through WordPress, and so far with the help of Dragon I created 219 words. For more information about Dragon Naturally Speaking please click this link.

Once I’ve created the article, for which “how-to” information is likely the best content you can create, that I will need to log into WordPress and post the content. But, before I do that I would usually do a keyword search using Market Samurai to find the most relevant keyword phrases to represent the content of this article so that I can place it in strategic positions in my web content management system and make it easier for Google to map the content of my new blog post.

This is a key search engine optimization strategy. You must use the keyword phrase in a couple of key areas; the title, URL, description and H1 tag. Putting the keyword phrase into these areas will make the Google algorithm pay attention and help the ranking process.

Essentially, all I have to do is log into WordPress which I will do in a moment, choose new blog post, paste my content into the “paste from word” area of WordPress, and utilize the keyword phrase by posting it in the “All In One SEO Pack” area as well as the permalink.

If you’re not completely sure about what these areas are, you will be in a moment as I will demonstrate them completely in this video.

Before I finish this article there are four key areas to pay attention to:

  1. make sure that the keyword phrase you choose has relatively low competition
  2. try to make sure that your article is as relevant to your website content as possible
  3. if possible create a video to support the textual content and post it in your web content management
  4. once your post is created, make sure you promote it using social media

Once you learn this very powerful web content management creation format and context you will be able to do in a very short period of time unlimited pieces of information based on your knowledge and expertise. This will not only help you with your search engine optimization strategies but it will also brand you as a leader and an expert in the online world and your targeted niche market.

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