• 52 Hours of Training + 28 Hours of Assignments Over a 20-Week Period | $12,000 per trainee

To stay competitive in today’s digital marketing landscape, employees must be constantly learning and updating their skills. With every Google update, CRM update, automation update or any other update for that matter, digital marketing departments are struggling to stay on top of all the latest email, social media, PPC, and website design marketing strategies to stay ahead of the game.

Digital marketing is a strategy that uses interactive channels to data mine, build a tribe or community around a brand, service or product and converts leads into sales. This certification is designed to give students the “what to do,” and the “hands-on experience” to create and execute a highly profitable digital marketing strategy.

Over the course of this Certification, your employees will take an intensive deep dive into the latest digital marketing strategies and learn HOW to implement these strategies using tools of the trade to optimize your digital ecosystem.

This is interactive training. Your employees will learn by doing so that they can start improving your company’s marketing endeavors during and after the training.



Digital Marketing & Sales In Class Intensive Training – 16 Hours

In this 2 Day course you will learn how to Optimize your Digital Marketing which includes Content Curation, Social Media Scheduling and Planning, User Experience Optimization, Increasing Conversions, Problem Solve Tech Stack issues and Optimize automation.  This 2-Day is exclusive to your company only. Training can be recorded upon request for an additional fee of $250.

1-on-1 Training – 34 hours

This is individualized webinar training that is recorded and archived in your employee training portal. Immediately following the initial in class training is a period of 20 weeks in which the trainee participates in online training.  Training Modules are divided into specific technical skills training to help your employee get fresh, current and relevant information and the tech stack required to thrive in today’s digital marketing world.

Infusionsoft Academy – 16 Hours

(2 day in class OR the option to learn via video training). +> This training is a 2-Day Intensive on how to build campaigns, Infusionsoft Best Practices, CASL and DKPR best practices, Privacy Policy best practices, data collection best practices, tagging and segmentation best practices, and software training. We highly recommend in person training so employee can interact with trainer in real-time.

WordPress Training – 2 hours

Learn specific WordPress skills such as: how to decrease page load speed, best blogging practices, user experience optimization, page updates, add photos, mobile responsiveness, security awareness, back-ups, form fills, call-tracking and much more.

Adwords Management Training – 2 hours

This module is designed to help employees build powerful Adwords campaigns, read metrics, understand lead source tracking, how to hold a Google Adwords specialist accountable, and best practices to keep cost per click low and the cost per lead at a profitable number.

Formlift Training – 1 hour

This course is designed to show best practices for web forms; how to increase user experience and track data. Formlift is a powerful software that gives the user greater control over the delivery of web forms. You will learn how to use it to increase opt-ins.

SEO Training – 2 hours

While many Search professionals will argue that SEO is dead, they are almost correct. While some SEO principles still apply there are newer Google algorithms at play that focus more on UXO – User Experience Optimization. You will learn the best software to search for targeted traffic, how to optimize for local search, how to target a specific geo-target, and how to optimize for overall organic ranking. The Google algo changes frequently, especially for mobile. Mobile search tactics need greater awareness as greater than 60% of search traffic is people using mobile devices.

Project Management Software – 1 hour

Most companies do not have integrated project management software. We will train your team on what we feel are the 2 best options for your company. After this training, your people will have the insights they need to take the appropriate action to bring your company into the modern world of digital project management.

Executive Dashboard – 2 hours

Every CEO needs real time KPI’s for marketing, sales fulfillment and finance. Often times, the only thing company leaders know is how much they spent and how much they made.  With today’s advanced automation you can learn a lot about how a lead makes its way through the automation sales funnel.  A simple examples is: how many new prospects entered the sales funnel, how many booked an appointment, how many quotes have been sent, how many are still in the nurture phase, how many closed and how many were lost. Daily, weekly and monthly real-time reporting is available through today’s CRM automation. In this training you will learn how to set up your dashboard with the metrics your CEO really wants to know.

Content Curation Schedule – 2 hours

Making time to curate new content in the form of blogs, videos, tweets, Instagram and Facebook, while proving an ROI, is tricky. If you are not tracking your lead sources through to conversion, you have a serious hole in your sales ecosystem.  The trainee will learn how to plan, organize and manage a content curation schedule, and track lead source so a CEO can adequately measure time on project against an ROI.

Hypnotic Copywriting – 2 hours

Learn the 7 key elements of writing enrolling. engaging and persuasive copy so that more website visitors are pushed to take action. Whether the CTA is; “buy now”, “get started”, “download coupon” “call today” or other, it is important to know how to persuade readers to do it. If you don’t know why your website is not creating more business, there’s a high probability that the boring and tired copy on your website is the culprit.  The trainee will get a “copywriting cheat sheet” and learn how to spin a phrase to increase opt-in’s and phone calls.

Creating and Testing New Lead Magnets – 2 hours

Learn some of the best triggers to increase opt-ins, phone calls and/or sales. While every business is different, lead magnets are critical to the sales process for B2B and B2C businesses. Without these, statistically your leads will suffer. It’s critical to deploy some lead magnets in your online assets, and your employee will learn which ones will work for you.

Assignments – 28 Hours

Trainees will be expected to complete assignments given in each module.



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Program Benefits

  • Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Product/Service Pages
  • Build A Profitable Email List
  • Mine Customer Data
  • Segment Clients by Status, Profile & History
  • Automate Customer Communication
  • Create Effective PPC Campaigns
  • Create High Converting Landing Pages
  • Use Content Marketing To Create Leads
  • This program qualifies for government funding.
    To find out how to get your training expenses reimbursed go here.

Topics Covered

  • User Experience Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Automation
  • Web Design
  • Content Creation
  • Hypnotic Copywriting
  • Pay Per Click Advertising

Who Should Enroll

This program is ideal for companies who wish to train their employees, digital marketing officers, & sales teams who want to:

  • Create more leads
  • Convert more leads into sales
  • Automate the sales process
  • Communicate with customers more effectively
  • Rank high on Google
  • Understand Digital Marketing at it’s deepest level.

Program Information


  • 20-Week Program Scheduled Upon Approved Application Only
  • Please inquire to schedule training.


Intensive programs run from  9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Webinar sessions are schedule in 1 or 2 hour increments during weekdays.



Paul Tobey, Certified Trainer, Author, Speaker & Radio Host

A pioneer of digital marketing, Paul Tobey has been training in “all things internet” since 2004.

As CEO of Training Business Pros, Paul also employs a team of  “best in class” marketers who are Certified Trainers as well as Infusionsoft Certified, Google Certified, Facebook Certified, and Digital Marketer Certified.

Paul himself is a seasoned Certified Trainer, Speaker, Author and Radio Host of Business Pros Radio on Chorus Radio AM640 and host of StreetSmart Marketer TV! Paul has trained thousands of businesses throughout Canada and the USA, delivering business intelligence from conference stages, via his Livestream studio and training facilities located in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Currently in its 11th year of business, Training Business Pros continues to specialize in helping small and medium sized businesses grow.

The company’s mission continues: to help established businesses adopt proven digital marketing solutions and advanced CRM automation into their sales ecosystems.

Read More about Paul and his team.



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The best… and i mean the best… marketing-training-coaching companies in North America.  We have dealt with numerous companies (in the US).. and these guys talk the talk and walk the walk… with a Canadian flare.  if you need some help, reach out to them NOW!

Margaret Zacher, McGuire Financial


Companies can claim up to 83.3% in government funding for this course. To See how you can take advantage of this opportunity, click the link below.

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I have had the chance of working with Training Business Pros to help me with maximizing my website and online communication material  Other companies take months to do so, with TBP it took about 6 weeks plus training.  It was a big learning curve but I am glad we did it, we learned so much very quickly.