• August 23rd – 24th | $2997

This 2-day intensive course is designed to let you know where you should be optimizing your marketing dollars in the context of site optimization.

Many companies hire web designers and developers but don’t take the time to consider that no matter how pretty their sites are, it doesn’t necessarily translate into leads and/or sales. In other words, your company website may be providing tons of content, but has no real “business generating” context.

Marketing and Mastery gives you the proper context to fix that.

For example: Google has rules, and most businesses think they know what they are, but in our experience, most do not. In this advanced course you’ll leave with the knowledge of how to use those very rules to rank organically on Google and outrank your competition. But it doesn’t stop there. While you could outrank and drive traffic,  what are you going to do it?

You’ll learn how to build high converting landing pages, how to design easy to use and user-friendly online customer journeys, and become an amazing content creator.  You’ll take away powerful formulas on how to turn your targeted traffic into increased business.

Program Benefits

  • Effectively use blogging as a traffic generation strategy
  • Create opt-ins and convert more leads
  • Optimize your content for Google
  • Increase User Engagement
  • Design high converting landing pages
  • Poll & Segment & Automate
  • This program qualifies for government funding. To find out how to get your training expenses reimbursed go here.

Topics Covered

  • User Experience Optimization UXO
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Targeted Keyword Research
  • Website Analytics and KPI’s
  • Hypnotic Copywriting
  • Website Design that Engages
  • Mico-Commitment Marketing

Who Should Enroll

This program is ideal for marketers, marketing directors, sales professionals and business owners who want to:

  • Generate more targeted traffic
  • Create qualified leads
  • Convert a higher percentage of leads into sales
  • Write effectively and with purpose
  • Outrank their competition on Google
  • Save time and increase sales through automation



  • August 23 – 24, 2017 | $2,997


Program runs from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Paul Tobey

Paul Tobey is the CEO of Training Business Pros, a North American Leader of high-level business training and advanced digital marketing implementation services. He also employs and manages a team of highly skilled digital marketing experts for Business Pros Marketing, a full-service marketing agency. Paul is considered by many to be one of the leading internet marketers in North America and has helped over 50,000 people learn personal and professional skills to enhance their careers and lives. His company is a leading Infusionsoft Certified Partner that helps established businesses adopt proven digital marketing solutions and advanced CRM automation. Read More about Paul and his team.


Training Business Pros HQ.

25 Lesmill Road

Toronto ON


August 23 – 24, 2017


Companies can claim up to 83.3% in government funding for this course. To See how you can take advantage of this opportunity, click the link below.

More about government funding


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