Inside Advantage Certification II

Required: Company must have completed Inside Advantage Certification I

For small and midsize firms that lack the deep pockets of their bigger rivals, staying ahead of change can be even more demanding. Educating your team is the only way to keep pace, but it can be challenging to do so amid the daily hustle.

Our Inside Advantage Certification II make professional development more attainable for you and your company.

Your company has completed the Inside Advantage Certification 1, and your employees have learned to adopt the vision, mission and purpose of the company. You have implemented a plan to help scale the businesses and have achieved your desired growth in Phase I. Now the team is ready to achieve more!

Inside Advantage Certification II is a process which includes  4 day intensive business and development masterclass. Your employees will learn how to turn setbacks into opportunities and negative anchors into wind at in their backs.

You will learn how to implement Phase II of Scaling Up which includes:

  • Discover future growth opportunities and set NEW measurable targets
  • How to fully engage all of your team members in your HR portfolio
  • How to fully engage your customers and turn them into your marketers
  • Identify deficiencies and establish NEW habits & routines to enhance personal and team efficiency and execution capabilities

There will be a series of team assignments that will take the trainees approximately 5-10 hours per week to complete. The assignments will be reviewed by the trainer in a one-hour webinar each week. The Training Business Pros executive team will work with your team to verbalize their goals and key decisions.

While most small business have already learned to distribute responsibilities, the barriers of growth remain.  We identify those barriers and help the leadership with the “tools for scaling up”. When all of the key players have a clear shared vision, it resonates through the entire company and becomes the biggest motivation for your employees to stay focused and enthusiastic about the mission.


  • You will find a dramatic improvement in identifying and solving key deficiencies (technical and/or operational).
  • You will have a key understanding of the driving forces and future scenarios for your industry and how to leverage those to your advantage.
  • You will find key opportunities to turn customers into champions resulting in more sales (with more buying frequency from happy customers)
  • Learn how to drive the execution of your Phase II growth plans, and how to keep the entire team accountable.

The goal of the Inside Advantage II process is to help leaders help their teams execute on the company vision, give a voice to that vision and to commit to the mission. Once your entire team buys into the vision that you’ve co-created with them it will be much easier to scale up and focus on growth.

Who Is the Inside Advantage II For?

The Inside Advantage II executive training is for employers who want to take their leadership team to the next level. You are ready to grow, develop high-performing teams, and plan for the future.

In order to qualify for the Inside Advantage Masterclass II, you must have completed Inside Advantage Certification I.

What to Expect

  • Training includes 4 Intensive Training Days: Your employees will need to make themselves available for four days from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.
  • Estimate your Assignments will take up to 5 hours per week to complete. Assignments are mandatory and will need to be implemented to complete certifications.
  • Participants must be available 2 hours a week for pre-scheduled training webinar.
  • Required Reading List: Scaling Up and Inside Advantage


$12,000 per Team Member (program is 53 hours not including assignments)

Travel, Accommodations and Expenses incurred must be paid by Employer.
All training material, exams, and certification Included.
Costs incurred due to assignments are the responsibility of the employer. I.e. design, layout, printing, corporate policy, binders, etc.

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