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We’re ready to serve your company with experienced trainers and a refreshing focus on ROI.

When you want to leverage your best people and turn them into top producers, it’s important that their training be not only educational, but their trainers must have lived the experiences not just read about them.  Our trainers have the experience to guide your people to new and greater performance levels.  And, it’s not just about the information, it’s about leveraging the information by becoming intrinsically motivated.  That’s where we shine!

With strong communication methods, a culture of innovation and an engaged workforce, we help you create a foundation for a productive and powerful company.

At Training Business Pros we believe that becoming a “learn-it-all” is essential to your personal and professional outcome and our core values hold every trainee to the highest possible standards and accountability.

Send us your employee and we’ll send you back a new one.

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Why choose Training Business Pros for your corporate training?

About Our Training Company

About Us

In the past 10 years we’ve trained over 50,000 people in North America on how to create more success in their businesses and in their lives.  Our training philosophy is simple:  “Experience Comes First.”  That means that you or your employees will get the most experienced professionals in all areas of business skills development.

Our Training Clients

Our Clients

Our clients range from small businesses to corporate giants. We pride ourselves on customizing our courses for the specific needs of the client. We also have group courses so that you can send your people to our training facility to train among other industry professionals. Scroll to view our clients.

Our Training Courses

Our Courses

Our courses are designed to help your people improve their performance and gain valuable skills in many different areas.  From leadership training to presentation skills, digital marketing to sales training, we’re here to help your company succeed by leveraging your brightest minds and turning them into top performers.

Some of the Training Courses We Offer


What is the most important element in the success of any company?  Sales.  If your company is not great selling its products and services, that will have the most detrimental trickle down effect on the entire company.  Why?  Because cash flow is everything to a business. Our sales training is delivered by sales professionals that have sold millions of dollars in goods and services and have a proven system of training to turn your average sales people into winners.


Understanding the new world of sales means that your team will need to learn the “sales funnel” concept.  Learning how to automate marketing and sales is key to helping your marketing and sales departments thrive in today’s competitive space.  It’s really all about leveraging advanced CRM technology to automate many of the systems and processes that your team can’t keep up with.  The days of sticky notes and spreadsheets are over.


Some leaders are born, most are not.  When you want your top players to become world leaders and their field, they’ll need to learn leadership skills that only true leaders possess.  Leadership training is more than a process, it’s a psychology.  It’s the secret psychology of persuasion.  Having influence and persuasion over others requires a deep commitment to learning and a trainer who is not just a trainer, but a leader.


This training is all about helping your people become world class presenters.  Using a template based approach, your people will practice the art of context over several days.  It’s not what you present, but how you present it that matters.  Whether you’re preparing your trainers to speak at conferences or you want them to up their training skills for your employees, this course is an absolute must.


Making communication impactful and meaningful is the key to productivity and successful business development. How key messages are shared, heard and acted on, are vital elements in every process within your business.  Our communication courses help your people; negotiate, present, debate, write and sell.


An engaged workforce is the foundation for a productive and powerful company.Engage your people while aligning your business strengths and watch your organization flourish even in trying times.  Take it one step further and use that energy to innovate and propel your business forward.


Change is constant especially in organizations that are innovating and growing.  It’s a necessary element in a business context driven by performance and quality.  Change can be welcomed as a tailwind or a headwind.  We prefer to see it as a tailwind propelling us forward to growth and success.


Companies that remain on the cutting edge of social media trends and Internet marketing best practices are the company’s that will flourish in the 21st century. Driving traffic and engaging customers online has become an essential spoke in the wheel of success and profit. Learn from Canada’s top digital marketing training company.

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Why are we so confident about our corporate training courses?

Because, clients who implement the information get results, not just in the short run but because it becomes engraved in the corporate culture, they also get long term results. Using the most advanced accelerated learning techniques our trainers guide participants through a series of hands-on exercises designed to get the participant to experience change.

The accelerated learning methods that we use guarantee a retention rate up to 85%. Your team will be able to implement the information immediately upon completion.

Our Guarantee

Our courses are guaranteed to produce results by training on the latest business, leadership and personal development skills necessary to compete in the real world of business.  If your company is not completely satisfied with your training you may request a refund or be granted access to other courses at a discount.

What's Your Next Move?

Are You Interested In Grant Funding? All our courses are covered through a grant from the Canada Job Grant Program.  For more information about this program and to see if your company qualifies click here.

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Very informative. Paul is an amazing speaker. I would recommend his programs far & wide!

Selina Pink, Director of Operations, The AIDS Network

I attended Paul's 2-Day Marketing and Mastery Certification Intensive course in Toronto. I would rate this course as one of the very best I have ever attended. I would give this course five stars for:

*Leading edge digital marketing thought leadership.
*Deep subject matter expertise.
*ROI / metrics focused approach to building and executing digital marketing strategies.
*Quality of delivery - we were energized and engaged the whole time.
*Value for time and dollars spent.

I would now consider myself a loyal Training Business Pros client and will look to this organization first for future training needs.

Lauren Bradley, TD General Insurance
Paul's talent to show business owners like myself how to effectively use digital marketing tools to grow and expand has been fantastic. For a 'numbers guy and data scientist' like myself, Paul has ''shown me the secret' to help effectively market myself and company to the world.
Gerry Anderson, Logicon Solutions

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